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A communist, a union thug and a hedge funder in attendance, all in one room together.  You just know that they are up to no good.  Quick, check your pockets America for your money, your back for a knife and your liberties.

Why the secrecy?  Don’t Americans have the right to know who is behind the takedown of our nation? Let’s play expose the libtards.


“Question: Who shows up to a closed-door meeting of power house Democratic supporters and donors?

Answer: Among others, Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO, Van Jones, and George Soros representative Michael Vachon.

According to Politico, some of the most infamous Democratic backers held a private meeting on Tuesday to discuss strategy in light of runaway GOP victories this fall. The meeting, held at the posh Mandarin Oriental hotel, was organized by the Democracy Alliance, a wealthy liberal group with the goal of building a ‘progressive infrastructure that could help counter the well-funded and sophisticated conservative apparatus in the areas of civic engagement, leadership, media, and ideas.’

Another question: Who is the treasurer of the Democracy Alliance?

Answer: Former Tides Foundation CEO Drummond Pike.

Organizers worked hard to keep the meeting’s discussions secret. Off-duty police officers and other security personnel patrolled the halls looking for reporters and other uninvited guests, and promptly escorted them away. But that didn’t keep ‘sources’ from talking to Politico.

‘The conference itself featured mostly big picture analyses of the midterm elections and their predicted impact on the donors’ favored policy causes, rather than strategic planning for the 2012 elections,’ Politico reports….”