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Meet young Stephen Stafford, age 13 and already a sophomore at Morehouse College.  Young Mr. Stafford is the just what the doctor ordered and the perfect example of the American dream.

Mr. Stafford is an accomplished pianist.  By the age of 6, he knew the multiplication and division tables having taught himself.  As if that was not impressive enough, he did not stop there.

13-year-old student wows Morehouse

“The triple-major child prodigy is becoming a sensation at Morehouse College.

‘I’ve never taught a student as young as Stephen, and it’s been amazing,’ said computer science professor Sonya Dennis. ‘He’s motivating other students to do better and makes them want to step up their game…’

Even at age 11 when Stafford started at Morehouse, he got the highest score in his pre-calculus class. ‘He breezes through whatever I throw at him. If it’s an hour lab, he can do it in 20 or 30 minutes,’ said Dennis.”

This exceptionally brilliant young man having just entered his teenage years is taking on three majors, biology, mathematics and computer science. Mr. Stafford tutors children, fellow Morehouse students and plans to graduate from Morehouse College in three years.

No doubt, I am in awe of Mr. Stafford who has set his sights on becoming a doctor who specializes in infertility by the age of 22.


“I always loved babies and actually helping them come into the world would be a great experience for me,’ said Stafford.

Stafford’s mother said her son started learning as a baby. Instead of TV he would play school with his older sister. Stafford was in public school for a little while before his mother decided on home schooling.

‘It was really based on his ability and that’s how it has been,’ said Michelle Brown-Stafford.

Stafford’s ability had him whizzing through advance placement tests. At 11-years-old, Stafford audited mathematics at Morehouse to test his intellectual prowess. Stafford scored the highest averages in algebra and calculus, but he’s never had an IQ test.

‘They were more interested in what he could do with his capability so the IQ thing became a non-issue,’ said Brown-Stafford.

Besides college, Stafford is also starting a computer programming business.

Stafford’s mom said the teen is still a kid, who plays computer games and takes out the trash.

Stafford brushes off the genius label and said he tries to focus on helping others instead. ‘Don’t stop trying because the more you try the easier it becomes,’ said Stafford.”

Clearly greatness awaits Stephen Stafford.  God bless you Mr. Stafford, America, correction, the world is cheering for you, as we look forward to the day that we can call you Dr. Stafford.