Obama Reneged on Promised Charity Donation to Family of American ISIS Victim


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Young Kayla Mueller, a humanitarian aid worker was kidnapped in 2013 after accompanying a friend hired by Doctors without Borders to install communications equipment for a hospital in Aleppo, Syria.

Around the first week of February, 2015, Kayla’s parents received news of their daughter’s death and later upon their request confirmation of Kayla’s death courtesy of the Islamic State, i.e., three photographs of Kayla’s corpse.

In spite of her pleas and that of her family, Doctors without Borders and other organizations informed the family that the responsibility to secure Kayla’s freedom was that of the United States government.

Even more chilling is the statement and lack of remorse by the leadership of Doctors without Borders who blame the 24-year-old for being taken hostage, a fate that ended with her death. – see video below.


It should be noted that Doctors without Borders put others at risk by intentionally dispatching uninformed staffers to the same high risk areas.

Many of the staffers were captured by ISIS and taken hostage, some of whom were women and unknowingly walked into the same trap as Kayla Mueller.  Again, Doctors with Borders shows no remorse.

According to the Muellers, the FBI and the Obama administration who bartered five Taliban leaders for deserter, Bowe Bergdahl, blocked all prospects of ransom to secure their daughter’s freedom threatening the Muellers with prosecution.

Further to his discredit, Barack Obama not only failed the Mueller family and Kayla as he has other American hostages killed by the Islamic State and their families; Obama doubled down when last year during a photo op, cameras rolling, Obama staring into the faces of Kayla’s parents pledged to make  an anonymous charity donation to a foundation in Kayla’s name, i.e., Kayla’s Hands but seventeen months later, fade to black with cameras no longer rolling, Obama has not delivered on the promised donation to the charity foundation named for the 24 year old Christian American who in spite of the hell she was going through, in defense of her faith, stood up to the Islamic State executor who never met a video cam that he didn’t like, the now vaporized Jihadi John.

Daily Mail

Daniel Rye Ottosen, a Danish freelance photographer, recalled how Mueller was paraded in front of the other prisoners as an example by ISIS butcher Jihadi John. 

Ottosen said the terrorist, who real name was Mohammed Emwazi, told the captives: ‘She is much stronger than you guys. She’s much smarter. She converted to Islam.’

Interrupting her captors, Ottosen recalls Kayla saying: ‘No I didn’t.’

He added: ‘I would not have had the guts to say that. I don’t think so. 

‘It was very clear that all of us were impressed by the strength that she showed in front of us. That was very clear….’

Read full article

In an excerpt which ran this morning on Good Morning America of an ABC 20/20 Special airing tonight (Friday, 8/26) at 10 p.m., Kayla’s father, Carl Mueller, delivered a message to Obama:  “I’m still waiting for that donation, Mr. President.”

Below is the proof of life video that ISIS sent to the Mueller’s one month after Kayla  was taken hostage followed by this morning’s Good Morning America report.



ABC News always running defense.

First of all, Barack Obama did not go to Arizona to console the Muellers. The PRIMARY purpose of his trip to Phoenix, Arizona was to participate in a round table discussion about how to improve services at VA hospitals. While in Phoenix, Obama met up with the Muellers.

Obama’s speedy trip made for several photo ops along with the fact that 17 months later, the liar in chief (a) has reneged on his pledge to donate to a charity foundation in Kayla Mueller’s name; and (b) nothing has changed at the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Between the endless red tape and constant denial of service, VA hospitals continue to fail our veterans.

Case in point, 76-year-old military veteran, Peter Kaisen who was turned away this past weekend when he sought emergency care at Northport Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Long Island, New York.

Upon denial of treatment, Kaisen returned to his vehicle in the hospital “parking lot outside Building 92, the facility’s nursing home,” where the veteran suffering from mental issues shot himself.

While reports and particulars of Kaisen’s death broke on Thursday’s evening news, Friday morning, a cover up was already in play.


For more information on Kayla’s Hands, a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation, go here.

