Lester Holt, the Poster Child for Media Bias


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Lester Holt’s performance last night at the first presidential debate is being called in to question by many and depending on whom one asks (starting with me), Holt’s performance was clearly biased leaving no doubt in anyone’s mind as Holt on several occasions channeled Candy Crowley during his exchanges with Donald Trump going so far as to fact-check Trump.

Channeling Candy Crowley, Holt challenged Donald Trump on a number of issues while giving Hillary Clinton a pass, challenging her once.  In fact, at least twice, Clinton boldly directed Holt willfully carried Clinton’s water.

Even Alex Griswold of Mediaite who is no fan of Donald Trump describes “Holt’s choice of questions was demonstrably one-sided against Trump…”

As for Holt’s line of questions and fact-checking, the candidate(s), Griswold stated:

Even we give Holt a point for asking Clinton a single difficult question, that fact remains that he asked Trump four times as many negative questions….In addition, at certain times in the debate, Holt interrupted to fact-check the candidates. Every single one of these fact-checks were directed toward Trump…

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As pointed out by Heat Street, it was two against one as Trump found himself up against Clinton and Holt, a Clinton donor, who the Clinton Campaign must’ve provided a list of questions to pummel Trump on such as stop-and-frisk, birtherism which actually began with Sidney Blumenthal, Trump’s so-called women problem, his corporate bankruptcy filings and failure to release his tax returns all of which were meant to distract and deflect Trump, some successfully, others not.

Not mentioned by Holt but should have been, were matters concerning Americans to which many questions remain such as the Clinton Foundation and Benghazi for starters.

Barely touching the surface (no pun intended), as Holt repeatedly grilled Trump over the release of his tax returns, was the momentary mention by Trump of Clinton’s deletion of 33,000 emails to which Holt showed no interest in following up with Clinton.

Heat Street

While ignoring these issues, Holt grilled Trump on stop-and-frisk, the birther story, his comments about women, his many bankruptcies, why he hasn’t released his tax returns — and a host of other issues the media sees as unfriendly to the Republican candidate.

Holt also repeatedly attempted to “fact check” on some of Trump’s positions, such as his claim to have opposed the Iraq War from the beginning. Holt interrupted Trump several times to interject, but rarely succeeded (and may have come across as weak and impotent)…


As expected, Twitter was unforgiving.


Finally, there are those in the mainstream media commending Holt for a job well done while also pointing out that Holt is a registered Republican.

To quote Hillary Clinton, “what difference does it make?”

We have had more than a year of endless vile attacks on Trump and his supporters from “registered Republican elitists” aka members of Progressive Republican establishment who have willingly bedded down with Hillary Clinton to destroy Donald Trump.  Holt’s shilling for Hillary is no different.

Geoffrey Dickens of Newsbusters article entitled,   Presidential Debate Moderator Lester Holt’s Most Liberal Moments says it all.

One more thing:

Voters Believe Debate Moderators are in the Tank for Hillary


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From the appointment of Barack Obama’s sock puppets Progressive moderators for tonight’s presidential debate to a customized 10” raised lectern for Clinton to the Crooked One demanding that the biased moderators also perform as real-time fact checkers and do a Candy Crowley* on Donald Trump, voters are convinced that the presidential debate will be rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton.

According to a Rasmussen Telephone poll, 46% of prospective voters believe that Lester Holt-NBC, Anderson Cooper-CNN, Martha Raddatz-ABC and Chris Wallace, host of Fox News Sunday are biased against Donald Trump (my emphasis) and will prove that they’re in the tank for Hillary Clinton.

Six percent of voters polled actually believe that moderators will attempt to help Donald Trump while 32% believe that the moderators will be unbiased.

The breakdown by party:


Seventy-eight percent (78%) of voters who support Trump think the moderators will try to help Clinton. Most Clinton supporters (56%) say the moderators will try to be unbiased, but 20% say they’ll try to help their candidate. Twelve percent (12%) of Clinton voters think the moderators will try to help Trump, compared to just two percent (2%) of Trump supporters who feel that way….

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*Revisiting the Candy Crowley moment when Crowley fact-checked Romney and LIED.

