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Oh, I cannot wait for the responses to this post.

H/t Big Journalism via Scotty Starnes Blog.

Again, the left uses force to silence freedom of the press.  In this case, citizen journalists have the constitutional rights infringed upon.  Of course, there are those who see this and would feel otherwise but it is what it is, i.e., censorship and suppression.

For those who wish to challenge the citizen journalists right to videotape.  Other videotaped the event and at one point in the video, Jones gave the videographer permission to videotape the event.

What’s a 911 Truther and former Green Czar Van Jones video without a wtf moment?

(5:23) Van Jones:  “….we may want uh, uh the wind turbines to come down because of concern about the birds.  That might be a good idea, might be a bad idea. Guess what kills 20 no 200 times more birds in the same geographic footprint than wood turbines?

Awestruck and indoctrinated youth surrounding Van Jones: “WHAT?”

Van Jones:  “House cats…”

You have to see it to believe it.  There is clearly a reason men like Barack Obama and Van Jones search out such an audience.  Some young folks are so gullible.

These students were so awestruck that I actually imagine them texting Jones’ remark about cats to the world as if his words were the word of God.  Imagine them going home during spring recess trying to talk their parents and grandparents into getting rid of their pet cat.  Seriously, would not put it past them.

In the meantime, no one noticed in this Washington University group except the two citizen journalists being harassed that Jones refused to answered questions regarding Color of Change leading the attack on Andrew Breitbart’s freedom of speech.

Moreover, why didn’t someone challenge Jones on his cat theory?  All they had to do was ask Jones if he is now condoning the elimination of cats much like global warming nuts condone the elimination of cows.

In a crowd of supposedly intelligent young Americans, not one light bulb went off in the minds of the overwhelmingly indoctrinated.

Oh my bad, this is Washington University, having been trained that way, these young men and women are by nature pretty far left, equally indoctrinated, ignorant and blind in their faith in communists and Marxists.

Okay, this is where OCD kicks in.

Just how many birds do wind turbines kill?  Moreover, what about bats?  Look for the answer some time in a future post.  Sorry, I have a train to catch.