The Trump Do-it-Yourself Home Voter Fraud Kit



Unified Patriots by Vassarbushmills

your vote is your vote

Since 1932 there has not been a national presidential election that the Democrat Party has not tried to steal. In 1952, they were simply swamped, a puffed-up liberal versus a national hero. In 1968 and 1980, events beyond their control, but their fault, (the Vietnam War and the National Embarrassment) were simply too huge to hide, lie about, or cheat around. In both cases the people felt a pain from government that hit them personally. And that is where we are today.

This 2016 election most closely mirrors the national mood and embarrassment of 1980, only this time the Democrats are not caught off guard with what is being dubbed as the “hidden voters” that carried Ronald Reagan to victory in 1980. Because they have known for some time, I’m quite certain the Democrats have some special tricks up their sleeves, for they need to steal closer to 5% this time than the standard 3%. That’s quite an undertaking.

And I can’t offer a fix here, just a way in which ordinary Americans can be involved and possibly make a difference with a few hours of their time.

From the Trump side

I hope the Trump campaign has given some serious thought to what they can do to preempt this threat, as well as compiling an historical record, a notebook if you will, that can be used for future use. (Republicans should have been compiling this since 2000, but haven’t, for a variety of reasons.)

Most of the Democrat plans are based on the belief they won’t be caught or that most criminal events can be trivialized, compared to say the many thousands of votes the GOP tries to suppress with voter-ID legislation. Thwarted by unfriendly state and federal judges, it seems recent GOP gains in the state legislatures have been fairly ineffective in stemming voter fraud by Democrats. A new sheriff in town will help.

It’s for the Trump campaign to make this undertaking unilaterally – for in most instances they will not be able to rely on local Republican committees to provide on-the-ground intelligence, as the GOP goes out its way to see or hear no evil out of fear of being labeled racist.

Now that the GOP has largely signed on with the Ruling Class as junior partners, offering only cosmetic cover for the Trump campaign, the battle lines have never been more clear: the Commoners versus the Royals, or as Ann Coulter calls it, (in her new book, In Trump We Trust), “the working class against the smirking class.”

Therefore, the Trump campaign would be wise to look for assistance on the ground by directly communicating with the voter integrity groups in the several states. A one or two-hour conversation with them should produce a wealth of names of people who front voter fraud operations; from financial sponsors, lawyers and college professors, to the handlers at street level.

We all know that some states, and only some districts, counties, or precincts within those states are more critical than others. But I am encouraging, below, that even in safer states, that volunteers join together to audit as many voting precincts as they can, since, after the dust settles, a type of analysis can be established that can be built upon and used in future elections.

To the extent we can, we want to identify and impede illegal voting practices by the Democrats in the 2016 election, some of which (e.g. WiFi hacking of voter machines) are beyond our ability to control. (I think Trump has people on it.) But just in knowing that people are outside the voting area auditing election counts can have a chilling effect on what the criminally-minded inside have in mind – for a variety of reasons

I’m hoping the Trump campaign will pick up the baton, and provide a way for these volunteer groups to contact them, and give them a heads-up about their activities in various precincts. This is predicated on the Trump campaign insuring that it has its own trained poll watchers inside the voting precinct, rather than handing that chore over to the local GOP. Those often go all wobbly at the worst times, especially since in many districts, intimidation inside the voting area is a key to their success.

*    *    *    *    *    *

THE VOTING AUDIT, a simple process to verify the basic vote

So, assuming they will try to steal, here’s what you and 4 or 5 friends can do to verify an honest election count in your precinct.

What follows is a summary of my chalkboard presentation:

The Audit

The audit is the main tool in verifying voter integrity, for all you and your team are doing is standing outside the entrance and exit and counting the voters going in the front door and the voters coming out the back door.

Most precincts will count 1500-2500 votes over the 10-12 hour period the polls are open. This count will be tedious, so it may be best if you use two teams so that counters can be spelled every 2-3 hours. I recommend a team of six, for you will need some backup if trouble should arise.

