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“During a pro-union rally at Colorado’s State Capitol yesterday, some alleged SEIU union supporters got into a shouting match with a black Tea Partier. But the conversation wasn’t just a loud, heated exchange. It got very personal when two union supporters ganged up on the conservative, one of them calling him ‘uneducated’ and another asking him if he has any children ‘that he claims”:

Don’t you love those Progressive talking points?  Progressives always accuse everyone else of that which they themselves are guilty.  Ignorance for one.

Liberals simply cannot come to grips with the fact that there are people of color that are smart enough not to allow themselves to be manipulated by Progressives.  Both videos show Progressives as they really are, i.e., racists.  The kicker is the old woman who asks the patriot “Why do you vote against your own interests?”   She is a racist hag.

Progressives are evil.  To gaze upon ignorance, they have only to look in the mirror.

See:  In Last 24 Hours Dem Protesters Have Assaulted a Young Woman, Tortured a Camel, Called Opponents “Bad Jews” & Attacked Gay Black Tea Partier… They Must Be Very Proud;

Leave me alone! Black Tea Partier harassed by SEIU activists at Denver Tea Party! More video to come