This morning I received an article written by Frances Rice of the National Black Republicans Association (NBRA) entitled, “Obama and Plantation Politics.”

Ms. Rice addresses the idealism of the Democratic Party’s strategy of keeping blacks poor, angry and voting for Democrats.”

Such idealism has enabled many of my African American brothers and sisters to use antagonism, their social plight and lack of motivation as an excuse to claim the title of victim as they remain firmly in place under the thumb of the Democratic Party.  Far too many in the African American community willingly surrender their souls, votes, future, their children’s future and the opportunity to live a better life for a handout. 

The Democratic Party has successfully weaned many into becoming eager participants of their own demise with the promise of a free ride, while delivering unto them their wildest dream, if not their only dream, i.e., an African American president – their messiah, Barack Hussein “I’m a Muslim, Didn’t I Tell You” Obama.

Continuously spoon fed hyped up false rhetoric by African American community leaders and politicians, many are informed and convinced that working with and for Caucasians means “being the white man’s slave,” and going into a legitimate business for oneself is often interpreted as a “betrayal,” “uppity” or “selling out.” 

Such mentality has successfully instilled the lack of ambition to improve one’s lot amongst those who simply do not know any better.  The blame for these falsehoods lies within the Democratic Party’s agenda of keeping African Americans down and “in their place.”

In so doing, many honestly believe that by getting a welfare check and/or getting over instead of earning an honest living they are “getting their due.” However, clueless to the fact that they have sold themselves short, their short-sightedness and ignorance has brought about a failure to recognize that they are already on a plantation referred to these days as the ghetto.

Furthermore, because of an unconditional acceptance of Obama and the Democratic Party, they are blind to the actuality that POTUS has delivered unto to the Democratic Party 21st century slaves. 

While my words may sound harsh and even cruel, the veracity of manipulation as perpetrated by the Democratic Party and our African American president is even more so. 

Obama To Poor Blacks – Stay Poor (excerpt)

To his eternal shame, in order to acquire and maintain power, President Barack Obama has adopted the Democratic Party’s strategy of keeping blacks poor, angry and voting for Democrats.

Using the politics of poverty and race-baiting, Obama garnered nearly 96 percent of the black vote that helped propel him to the pinnacle of power.  That power is now being used by Obama to accomplish his liberal agenda which includes wrecking our economy and weakening our national defense, leaving us vulnerable to another terrorist attack.

Obama is trying to destroy our free enterprise system and “change” America into a failed socialist nation with growth-killing tax increases, the take over of private businesses through bailouts and trillions of dollars in irresponsible deficit spending on wasteful social programs.

Millions of jobs have been lost since the passage of Obama’s Stimulus Bill that includes over 8,000 wasteful pork projects.  That pork-laden bill will stimulate only the Democratic Party – not the economy, nor black communities.  Incredibly, Obama turned a $450 billion deficit into a $9 trillion deficit, and he is promising to spend even more, including $1.5 trillion on a disastrous government-controlled health care scheme.  All of this uncontrolled, budget-busting deficit spending will send our nation careening over an economic Clift into oblivion.

The tens of thousands of Americans participating in Tea Parties across this country – peacefully protesting Obama’s socialist actions and policies – are being mocked by President Obama and derided as “racist” by his fellow Democrats and liberal media allies, all in an effort to silence average Americans.  Complaints are not allowed about the fact that under Obama’s America, all Americans will be dependent on the government for their well-being, just as are poor blacks.”


Suicide is fatal as many continue to blindly support their messiah, Barack Hussein “I’m a Muslim, Didn’t I Tell You” Obama, in spite of the fact that POTUS does not give a damn about them or the fact that they are losing their homes and jobs.   Further, they remain ignorant to the ugly truth that their interests become Obama’s if and when it is beneficial to Obama.

“While professing to care about the plight of the poor, Obama continues to take actions that keep blacks impoverished, so he can use black grievances for partisan political gain.”

 In his book “Dreams From My Father”, Obama wrote disdainfully about blacks who complain about being poor, yet continue to vote for Democrats — like Obama — who keep them poor.  On page 147 of his book, Obama described what he and his fellow Democrats do to poor blacks as “plantation politics” when he wrote: “A plantation.  Black people in the worst jobs.  The worst housing.  Police brutality rampant.  But when the so-called black committeemen came around election time, we’d all line up and vote the straight Democratic ticket.  Sell our soul for a Christmas turkey.”

While in the Illinois Senate, Obama helped keep blacks corralled on the Democratic Party’s economic plantation when he provided funding for slum projects in Chicago, as was exposed in the Boston Globe article that can be found on the Internet at: http://www.boston.com/news/nation/articles/2008/06/27/grim_proving_ground_for_obamas_housing_policy/” 


Barack Hussein Obama while only getting started, has delivered to the Democratic Party a 145 year old dream, i.e., to put the African American community back on the plantation and he did it without blinking an eye.  Nevertheless, he won’t stop there.