You can adopt your own count format, but a sheet of paper on a clipboard is all you need. I recommend you stand well away from the place where people line up (most state laws require 100 feet).

Step I: Your entrance-exit numbers should match: e.g., 1500 in, 1500 out. You can finish this step immediate at the close of the polls. Don’t leave until the doors are locked.

Step II: These numbers should match the official tally once the secretary of state certifies them, and the totals are posted on the State Election website a few days later. Acquaint yourself with this website as soon as possible. It’s a treasure trove of voting history.

If you find major variations in Step II with Step I you can do little to effect the election, but notify the Trump campaign right away. Your charts will then become potential evidence.

You need to make a physical site evaluation – location of entrance and exit doors as well as other doors that might be used to gain entrance and exit, not necessarily in easy view. It would be helpful for one of your team to be among the first to vote so that he/she can draw from memory once outside the layout of the voting area, especially other doors that may or may not be secure and the location of key personnel.

And, look for variations in this general scheme, such as if voters go in and out of the same door, or if a person is turned away, i.e., for no proper ID, can’t speak English or appears to be only about 12-years of age; from which door do they exit? This will affect your count total versus the final tally of votes cast in Step II. (All these were tried in Virginia in 2012, and all were allowed to make out provisional ballots, and no one is sure whether they were ever counted. Determining this is the job of the Trump poll watchers inside.)

(Check your own state laws for rules of people standing around voting areas…usually 100 feet.)


The mere fact that you are outside doing this count may upset some people inside the voting area, so you also have to be prepared for confrontation even though you will be breaking no laws.

Statistical analysis of the officially reported count: 1) Look for the over-count, which means someone is either gaining access through another door, or that extra ballots are being cast inside; but also 2)  Look for the undercount, e.g, if  your count shows that 2200 voters went in but only 1900 votes were counted. 3) Finally, compare your numbers with prior presidential elections, going back to 2000 if necessary, to see if voting patterns for your precinct have changed. Then make a final comparison once the totals have been officially posted.  (Note: Some voting districts have been reapportioned, as suburban counties especially will revise the voting districts to keep the voting districts in parity.)

Recommended: I recommend a team of six volunteers, two at each station, so that each counter can be relieved every two-three hours, as mentioned earlier. You may need a video filmer/general back-up and a way to communicate with him or her, as it would be advisable to have friends “in the weeds” to photograph/film any election official, thug, police officer, who might walk up and question what you’re doing. Legally, you have every right to be there if outside the legal perimeter, but that does not mean that in a Democrat-controlled district they will not try intimidation to get you to leave. Just get it on film, but also use a signal with another team member to time stamp the event and continue the counting from another vantage point. Don’t lose count if at all possible. Just shift it from one counter to another, with a time stamp and some identifying marker. (Crowd counters use these all the time.)

If you have a Trump contact, send the information to them ASAP. This is also evidence.


Prior to election day it would be best if you do a precinct-by-precinct comparison of votes for 2012, 2008, 2004 and 2000, for voter fraud is often found in the anomalies from one election to the other. Virtually every district, even the 80% GOP districts, are amenable to stealing a few votes, and in states where only a few thousand votes count, every vote counts. (This may explain why, in heavy 80%-90% Democrat districts they will still go to extremes to keep prying eyes from the voting area as we saw in Philadelphia in 2012, and why several secure Democrat counties reported 100%-0% votes for Obama, which is almost a statistical impossibility. Fred Sanford would have voted for Romney just because he didn’t like being told what to do. There are ways to correct this condition over time, but an honest Attorney General’s Office, state or federal, would save us a lot of expense in buying rose bush poison.)

This is a very simple two-step approach of monitoring attempts at voter theft in your locale. This is what cops and reporters used to call leg-work, like a stake-out. It is tedious and boring, and will likely prove nothing exciting except an on-the-ground insight into how the system works, versus (sometimes) how it is supposed to work.) The Democrats have dozens of ways to steal votes inside the precinct area, but my firm belief is that just in them knowing they are being scrutinized, system-wide, can have a chilling effect on their efforts, for while many of their paid voters who vote several times over many precincts, and actually are treated as heroes if they are caught, and do a little time in the stir, much like hoods who take a fall for the do – their mid-level protectors and planners are deathly afraid of being caught and publicly prosecuted.

