Patriots, friends and fellow bloggers won’t you join us over at Village of the Banned. As of now, we are in an open enrollment period. Village of the Banned is a like minded place where like minded folks can share their voices, opinions and news freely concerning today’s issues amongst each other.

Village of the Banned is the brainchild of Voting American.

Please join with us in supporting these Great American Patriots

We welcome you to stop by, share your views, EXPRESS YOURSELF and even join us. Peace and blessings,

Village of the Banned OPEN ENROLLMENT This Newest Blog Site will remain PUBLIC until the Enrollment Period is completed.  At the end of the enrollment period this Village will become a PRIVATE CLUB for Members Only.  Anyone wishing to join us after the enrollment period will have to do so by request at this Voting American Blog Post: Voting American Blog Our Space This will be our “Private Place” where we can express ourselves freely concerning the Issues we face toda … Read More

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