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Unified Patriots by Bob Montgomery

What is this? https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2017/09/19/graham-cassidy-health-care-bill/681029001/

It says it will keep much of Obamacare tax structure in place, but give the money to the states to allow them to create their own health care “systems” in the form of block grants.

So does that mean Medicaid is Kaput? Not according to this article:

Thirty-one states and the District of Columbia expanded Medicaid under Obamacare to people earning up to 138% of poverty. The Graham-Cassidy legislation would immediately block more states from expanding Medicaid and would stop the existing expansions in 2020. Instead, states would receive per capita block grants to address the needs of low-income residents.

So it won’t end Medicaid, just stop the expansion of it. Riiiiiiight! So now, we’re going to have to pay for Medicaid programs and we’re going to have to pay for Graham-Cassidy programs and we’re going to keep paying the Obamacare taxes that are inserted throughout the tax code.

So is this a win? Really????

Does letting the states create health care systems they want mean there are no strings attached? So that means no Congressional oversight, just dole out the money?

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Turning tests into testimonies

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

September 23
Turning tests into testimonies
For reading & meditation – Luke 21
“It will lead to an opportunity for your testimony.” (v. 13, NASB)

We look now at the third step in the process of dealing with unmerited suffering: don’t spend too much time trying to understand the reason for suffering – focus rather on how you can deal with it. Notice, Jesus spent very little time trying to explain human suffering, much less explain it away. Had He undertaken to explain it, then His gospel would have become a philosophy – in which case it would not have been a gospel. A philosophy undertakes to explain everything, and then leaves everything as it was. Jesus undertook to explain little, but He changed everything He touched. He did not come to bring a philosophy, but a fact. What was that fact? The fact was His own method of meeting…

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Luther Strange Lobbied for Trade Deal that Drained Thousands of Alabama Jobs to Honduras, Mexico


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Senator Luther Strange of Alabama has promised to “Kill Unfair Trade Deals” but that’s not likely considering he played a major role in outsourcing of American jobs overseas for the company Russell Brands, LLC, maker of athletic apparel, who moved its “final assembly of garments abroad, to Mexico, Honduras and elsewhere in the Caribbean basin.”

Breitbart News by John Carney and Matthew Boyle

…At its height, Russell employed at least 7,000 people in Alabama.

Strange enters the Russell story as a lobbyist for the powerful political broker and law firm Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP. Russell paid the firm $660,000 for Strange’s lobbying efforts between 2000 and 2006. One of Russell’s major political focuses at the time: getting the U.S. to sign onto a NAFTA-style free trade agreement with Central American countries.

Details of Strange’s lobbying efforts are hard to come by.

Whatever it was Strange did on behalf of Russell’s free-trade politics, it was effective. The U.S. Senate approved the Dominican Republic-Central American Free Trade Agreement, known as DR-CAFTA, in 2005. The very next year, Russell announced that it would move thousands of jobs out of Alabama to Mexico and Honduras[…]

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Strange is a trade hawk which will guarantee the further loss of American jobs. President Trump who is holding a rally for Strange on Friday, I believe, is playing this time around for the wrong team.

Breitbart News is reporting that Strange has refused to grant them an interview. What is he trying to hide?

See also: Report: Trump Reluctant to Campaign in Alabama — But Swamp Fears Domino Effect if Luther Strange Defeated

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Prager U: Why Did the Democratic South Become Republican? (video)


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Setting the record straight.

Published on Jul 24, 2017 by PragerU

The south used to vote Democrat. Now it votes Republican. Why the switch? Was it, as some people say, because the GOP decided to appeal to racist whites? Carol Swain, Professor of Political Science at Vanderbilt University, explains.

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