If the people inside know you are outside “doing something” out of the ordinary it may cause them to change their own procedures as most of them don’t want to get caught. Combined with a stronger surveillance by poll watchers inside, who will not be intimidated, (which the Trump team needs to provide) it could significantly hamper their plans.

So then, you’re part of a two-prong defense, just by being there.

Since this is just a sketch, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me at vassarb@gmail.com

Have Rolled Up Newspaper Will Travel

NYC Pols Defend Nixing TLC English Proficiency and Written Exam for Prospective “Yellow Taxi Drivers”


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screenshot nyc yellow taxis CROPPED

If you have ever ridden in a New York City yellow cab, odds are that you’ve experienced a cultural and language barrier between yourself and a yellow cab driver, many of whom pretend not to know English until it’s time to collect the fare.

If, like myself, you are an American or from elsewhere and speaks English, then at least once, you have asked yourself, “who did this guy pay off to secure a hack license,” or “who took the English proficiency exam for this individual” or worst yet, “who in the exam room helped this dope to cheat on the test?”

Well wonder no more because as of last Friday, the barriers that appears to have never been in place from the jump have been removed; and so it goes that with the elimination of the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC)’s English Proficiency and Written Exam, yellow taxi drivers are no longer required to speak English.

Instead, the exam to acquire a hack license is now available in several languages, “to accommodate non-English speakers” while kicking sand once again in the faces of those of us who believe that not just taxi drivers but anyone with whom we do business in the United States should speak English.

As expected, while English-speaking New Yorkers express their displeasure, sponsors of this legislation in the New York City Council who coincidentally is in bed with the New York Taxi Workers Alliance, the 57th affiliate of the AFL-CIO has diminished those voices by labeling them, “troubling.”

Sponsor and former livery cabdriver, NYC Councilman, Ydanis Rodriguez, while mentioning that Uber and Lyft taxi drivers do not take English proficient exams to operate their cabs, sputtered yet another union talking point to justify the passage of the legislation:

“Driving a taxi or for-hire vehicle has long been a quality job for countless immigrants across the country. … It’s a step into the middle class for many and we should be removing barriers for entry,; said Rodriguez during a joint conference with Bronx Assemb. Victor Pichardo. ‘The ability or inability to write in English has not been an issue for the tens of thousands of livery and black car drivers who have been providing their services — many of them for more than four decades.”

On a personal note, I driven in Uber and Lyft taxis who do not require a hack license to operate more than once and have yet to be picked up by a driver who did not have command of the English language.

When one takes into consideration that only 4% of yellow taxi drivers are born in the United States, it is clear that the NYC Council and the City’s Communist mayor, Bill de Blasio who signed the legislation into law are doing the bidding of their collective bargaining friends.

screenshot nyc yellow taxis 003

Just last year. feeling that it was no longer necessary, the TLC nixed questions pertaining to New York City’s “geography” from the exam.

Spokesman for the TLC, Allan Fromberg, attributed the decision to nix geography questions and knowledge of the City’s landmarks from the exam to “catching up with the times” and “practical modernization” of the TLC’s “educational curriculum” while others are at least up front about it, attributing the decision to modern technology, i.e., GPS.

Balderdash! About the same time last year, I took a yellow taxi from Port Authority at 4:30 in the morning.  The cab driver must’ve tapped into his GPS at least 4 times before he finally turned and asked me for directions to my destination.

Another plus for Uber and Lyft drivers is that (a) they know how to navigate a GPS system and (b) many are veteran NYC yellow taxi drivers who have driven throughout the City and tristate area for decades.

New York Times

“While Mr. Fromberg called the culling of the geography questions a ‘small modification,’ critics, including perhaps the toughest critics of all, passengers, say it will result in some drivers starting out behind the wheel knowing less about New York than the tourist in the back seat equipped with a guidebook and a smartphone.

