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This article is a must read.  Thanks for the hat tip DianeJ. Excerpt from Special Alert: U.S. Currency Exchange Controls.

“This writer’s conjecture is: Could Obama/Geithner, without any advance notice, slap currency exchange controls on the U.S. that would prevent the repatriation of these excess dollars, and effectively land-lock the dollars already here?

Such a move would immediately set up a two-tiered system of currency for the U.S.: Internal and External.

The pain this would put on America would be sacrificed for the greater global good.”

Patrick Wood, August Review

Answer to Mr. Wood’s question, a resounding YES.  Since Obama’s first day in office, both he and Geithner have done everything possible to undermine and inconvenience the American people turning our lives into a living hell.  Therefore, we should not be surprised if and when Obama throws the United States “under the bus” to achieve his socialist agenda.  Making the United States the ultimate sacrificial lamb is Obama’s viewpoint of “for the greater good.”  Obama would become a hero, hence immortalized amongst socialist nations. Okay, so maybe I’m being a bit melodramatic here, but he might, and you get my point.

Furthermore, Gordon Brown has been told that dispatching more money in a stimulus plan is not an option. 

Therefore, with the spending option off the table and since Brown and Obama’s plan is a no go from the start, then we must ask ourselves, why is Obama really attending the G20 Summit? What is he up to and how much more damage will he do?

For many, it might sound a bit far fetched, but think about it.  Obama speaks of transparency, but provides none.  He is always slipping his dirty deeds into legislation under the radar.

“Anarchists” and the “unemployed” are among the thousands protesting and raising all kinds of sand throughout the streets of London.  One of the reasons they are protesting is due to lack of transparency.  As one interviewee said this morning on CNN, “there is no transparency amongst the G20 leaders.  Everything is done behind closed doors.”

Lack of transparency, empty rhetoric, lies, backroom deals all mean trouble for the people, on a global scale.

I am sure from Obama’s skewered viewpoint, such betrayal would provide several chapters to his book.