Only for Crowley to correct and walk back the fact check AFTER the debate.

Will history repeat itself this presidential debate season? How say you?


Image Source:
Chris Wallace Fox News Flickr National Guard Challenge 2010, public domain
Lester Holt, photo by Ninian Eid, Flickr (CC BY 2.0)
Martha Raddatz, Wikipedia (public domain)
Lisbon Oceanarium, Wikipedia (public domain)
Anderson Cooper Tulane University, Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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Social Justice Narrative Sends NFL Ratings into Free Fall


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The unintended consequences (or is it) of Colin Kaepernick and other football players turned social justice warriors who hold a grievance against a nation that is so racist that said nation opened the door to the aggrieved enabling them to acquire the riches through opportunities not afforded anywhere else on the planet is beginning to bear fruit.

The number of NFL players in addition to Kaepernick who refuse to stand during the Star Spangled Banner at NFL games has grown these past weeks but in far greater proportion are the number of Americans who repelled by social justice infiltrating America’s greatest pasttime are tuning out televised NFL games.

Earlier this week, actor James Woods, told TMZ that he will never watch NFL again, they can say whatever they think. And I respect their constitutional right to do it. I hope they respect my constitutional right never to watch the NFL again. I will never watch the NFL again. Ever.”   (Click on link to see video below but ignore its title.  With the media being the media, TMZ misrepresented the facts. James Woods did not call Kaepernick a piece of crap.)

NFL’s Monday night football ratings for the past two weeks are sunk faster than Hillary Clinton did when she blacked out at the September 11th Memorial in New York City ten days ago (sarcasm) with the Philadelphia Eagles (29) vs. Chicago Bears (14) game generating a miserable 8.3% rating.

Forbes suggested that Monday night’s decline in viewership might be connected to the fall television premieres, Tom Brady’s four game suspension and/or various online #NFLboycott campaigns.

A foretelling of what’s to come?  The 2016 football season started off badly.

Last weekend’s Sunday’s Packers-Vikings game which aired on NBC only drew 22.8 million viewers, down 14% from the same week, one year earlier (Seahawks vs. Packers game), both games of which according to Sports Business Daily, aired the same night of the Emmy’s.

Awful Announcing

In Week 1 of the 2016 season, the early game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Washington Redskins was the least watched MNF game since 2012 (7.7 rating, 13.0 million viewers), while the San Francisco 49ers – Los Angeles Rams follow-up was the least watched since 2008 (6.2 rating, 10.3 million viewers)….’

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The decline in viewership is expected to continue through next Monday night’s Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints game which is going up against the first of three 2016 presidential debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Blaming the decline of viewership on the presidential debate? I don’t know about that.  A few months ago, Donald Trump voiced his objection over two of the three debates having been scheduled opposite NFL football games, a tactic that would decrease viewership of the debates and thereby favoring Clinton. (Note Bernie Sanders voiced the same concerns during the primaries.)

In any event, should viewership of the next Monday night football game continue its downward trend, the politically correct the NFL (but for how long) and its Progressive talking heads will certainly attribute the decline to the presidential debate rather than attribute the fall off to (a) lack of appeal or (b) fans repelled by the infiltration of social justice narrative into the NFL, none of which will be well-received by advertisers.

Ed Morrisey of Hot Air just last week wrote“When sports becomes another politicized arena for multi-millionaires to lecture the fans that provide their celebrity lifestyle, it comes as no surprise that the fans will get turned off — and turn the channel…. The lesson? If the NFL doesn’t want to provide an escape, then fans will create their own escape….

Like I said, politically correct for how long?

Rest assured that while the advertisers are watching, NFL fans are not so man up, NFL!  Demand that NFL players push their social justice narrative off the fields.

Forum: Can America Unite Again?




Every week on Monday, the WoW! community and our invited guests weigh in at the WoW!Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week’s question: Can America Unite Again?

Stately McDaniel Manor: One of the favorite tricks of defense lawyers is the “anything’s possible” ploy. They get a witness, often a police officer, to admit the wildest, most improbable happenstances are at least possible, and juries sometimes buy it, letting their guilty-as-sin clients walk. The truth is, everything/anything is not possible. Monkeys will never fly from my posterior. A billion dollars will never fall from the sky and land, intact, at my feet. I will never be 25 again, and I will never become a Hollywood starlet. But for the purposes of this forum, I’ll play defense attorney and stipulate it is possible America might once again be united.