‘If I got into a cab and the driver didn’t know where Penn Station was, that’d be ridiculous,’ said Carolyn Baker, a lifelong New Yorker who has been taking cabs for more than 50 years. ‘I mean, would you hire a chef who never fried an egg?’

As for relying on online maps, she said, ‘I don’t want the driver using GPS while they are driving and put my life at risk….”

Bad news for New Yorkers and tourists is that since the TLC eliminated geography and landmark questions from the exam, there’s been a 20 percent in the passage of exams.

Bad news for the institutions that prepare New York City yellow taxi drivers for the exams.

“…Some instructors for the cab-driving test are also alarmed. ‘I think it’s stupid that a New York City cabdriver can get his hack license without knowing where the Empire State Building or the Chrysler Building is,’ said Efim Vitomsky, who runs a taxi training institute at Kingsborough Community College….”

Read full article

The TLC’s decision to dumb down the requirements needed to acquire a hack license and drive yellow taxis will eventually prove to be another failed social engineering policy implemented by City Hall’s Marxist bureaucrats and nail in the coffin of the yellow taxi service long despised by New Yorkers.

screenshot nyc yellow taxis 001

At the same time, all of the above is even worse news for those passengers who themselves are unfamiliar with NYC’s landmarks and geography.

One more feather in the cap of Commie de Blasio, first the Desnudas reverting Times Square back to its era of sleaze and now the perfect opportunity which will result a massive increase in shyster yellow taxi drivers taking passengers on looooooooong and overpriced cab rides.

Their defense being that do not speak English, cannot read New York City street signs that are in English, are unfamiliar with the City’s geography, unable to communicate with the passenger because of the language barrier and, therefore, not liable.

So why did Leonardo DiCaprio really ditch today’s Clinton fundraiser?


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Leonardo DiCaprio hillry clinton Collage_Fotor_Fotor


Hollywood elitist, one percenter Leonardo DiCaprio scheduled to host a Hillary Clinton fundraiser today at his home in Hollywood backed out at the last moment.

The talking points are that the scheduled plans surrounding DiCaprio’s movie production, ‘Before the Flood,’ another climate change movie has changed preventing the climate change Nazi’s return to Los Angeles until Wednesday.

No problem, fellow elitists Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are more than happy to do the honors.

Moving on. No one is buying the talking points especially since this past weekend, news surfaced about some shady dealings in which DiCaprio and/or his foundation may be linked.

The perfect image of Marxist elitist hypocrisy are one percenter climate change Nazis helicoptering in to an event in St. Tropez sponsored by the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (“LDF”) “to dine on whole sea bass after watching a short film about the dangers of overfishing.”

Unfortunately for Hollywood’s numero uno, Leonardo DiCaprio, known for his Progressive hypocrisy, excesses and whose events are tapered with “booze, billionaires and babes,” key players connected to LDF and the Foundation itself has caught the attention of the United States Department of Justice.

The DOJ under the Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative has filed a complaint alleging that LDF (for starters) through DiCaprio’s associations although DiCaprio is not the target has been linked and may have benefited from a scandal that reaches across the globe in which $3 billion plus was siphoned off from 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB), a Malaysian sovereign wealth fund

screenshot malaysia prime minister

1Malaysia Development Bhd was set up in Malaysia in 2009 shortly before Dato’ Sri Haji Mohammad Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak became its Malaysia’s prime minister.

The stated purpose for 1MDB was to boost the economy through strategic investments and the fundamental transformation of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital into a major financial hub.  Instead 1MDB which is $11 billion plus in debt became a slush fund for Prime Minister Najib Razak and his ruling coalition, the Barisan Nasional and National Front coalition.

Besides chairing 1MDB’s advisory board, Najib Razak is also Malaysia’s finance minister and the fundamental economic transformation of Kuala Lumpur is now nothing more than a pipedream.

