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Received the following email late yesterday from Citizens in Action.  It appears that the left is declaring war on corporate entities that refuse to succumb to their agenda.  CREDO Mobile has unleashed a propaganda campaign against AT&T and Verizon.  They are accusing AT&T and Verizon of supporting the “Right Wing!” agenda.

See email below:

“Received an ‘interesting’ email from CREDO Mobile the other day–encouraging me to switch my cell phone carrier from AT & T and Verizon to CREDO Mobile BECAUSE?…it seems both AT & T and Verizon support the ‘Right Wing!’ Excerpt from email received from CREDO Mobile:

‘If you care about progressive social change, you ought to know that your phone company may be undermining everything you’re doing to change the world. Does your company support politicians directly opposed to your values?

If you’re with AT&T or Verizon, consider this:

  • Both AT&T and Verizon Wireless supported politicians who are out to deregulate corporations and scuttle climate change regulation. In 2009-2010, AT&T gave $426,000 to House and Senate Tea Party Caucus members, while Verizon Wireless gave $48,000.
  • Both AT&T and Verizon Wireless have also donated to House Tea Party Caucus leader Michele Bachmann, who wants her constituents “armed and dangerous” against climate change legislation and accused President Obama of “anti-American” views.
  • Verizon Wireless fought net neutrality regulations (including suing the FCC in January to eliminate open internet rules), and recently sponsored two weeks of free access to The Daily, the new iPad-only “newspaper” from Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. – the company that brought us Fox News.
  • During the 2010 election cycle, AT&T was among the top 10 PAC donors to Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, now infamous for his deceptive anti-union tactics. Now that AT&T wants to buy T-Mobile in its bid to become thelargest telecom in the country, imagine the amount of money it will donate to right-wing politicians.

So maybe it’s time to sign up with the one phone company that shares your progressive values.

Since 1985, CREDO has raised more than $65 million for progressive nonprofits like Planned Parenthood, Doctors Without Borders, Earthjustice and the ACLU. And our CREDO Action network of 1.9 million activists fights for progressive causes like net neutrality, marriage equality and economic justice.”

Michael Kieschnick, CREDO Mobile” credo.service@credomobile.com

If CREDO Mobile (calls carried on the Sprint network) is your mobile service provider, perhaps it’s time to make a change? And if you do, be sure to tell  Mr. Kieschnick why you are switching!



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Sincerely,Elizabeth, Barbara, Ron, Kirk, Bruce, and Rosemary

Citizens In Action


Tacky, inaccurate, in bad form but not at all surprising.

Upon visiting the CREDO Mobile site, I found a page wherein CREDO Mobile accuses AT&T colluding with the Tea Party Caucus.

Credo goes on to say:

Why would AT&T give so much to politicians dedicated to shredding nearly every environmental safety and consumer protection law on the books?

CREDO would never give a dime to the Tea Party. When you join CREDO, you’ll join a movement dedicated to defeating right-wing radicalism….Make the switch, join us.

Below is a web shot of that page.


AT&T donated to both parties, i.e., $163,706 to Senate Democrats and $125,472 Senate Republicans.  The top two recipients of AT&T donations are John Boehner ($77,300) and Harry Reid ($31,750).

AT&T last year donated $1,573,798 to Congressional Democrats, $1,947,166 to Congressional Republicans, $3,063,298 to incumbents and $494,666 to non-incumbents.

It is the same deal with Verizon’s political donations except in this case, Democrats fared better than Republicans.

Now a word about CREDO Mobile.

Michael Kieschnick is the president and co-founder of CREDO Mobile an entity for social justice and change. Kieschnick donated $50,000 to Obama’s inauguration.

CREDO Mobile is a San Francisco-based wireless company that began 25 years ago under the name Working Assets.  To date this entity has donated $60 million to progressive organizations and its members have contacted selected decision-makers by phone, e-mail and letters over 15 million times.

It does not end there, Michael Kieschnick is also the co-founder of the Secretary of State Project* whose primary agenda is to steal the 2012 elections by installing Progressive Secretaries of State throughout the country**; and President of Working Solutions, a company that provides credit cards and mobile phone services to progressive organizations.

In addition, Kieschnick is a member of the board of the League of Conservation Voters, the Ballot Initiatives Strategy Center’s foundation and Sojourners.

All of the above means that where there is smoke, there is fire and, of course, George Soros.

In 2008, Soros donated $10,000 to the Secretary of State Project through Soros Fund Management.

As you can see, CREDO Mobile’s attack on AT&T and Verizon is more about the 2012 elections than business.

Source:  OpenSecrets.org

Six Degrees of George Soros

Secretary Of State Watch

Suggested reading:  Will George Soros “steal” the 2012 election?

CREDO President Michael Kieschnick Invited to the White House

*Michael Kieschnick donated $32,000 to the Secretary of State Project in 2006 and $10,000 in 2008.

** The Secretary of State Project is a non-federal “527” group that operates below the radar.  It accepts unlimited financial contributions while not having to disclose them publicly until well after the election.

P.S.  Prior to finalizing this post, I came upon a news alert.  Apparently, the FCC with their overly Progressive agenda is not feeling the AT&T/T-Mobile merger.  As reported by the WSJ, There’s no way the [FCC] chairman’s office rubber-stamps this transaction,” said an FCC official. “It will be a steep climb to say the least.”

Below is a list of Working Solutions 2010 donations and how they were distributed.