Now let’s get real and consider why it’s more likely that’s impossible.

It is possible for all Americans to be united, one people, if they are taught the importance of that philosophy and practice. If, having been taught it, they believe it, and are willing to make adjustments in their thinking, manner of living, and manner of speaking to practice it in their daily lives, the possibility of the term “American” meaning more than just “one born in or naturalized in America,” exists. This state of affairs can thrive only if being American is unique, special, worth fighting and dying for, worth defending in every way and at every level, and superior in every way to tribalism, religion, ideology and party. It’s possible only if liberty yet burns in American breasts.

For around half of the residents of the American continent, that is no longer true. It hasn’t been for many years, and the Age of Obama has all but ended the possibility of American unity. This has been the probable turning point of the progressive determination to fundamentally transform America in their deranged, tyrannical image.

They have had near complete success.

Progressives now own–in control over philosophy and curriculum–much of America’s public school system. They own much of the popular culture, and virtually all of the so-called publically funded, and not a little of the private, higher education systems. With a few notable exceptions, they also own the media. The permanent federal bureaucracy is theirs, and so too is most of the federal judiciary at all levels. They are one justice away from complete control of the Supreme Court.

Under Barack Obama, they succeeded in all but eliminating the separation of powers, and have rendered the Constitution essentially meaningless in significant ways. Their destruction of the rule of law, and the trust of the people in the rule of law and government in general has been considerable, but not yet absolute. Our allies despise and mistrust us and our deadly enemies laugh at and have no fear of us.

It has often been said that progressives, hating the American people, have always wanted to throw us out and elect another. They are close to accomplishing that goal, having thrown wide our national borders with no concern for who enters, excepting they be highly likely to vote for Democrats. In fact, Progressives are determined to import hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Muslims, people whose allegiance is to Islam, then their tribe, and perhaps somewhere, far, far down on the list, America. It is an inherent part of the Progressive project to seek “diversity,” which by definition must mean the end of American unity. Demanding that immigrants have useful skills or trades, the ability to be contributing members of society rather than become eternal drags on the public treasury, that they become proficient in English, that they adapt to American customs and laws, that they abandon barbaric practices like female genital mutilation and honor killing of female relatives, and they not be vicious drug users and/or criminals, is anathema to progressives who see such traditional expectations as nativist and intolerant or counter-diversity.

They admit hundreds, if not thousands, of immigrants will be terrorists. So what? What you gonna do about it Gun and God clinger?

The sheer numbers of non-assimilating foreigners have another, more important purpose for progressives: to make a permanent democrat voting majority, to ensure none but hand picked progressive candidates will ever hold the White House. It’s working. Even now, with hundreds of thousands per year pouring over our borders, Republicans have an uphill struggle for federal office. A level playing field disappeared decades ago.

But it is not only in immigration that progressives separate themselves from their fellow citizens. We are, do not forget, a huge basket of deplorables, God and gun clingers, haters of all not like us, and our betters have a duty to remake America into Venezuela, though that won’t happen because they are so smart every Marxist/socialist pipe dream will work–this time–for the first time in history.

And what of Congressional Republicans? Most are RINOs. They have the backbones of squid and the cohesive courage of turtles. Some make noises about the Constitution and the rule of law, but no matter how many houses of Congress they control, they accomplish virtually nothing and the inexorable Progressive march continues, leaving Americans to vote for people like John McCain in the vain hope having someone in office with an “R” after their name will be somehow hopeful. If Donald Trump wins and they control both houses of Congress, it’s highly doubtful they’ll be able to do so much as repeal Obamacare. If Hillary Clinton wins, and they still control both houses of Congress, they’ll do worse than they did under Barack Obama. Obama set the tone and tactics; Hillary will extend them and run wild. She has promised as much.

Will America once again be a united nation? With half–and growing–of the population determined that it not be so? With the federal courts ruling requiting proof of citizenship to vote is unconstitutional? But hey, anything’s possible, right?

