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“Because of the long hours we’ve spent here, for weeks now there’s a lot of tension in the Senate,” Reid said. He invoked Rodney King in asking lawmakers “let’s just all try to get along,” adding that he hoped senators would “go back to their gentlemanly ways.”

How dare this racist bastard invoke the name of Rodney King during today’s healthcare session.  After the way Democrats have behaved this past year along with their betrayal of the American people and the U.S. Constitution, they should be kicked in the ass, each and everyone ten times over and tried for treason. 

The days of stifling the debate and opposition by racists using the race card are long past and will no longer be tolerated.

Under the flawed healthcare legislation that Democrats are plugging, African Americans will suffer the most and be hit the hardest.  It is unfathomable that Reid would invoke an African American while plugging a healthcare system that will in the end deny African Americans the very services and care that Democrats proclaim a right.

Everything in this healthcare legislation from the lack and denial of quality services, medical treatments, surgical procedures to the federal funding of abortions equate to death sentences for African Americans.

The blood and lives of Americans, the majority of who will be African American and Latino, will be on the hands of Democrats as their liberal appointed death panels play God sentencing  countless Americans to wither away and die once they have exceeded their allotment of care and treatment.

In light of this reality, this racist toad has no right to invoke Rodney King or any other African American into discussions on this legislation.  Doing so is blasphemy and a kick in the teeth to African Americans.

Finally, where is the African American community on this and why aren’t they telling Democrats to STFU?

Well I am speaking up.  This African American hereby demands that the Democratic Party, who I deem are racist cease and desist from using the race card and African Americans for the implementation of their nefarious agenda.  They have no right nor should they assume that they have earned the right with Barack Obama.  Said assumption in itself is racist.