As reported by Bloomberg News:

From the moment in 2009 when Najib took over a sovereign wealth fund set up by the Malaysian state of oil-rich Terengganu and turned it into a development fund owned by the federal government, 1MDB has been controversial. Since the beginning of this year—with coverage driven by the Sarawak Report, a blog, and The Edge, a local business weekly—the scandal has moved closer and closer to the heart of government, sparking calls for Najib’s ouster and recalling Malaysia’s long struggle with corruption and economic disappointment….

On July 3, the Wall Street Journal, citing documents from government probes, reported that investigators believe almost $700 million in cash moved through state agencies, banks, and companies linked to 1MDB before eventually finding its way into Najib’s personal accounts. The money reportedly included two transactions—one worth $620 million; another, $61 million—made in March 2013, two months before a general election returned Najib to power as part of the Barisan Nasional, or National Front, coalition….

1MDB, individuals and corporations linked to 1MDB in more than 10 countries (Malaysia, Singapore, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Switzerland, United States, Thailand, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates and Australia) are under investigation for possible money laundering and financial irregularities.

Through its anti-corruption unit, the USDOJ who never met an asset forfeiture it didn’t like will begin seizing assets here in the USA from those individuals connected to the scandal and Malaysia’s prime minister.

As with most forfeiture cases, one need not be charged with a crime for the government on all levels to seize one’s assets.

Under the guise of doing it for the greater good, the Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative was launched back in 2010 by Barack Obama and Eric Holder but not to take on corrupt corporations in the United States but corrupt leaders and their alliances who fleece their government’s coffers for their own nefarious gains.  (Enter Barack Obama who is the ultimate kleptocrat.)

According to the forfeiture complaint filed in California, Razak’s stepson, Riza Aziz, close friends and associates diverted more than from an international oil deal, bond deals from Goldman Sachs (yeah, we know they had to be in here somewhere) and 1MBD along with $1 billion of the embezzled funds into the United States using shell companies and the client bank accounts at the white-shoe law firm Shearman & Sterling….

Back to DiCaprio’s LDF which is not known for its transparency, while not a non-profit entity was set up as a “donor-advised fund (DAF) attached to the California Community Foundation,” which happens to be a non-profit entity meaning that:

“LDF therefore is not required to file itemized public disclosures about its own revenue, expenditures and disbursements. ‘It’s difficult to characterize the giving of the DiCaprio Foundation because its status as part of the CCF makes it impossible to look at its finances,’ industry trade journal Inside Philanthropy noted in 2015….” Source:  Hollywood Reporter.

Will assets donated to LDF in addition to whoever else amongst the Hollywood’s elites received gifts, donations, financial backing, etc. acquired through assets embezzled from 1Malaysia Development Bhd find themselves under the glaring lights of Barack Obama’s Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative?

Will the federal government use this moment as an opportunity to dig its appendages much deeper into Hollywood who has for the past eight years endlessly splattered Barack Obama’s propaganda across movie and television screens (but that’s another post)?



According to the complaint, Aziz, chairman of Red Granite Pictures who landed the rights to DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street” financed the film from $238 million in funds embezzled from 1Malaysia Development Bhd[i].

The CEO for LDF claims that DiCaprio’s foundation has distributed more than $30 million this year in grants through its relationship with the California Community Foundation, is supporting credible organizations that are carrying out some of the most important work on the planet with one caveat, i.e., their anonymity and privacy “in their giving choices.”

We shall see how long the latter remains in play.

In the meantime, DiCaprio has good reason to ditch Clinton’s fundraiser.  He wouldn’t want his fundraising problem to become intertwined with that of the Clinton’s, provided it is not already.

Just saying.


[i]  In addition to The Wolf of Wall Street, Red Granite Pictures now has a half-dozen movies under its belt.

The evolution of Watcher of Weasels.



Some may have noticed the absence at this blog of my weekly Watcher of Weasels content.

Not to worry, a growing community of members and friends of the Watcher’s Council which has been around since 2003 are now taking the next step which is the evolution of Watcher of Weasels into an internet periodical that you’ll want to visit again and again”: WOW! Magazine: We Watch Weasels So You Don’t Have To.