Laura Rambeau Lee, Right Reason : In my heart I firmly believe America can unite again. The divisions we see in America have not come from the people. Division is a weapon used by the political elites along with a complicit media and educational system to maintain power. It is a successful formula: Create an aggrieved group and an oppressor and then promise justice. The challenge is for we as Americans to come together as we have in the past to speak the truth and call out these liars and their lies.

We can be united by restoring the rule of law and making sure the laws are applied equally to all regardless of race, background or gender. We also must make English the official language in America. We cannot be united without sharing a common language. We spend too much time and money accommodating those who live here, even become citizens, who refuse to learn English. They can keep their mother tongue and speak it in their homes, but to get on in our society everyone must learn to read, write and communicate in English. We all come from different backgrounds and ethnicities. Many of us still embrace some of the customs from our ancestors whether religious or cultural. But we have united as Americans and understand that the precious freedoms we have here do not exist anywhere else in the world. Unfortunately we are at a point in our history where we can lose these freedoms if we allow our fundamental rights to be eroded and abolished.

The progressive agenda of multiculturalism must be challenged at every turn, particularly with our children who are being immersed and indoctrinated at very early ages. There is nothing wrong with instilling in our children the exceptional values and traditions of our American history and culture. In fact we should be doing more of this in our schools, explaining the foundational principles of individual rights and freedoms enshrined in our Constitution.

Americans can be united again but it will not happen if we remain silent and allow this divisiveness to continue. It really is up to we the people and I do believe there are more of us than those who seek to divide and destroy this great country.

JoshuaPundit: I think unity…or at least a resurgence of the amount of unity we had in say, the mid 20th century- is entirely possible.The Trump revolution and to a lesser degree the Bernie revolution might be contradictory in which end of the telescope they see things through, but their impetus is the same…a reaction against the self-appointed elites plundering and destroying our country. That’s an incredibly hopeful sign, and an indication of how what we’ll call the uniparty has misjudged how angry the peasants are. And I don’t think the numbers are 50-50 when you come down to it, and in some surprising areas.

The factors behind our present malaise are these:

Abysmal, corrupt leadership – The last three presidents are the worst in our history, and they were all two termers. We’re talking about a quarter century of decline that worked out just fine for the elites or those entrepreneurs smart enough to surf the waves and make money out of it, but rather poorly for the rest of us. The amount of blood and treasure squandered for no purpose except the enrichment of the few (Including those in positions of authority willing to do the bidding of a certain kingdom or two in the Middle East) is a chapter of national shame. It’s inevitable that an orgy of this kind and the necessary disregard for our laws, heritage, and national morality would foster the kind of disrespect for those values not just among the ones benefiting themselves by ignoring them but among those of us who saw it happen without any consequences for the malefactors. Old Yiddish saying: ‘A fisch rats fun de kop‘ (A fish rots from the head). True dat.

The decline of education and a free press – The unionization of America’s school teachers and the penetration of those unions was a primary goal of the Comintern, the subversive organization the Soviets set up to promote their revolution world wide by infiltrating key western institutions. As David Horowitz chronicles in his memoir, Radical Son, by the 1950’s the teacher’s unions in many large cities had been thoroughly penetrated by communists ‘under party discipline.’ This was one of the factors, along with the popularity in sections of academe of Franz Boa’s ideas on deconstructionism (facts can be manipulated to fit your political ideology) were factors that contributed to what amounted to our own Cultural Revolution in the1960’s. And of course, after the anti-war movement faded out once President Nixon ended the draft, many of the movement’s radical leaders became tenured professors in our universities. Including in our journalism schools, where the example of Woodward and Bernstein’s fame and fortune after Watergate gave rise to the normalization of ‘advocacy journalism.’

The deliberate division of Americans into groups and the pitting them against each other – This has been divide and rule on steroids. While the Democrats with their emphasis on identity politics have been the most guilty, the Republicans have played their own part in this. It has encouraged people to think of themselves as members of a group with a label and a party rather than as Americans.

So, how do we fix it?

First, we have to realize that it has to be fixed. The alternatives are either national disintegration via secession or our very own Julius Caesar and the end of our Republic.

