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Why would we allow unions to police teachers?

Perfect example is that former president of the United Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten, is the primary reason that NYC public school students were faring so miserably.

It is scandalous and a travesty to America’s children that Weingarten is now the president of the American Federation of Teachers because under her rein, NYC public schools all but imploded.  Failing students were passed to the next grade just to get rid of them.  Now imagine that on a national level.

As Michael Bloomberg moved to take over the city’s public schools, Weingarten had the unmitigated gall to engage the mayor in a major power struggle.  All the while, Weingarten espoused her favorite line lie talking point which she still uses today, i.e., “it is in the better interests of the children.”

Weingarten lost the power struggle unsettling NYC teachers, Bloomberg took control of NYC public schools, disempowered Weingarten and relegated the former UFT president to a seat at the bargaining table.


“….Weingarten will plead for the children, the children, the children, the very same children who for years failed to learn to read and write in the city’s substandard schools because she and her predecessors were accustomed to dictating not only contract terms but also policy to the hacks who sat on the Board of Education.

Bloomberg and the chancellor who answers to him, Joel Klein, have relegated Weingarten to a seat at the contract bargaining table, where she belongs. Yesterday they bested her, when an appeals court tossed out her drive to set a legal mandate limiting class sizes – in other words, guaranteeing jobs for her members.

Weingarten also is annoyed that Bloomberg and Klein are finally demanding accountability from teachers. ‘So the cat’s out of the bag,’ she wrote in the New York Teacher, the UFT’s newspaper, ‘Mayor Bloomberg wants schools to operate like police precincts.’

The schools should be so lucky. By holding chiefs accountable for their precincts, the NYPD pushed crime to 30-year lows. Forced into action, bosses shifted street cops where they were most needed.

For months, Klein has insisted that the obstacle to reform is the union’s recalcitrant positions on seniority rules, teacher tenure and pay differentials. He’s right….”

In Weingarten’s world, it is never the teacher.

Horse fodder and another one of Weingarten’s favorite lines lies talking points.

I grew up in the hood, below the poverty level graduated from high school and went on to college.  Weingarten is a liar and typical of Progressives always looking to place the blame elsewhere.

For folks living beyond the poverty level, everyone has a choice.  One can choose to believe the rhetoric and accept failure without making an effort or as harsh as it sounds, suck it up, work one’s a$$ off and beat the odds.

My mother put in a lot of effort and time with me.  She called me and my teachers to task as she fought to get me a better education and warred against my attending any of the designated failing high schools.

When the time arrived for me to attend a public high school, my mother, God bless her soul, refused to accept the high school designated to me based on where I lived by first seeking assistance from so-called Black community leaders.

A Democratic house slave told my mother straight out, “your daughter’s assigned to Prospect Heights High School and that is where she will go.”

I remember this well, my mother looked this so-called leader in the eye and said “My daughter is not going to Prostitute Heights, she is better than that and she has the grades to prove it.”  This puppet laughed in her face, turned to me and said, “You’re going to Prospect Heights.”

I responded to this sell out, “No I’m not. I’m better than that.”

This bastard laughed, turned away saying  to my mother “Oh Yes she is.”  With that, my mother and I walked out of this man’s office.

Once on the street, my mother, jaw locked and head held high, turned to me and said, “We’ll see about that.”  Then this amazing woman with just a tenth grade education, prepared that summer for face to face combat as she was about to single handedly take on NYC’s Board of Education.

My school records, a loving and determined parent is how I was  placed in a decent, qualified public high school from which I graduated four years later.

Just to show you how evil Progressives are, for two years my mother received absentee/hooky notices and telephone calls from Prospect Heights High School even though I was officially transferred from Prospect Heights, assigned and attending another high school out of the borough of Brooklyn full-time.

I share this part of me to put the spotlight on the fact that parents are not without blame when it comes to their children failing in that they blindly entrust their children’s education to failing schools and teachers.  Many parents also never take their children’s teachers, the teachers’ union, and principals to task for their failings.

In some schools, there are more days in a month than parents personally involved in their child’s education.

Any parent who allows Weingarten and company off the hook and allows them to police themselves is a fool.

Finally, for anyone to say that they did not finish high school because they are Black, Latino or poverty-stricken is an insult and unacceptable.  H/t Breitbart TV.