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My rant for the day is to say hell no to Joe Barton for folding and apologizing to Tony Hayward last summer at a live hearing on BP and then there is that RINO, Fred Upton who sold the country out to GE and their damned CFL bulbs.

Upton owns the light bulb ban and there is nothing he could do to rectify or re-write history.

In 2007, Upton co-sponsored the legislation to ban incandescent light bulbs for those awful CFLs.

In 2009, Upton defended the legislation stating that said legislation would cut billions of dollars from our electric bills while preserving energy, yada, yada, yada, i.e., typical liberal horse fodder.  Last year, GE closed their last light bulb factory in the United States and 200 jobs were lost thanks to the passage of this legislation.

As it turns out, it is much cheaper to produce CFL’s in China than the United States and so the jobs and the production of CFLs were outsourced to China.

I despise CFL’s. They are as expensive as they are ineffective.

Tried them for two years and damn near went blind and bankrupt in the process.  The eye strain was tremendous, the rooms were too dark and there was always the fear of someone dropping the bulb and my not being able to afford the Hazmat team or vacating the apartment in time because my family was too busy playing Xbox to inform anyone of the accident.

Now do not get me wrong, I did inform my son and my nieces about the dangers of dropping CFL’s (more than five times) but then I thought about it.

If they were listening to CDs or playing Xbox and broke a CFL bulb, did I truly think for one moment that they would really stop to think about the mercury and dangers of a broken CFL bulb?

Of course, I myself did not realize until 22 months down the line that you are not supposed to touch the bulb itself or have it near water.

Upon that epiphany, I asked why then would I use such a bulb in the bathroom or kitchen.

Immediately we went back to using incandescent light bulbs and I am presently stockpiling them.

We do not want Obama’s transformation, CFLs or Fred Upton.  He had his test and he flunked.  No do overs for Barton or Upton.

Americans must demand that this legislation is revisited and repealed.

Source:  Light bulb dispute darkens contest in House

Government’s Light Bulb Ban Is Just Plain Destructive