Second, we have to realize that the decay has been working for some time, and it will take some time to fix it. And that fixing it may involve using some of the means involved in causing that decay in reverse.

We need leadership with courage, empathy, common sense and the knowledge of what it takes to get things done efficiently. The only candidate I see out there with those qualities is Donald Trump. He has one major drawback, that as an insurgent, he will be fought tooth and nail on any reforms by the members of the uniparty in congress, including some of those whom he defeated during the primaries unwilling to put aside their petty grievances for the good of the country. If that happens, a President Trump might need to use things like executive orders or leaning heavily on a GOP senate majority leader to invoke the nuclear option unless we, the People, rise up and let our representatives know in no uncertain terms that their jobs are on the line. As much as I hate the precedent being set, desperate times sometimes call for desperate measures.

Education can be reformed, but it must be from the bottom up. Governor Scott Walker proved that the teacher’s unions can be defeated, a necessary first step. The ideas of school choice and vouchers are also an excellent first step, as is abolishing Common Core and turning education back to the states. The problem is that many of these states embrace radical, leftist ideals and allowing them to control public education merely exacerbates the problem. A number of California’s textbooks in these areas are to the left of Stalin. Far better to have a new, restaffed Federal Department of Education write up guidelines that mandate curriculum at least for history, civics and social studies along with federal approval of textbooks in those subjects to make sure they comply and have patriotic content that teaches America’s greatness rather than the quasi-socialist drivel too many of them contain now. I hate like the plague using the feds for this, but there isn’t any other way. And if we are going to contribute federal money to public schools, we may as well use that leverage.
Just as G-d saw to it the the Hebrews wandered in the desert for forty years to rid themselves of the slave mentality, we will need to play the long game to rid our children of indoctrination and allow a new generation to emerge with proper and patriotic values.

Federal encouragement of home schooling wouldn’t be a bad idea either. And so would federally sponsored online degree programs that allow students to get a college education at a fraction of the cost and with none of the indoctrination factor of many of today’s brick and mortar universities.

It is vitally important to end the divisive splitting of Americans into groups and encourage us again to think of ourselves as one nation. again, Donald Trump has been the only candidate to make a point of constantly mentioning this in his stump speeches.

And finally, nothing unites Americans like a common threat, or an attack like 9/11.The last time this happened, we had mediocre leadership with a strong personal interest in protecting the complicit guilty parties. If such a thing happens again, G-d forbid, and we have leadership actually willing to lead us instead of lying to us, it would be a strong and enduring unifying factor.

Well, there you have it.

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NY/NJ Islamic Terrorist Taken into Custody after Gun Battle


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Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28-year-old a native Afghani man sought by the FBI and New York/New Jersey law enforcement in Islamic terrorist attacks, one early Saturday in Seagate, New Jersey and another Sunday evening in the Chelsea area of Manhattan, NYC is now in custody after a gun battle with law enforcement.

The episode began to unfold moments after law enforcement sent text alerts to a specified area in Linden, New Jersey informing residents to be on the lookout for the suspected jihadist describing Rahami as “armed and dangerous.”

During the brief shootout, two members of law enforcement were wounded.  One officer was hit with flying glass and other took a bullet to the chest but was not seriously wounded due to his bulletproof vest.

Shortly before Rahami was taken was taken down with shot to the leg, the FBI with K-9s and Elizabeth New Jersey police raided his home in Elizabeth, New Jersey where Rahami lived with his family.

The search at Rahami’s home began after five pipe bombs were found Sunday evening at an Elizabeth, New Jersey train station not far from Rahami’s home. One of the pipe bombs exploded as a robot attempted to disarm it.

As of now, no connections have been made (officially) between Rahami and the pipe bombs found near his home. (Surprise.)

New York Times

A law enforcement official, who agreed to speak about the investigation only on the condition of anonymity, said they had conclusive evidence that Mr. Rahami was connected not just to the Manhattan explosion in the Chelsea neighborhood, but also to a bombing that took place earlier on Saturday on the Jersey Shore.

The city’s police commissioner, James P. O’Neill, directed the entire patrol force of the New York Police Department — 36,000 officers — to step up their vigilance and be on the alert for Mr. Rahami.

