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Take note America, the Iranian government sees the current unrest in the Middle East as a sign that the Mahdi is about to reappear.  They also believe that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is the man to make it happen.

Ahmadinejad talks about the 12th imam’s return constantly.  He begins every public speech with a prayer boasting that eventsto be brought about by the mad Iranian himself would hasten the return of the 12th imam.

The 12th imam is a Muslim messianic figure who according to 12ers, reappearance will make Islam victorious throughout the world.

In fact, Ahmadinejad is so sure about the return of the 12th imam that he has made a film about it for distribution throughout the Muslim world.

A copy of the film (further down in post) was obtained by a former Revolutionary Guards officer by the name of Reza Kahlili, “who defected to the West after spying on behalf of the CIA inside Iran for more than a decade, has obtained a bootlegged copy of a new film made by Ahmadinejad’s office that lays out the Iranian president’s scenario for how the end times will begin.”

While Glenn Beck has discussed, on several occasions, Admadinejad’s horrific dreams of grandeur, Progressives have attacked him repeatedly in an effort to silence Beck.  However, it must be noted that as time goes by, Beck is often vindicated making fools out of the left; and the case of the 12ers preparing for the reappearance of the 12th imam is no different.


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“This video has been produced by a group called the Conductors of the Coming, in connection with the Basiji — the Iranian paramilitary force, and in collaboration with the Iranian president’s office,’ said Reza Kahlil, a former member of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards who shared the video with CBN News.

Kahlili, author of the book, A Time to Betray, worked as a double agent for the CIA inside the Iranian regime.

‘Just a few weeks ago, Ahmadenijad’s office screened this movie with much excitement for the clerics,’ Kahlili told CBN News….

The video claims that Iran is destined to rise as a great power in the last days to help defeat America and Israel and usher in the return of the Mahdi. And it makes clear the Iranians believe that time is fast approaching….”

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It all begins with the death of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, revolts in Egypt and Yemen, and ends with Ahmadinejad and Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah leading Muslim armies to conquer Jerusalem.

The film, called ‘The Coming Is Upon Us,’ is now being shown at Revolutionary Guards and paramilitary Bassij Corps bases around Iran, and will soon be released in an Arabic-language edition for mass distribution in the Arab world.

‘Their intention is to incite further uprisings with the hopes of motivating Arabs to overthrow U.S.-backed governments, with the final goal of the annihilation of Israel and Allah’s governance of the world,’ Kahlili tells Newsmax….”


The above brainwashing film is intended to incite jihadists throughout the world and I suspect it will do just that.

I have no doubt  that Israel is very concerned over this film and the events taking place today in the Middle East.

Unfortunately, we have a clown in the White House who would rather play golf than concern himself with the mad men in the Middle East and the fact that Obama is  a Muslim sympathizer does not help.

With the situation as it is in the White House and the Middle East, I pray that Israel, the United States and the West prevail against the sick minds of such evil.

Power, an anti-Semite, also advocates cutting aid to Israel while boosting aid to Palestine.  This bitch is dangerous and I have no doubt that Obama shares her agenda

Source A Time to Betray