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The time has come for Walters to set the women of The View straight by revisiting their contracts.  Goldberg and Behar deserve to be reprimanded for the inappropriate behavior they both displayed today.  There is no excuse for their storming off the set.  Their actions were inappropriate and highly disrespectful to O’Reilly, the audience, their boss and the viewers.

The show is called THE VIEW for a reason.  It is the job of these hosts to engage and entertain all viewpoints including the viewpoints of their guests respectively. The fact that they do not appreciate is why I no longer watch The View.

Moreover, the progressively intolerant angry women of The View are incapable of engaging such a strong personality as Bill O’Reilly.  The man comes with facts that refute the rhetoric and talking points espoused by the left.

Of course, O’Reilly gives as good as he gets; and neither Goldberg nor Behar can handle him or the truth.

It was quite evident that Goldberg and Behar were inflamed by the revelation that many in the audience’s had their own thoughts on the matters being discussed, many of which were also based on fact not left-wing rhetoric and talking points.  Why does it kill the left so bad when Obamafail hits them in the face?

Goldberg and Behar are two of the most progressively intolerant women on the idiot box today.  Like rude hosts, they treat their non-Democratic guests like dirt.

Walters should be ashamed of her for tolerating the treatment of her guests in such a manner.   It is time for Walters to fish or cut bait.  Goldberg and Behar are dead weight and both have overstayed their welcome.

If nothing else, today’s program has proved that these two angry intolerant progressive women are out of touch with the rest of the country.