Dozens of officers and federal agents were zeroing in on locations in New Jersey. At the same time, more than 1,000 officers from the city police force’s Critical Response Command and Emergency Service Unit were working to secure New York City landmarks, commuter hubs and other sensitive sites….

Law enforcement found a fingerprint belonging to Rahami on an unexploded device left at Seaside Heights, New Jersey where a pipe bomb exploded shortly before the Third Annual Semper Fi run in benefit or marines and sailors was scheduled to begin Saturday morning.  The event was canceled.

Rahami was also connected to Saturday evening’s jihadist attack in the Chelsea area in Manhattan, NYC courtesy of a “of a cell phone left behind with a pressure cooker found on West 27th Street — blocks away from the explosion on West 23rd Street, a source told ABC News.”

New Jersey: Terrorism probed in bombing at Seaside Park Marine Corps race


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Creeping Sharia by creeping

One of three terror attacks that occurred Saturday.

Source: UPDATE: Terrorism probed in Seaside Park blast; residents return home

SEASIDE PARK – A pipe-bomb-style device detonated in a garbage can at the start of the route of a Marine Corps charity race Saturday morning, injuring no one, but sparking a massive law-enforcement response and suspicions of terrorism.

The FBI said it was “unaware of any known threat” to public safety, in an early-evening press conference that lasted about two minutes. Brad Cohen, the special agent in charge of the Newark FBI office, said the agency’s Joint Terrorism Task Force was taking the lead in investigation into the explosion. He said the agency was working to make sure there was “no stone left unturned” in the probe.


Multiple agencies are investigating the incident and whether the motive was terror, said Al Della Fave, spokesman for the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office..

“You would have to assume that at a military-type event, the U.S. Marines, a device is placed along the route of a charity event, it would be hard to think it would be anything else,’’ Della Fave said.

The device went off about 9:35 a.m. at Ocean Avenue and D Street, where the Seaside  Semper Five 5K race had been scheduled to start at 9:30 a.m., Della  Fave said[…]

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ONE of THREE terror attacks that occurred Saturday.  ONE of THREE!  What more do Americans need to realize that Islam is at war with us on our own turf?

Forget the politicians.  Forget the mainstream media.  Deceiving Americans under the guise of political correctness is treason.

American Workforce Shrinks While Foreign Workforce Increases


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The decimation of the American workforce may go down in history as Barack Obama’s greatest act of treason.

As the American middle class continues to shrink, the number of foreign workers taking their jobs are on the rise courtesy of Barack Obama, the U. S. Chamber of Commerce, establishment collaborators of both parties and corporate entities all of whom have for years alleged that there is a shortage of qualified Americans to do the job and are pro comprehensive immigration reform, i.e., a dog whistle for kill American jobs now.

While at the same time perpetuating the myth that the jobs being filled, you know the ones that Americans won’t do such as picking oranges and lettuce, corporations only caring about their bottom line are laying off the American workforce in marketing, software engineering, IT consulting, outsourcing services, tech, STEM industry among others by the thousands and replacing them with a foreign workforce.

As Senator Jeff Sessions said earlier this year, The sad reality is that – not only is there not a shortage of exceptionally qualified U.S. workers – but across the country thousands of U.S. workers are being replaced by foreign labor.”

For those who still believe that American jobs are being replaced solely by those walking across the U.S.-Mexico border, think again.  While the U. S. border continues to be a major threat to employed Americans (and our security), efforts to replace the American workforce with a foreign workforce has been so fine-tuned that gone are the days that the majority of American jobs are shipped overseas, outsourced to India.

India-based subcontracting firms in collaboration with American corporations under the H-B1 Visa program fly their army of foreign workers legally by the planeload on to U. S. soil.

At the top of the list is Silicon Valley where 45% of the working population is foreign born, but in tech, the numbers are skewed with 75 percent being foreign born and many are here on H-1B visas earning a much lower wage than their American counterparts.”

Which is more humane, a two-week layoff notice or a four to six-month layoff notice where an American worker is forced to train their foreign replacement soon to be hired in accordance with the H-1B Visa program?

Each day, a countdown to one’s final date of employment, a wound that refuses to heal, one is forced to endure the endless assault upon one’s dignity resulting from the forced training of one’s replacement who by the way isn’t even an American citizen.

In my opinion, neither.  While a two-week layoff notice gives one little time to prepare for the coming financial hardships, the other holds out little promise for the future.

Each day, a countdown to one’s final date of employment, a wound that refuses to heal, one is forced to endure the endless assault upon one’s dignity resulting from the forced training of one’s replacement who by the way isn’t even an American citizen.

For example, the layoffs of IT personnel at MassMutual Financial Group whose employees had to suck it up, sign nondisclosure agreements and were given no alternative short of training their foreign replacements or forsake their severance pay of two weeks for every year of employment with MassMutual.

While many trained their replacements on the job, others did so via web conference all the while, none were permitted the liberty of discussing their feelings.  Why?  Could it be that when breaking the news of the impending layoffs, MassMutual failed to mention its plan to move some of those very jobs overseas?

Below are companies who are laying and/or have laid off American workers, replacing them with foreigners in addition to lobbying Congress to further enhance the H-B1 and LC1 programs.

Catalina Marketing
Deloitte Consulting
Erns & Young
HCL America[*] [**]
IBM India
Igate (formerly known as Patni Americas)
Infosys[*] [**]
Larsen & Toubro
Northeast Utilities
Price Waterhouse
Tata[*] [**]
WiPro[*] [**]

[*] provide American companies foreign workforce from India.
[**]Indian Outsourcing firms.

San Francisco Chronicle

Tata, Wipro, Infosys and HCL America are some of the largest outsourcing companies based in India. Some have accused them of gaming the H-1B visa system by flooding the Department of Labor with LCA applications, thus increasing their odds of obtaining H-1B visas via the computerized lottery used to distribute them.

Last year, Infosys, Tata and Wipro — and any subsidiaries affiliated with the companies — filed more LCAs nationally than any other firm besides IBM. …

Read full article

The companies mentioned above are merely the tip of the iceberg of corporations taking advantage of the L1 and H-B1 visa programs, the intent of which has always been the replacement of a large portion (if not all) of the American workforce.

However, until recently it was mostly private entities fulfilling Barack Obama’s fundamental transformation of America and redistribution of American wealth through the decimation of the U. S. economy.

Of course, the Obama agenda would not be complete without Progressive universities taking advantage of a good crisis.

HCL America, an Indian based firm has entered into a $50 million five-year contract with University of California to provide a foreign workforce.

Enter UC-Chancellor, Janet Napolitano who is also former Secretary of Homeland Security who can work the system blindfolded.

University of California-San Francisco (UCSF) who plans to move its campus off-shore announced ten days ago that 17% of UCSF’s IT staff will be laid off effective the end of February 2017.

Before the layoff date, the soon to be out of work employees will be forced to train their foreign replacements.

The breakdown of those being laid off is as follows:

“49 IT permanent employees will lose their jobs, along with 12 contract employees and 18 vendor contractors. This number also includes 18 vacant IT positions that won’t be filled, according to the university.”

“won’t be filled…” Is that supposed to ease the minds of the soon to be unemployed.

“…UCSF has also been relocating some IT equipment to a Dell data center in Quincy, Wash., under a separate agreement. Similar to the HCL contract, the Dell contract can also be used by other university IT departments. It has also signed a contract with security provider FireEye.…”

[Within 24 hours of the announced layoffs  at UCSF Bloomberg News reported that “Dell” after its recent acquisition of EMC Corp. (24 hours earlier)   to reduce its workforce by 2,000 to 3,000 job by year’s end in the United States.]

And then there is the Affordable Care Act which is being credited with its role in the layoffs:

Breitbart News

…Obamacare has increased the volume of patients while limiting hospital reimbursement to around 55 cents on the dollar. Obamacare also mandates electronic medical records, so IT operating expenses have doubled from 3 to 6 percent of total hospital expenses amid more spending on IT security and analytics….

Continue Reading

The intended consequences of the Affordable Care Act continue to rack up casualties.

Suggested reading before heading to the polls this November:
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