WOW! Magazine made its debut last Wednesday which explains my use of the hashtag #Wow or #WowMagazine across social media.

Content will be cross-posted at WOW! Magazine by council members and friends which makes it easier for readers to view that quality of content for which Watcher of Weasels is known at one location.

Now, being that WOW! Magazine is only a few days old, there is still much to be done as we continue to work out the kinks and, of course, we welcome your feedback.

Wow! Magazine is looking for writers.

If you’re interested or know of someone who is interested in contributing their work to WOW! Magazine, please feel free to leave a message on the contact form and someone will get back to you.

Below are a few of the articles posted at WOW! Magazine:

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Come on by to: WOW! Magazine: We Watch Weasels So You Don’t Have To and bring a friend.

Bill’s latest lie: Clinton Foundation won’t take foreign donations if Hillary’s elected.


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Clinton Foundation dark money and corruption CROPPED

On Thursday, at a meeting with staffers, Bill Clinton announced that if Hillary Clinton is elected, the Clinton Foundation would no longer accept receive donations from foreign enemies entities, governments, corporate charities and domestic or foreign corporations, all of whom might will return later seeking favors from the Oval Office.

Clinton who anticipates his resignation from the foundation’s board contends that the Clinton foundation would only accept donations from independent charities and American citizens.

Oh and if you’re asking yourself, “what about the paid speeches?” Well, the Clintons supposedly will hold off on delivering paid speeches until “after the November elections.”

Of course, all of the above is incumbent upon whether or not Hillary Clinton is elected which brings the last paragraph into question but not so much since Clinton’s remarks are an admission of guilt that pre-dates Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State by more than a decade AND includes Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State to present day.

the clintons lying with pigs by michael ramirez

IF? That was THURSDAY when the cameras were rolling but TODAY is SATURDAY, the cameras are not; and with the latter being the case, according to Yahoo-Reuters News the Clinton Foundation NOT weighing its options because there were none to begin with is skirting with the continued acceptance (if Clinton is elected) by the Clinton Foundation of hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign donations.

Translation: “Come on’ in boys, America is for sale to the highest bidder and there’s plenty of space in the Lincoln bedroom for everyone.”

Ah, those platform promises but Bill Clinton said Thursday. Yeah well…. the new guidelines would take about a year for the Clinton Foundation to work out. Besides, only a small part of the foundation’s work would be affected, like climate change,  work on economic development and the like.

More about “and the like,” offshoots of the Clinton Foundation such as Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (Canada) are being fundamentally transformed into independent entities (if Clinton is elected?) and will not be bound by the Clinton Foundation’s donor limits.

Not buying it are you? Well, you shouldn’t because in the name of the greater good (that’s how Progressives roll):

…The Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), the foundation’s flagship project credited with reducing the cost of life-saving HIV medicines in the developing world, is yet to decide if it will similarly introduce new limits on donors….

CHAI accounts for nearly 60 percent of the $250 million the foundation spent in 2014, according to the foundation’s most recent annual report posted on its website. CHAI files separate tax returns from the Clinton Foundation, but is included in the foundation’s audited expenses, annual reports and other promotional literature….

The Clintons who has never been held accountable for anything and who again lied to voters on camera just two days ago will continue their ponzi schemes, questionable fundraising tactics, money laundering operation for dictators, the worst violators of human rights across the planet and America’s enemies while lining their pockets with blood money.

Bill Clinton spoke too soon last week when he called his wife’s email scandal: ‘the biggest load of bull I ever heard.’   Thursday’s dog and pony show has taken the prize for being the biggest load of bull that anyone has heard brought to American voters courtesy of 1209 North Orange Street, Wilmington Delaware, epic center of the Clinton Crime Family Syndicate and official address for over 285,000 companies in particular WJC, LLC which happens to be a shell company set up in 2008 by Bill Clinton to shield consulting fees and ZFS Holdings, LLC set up in 2013 exactly one week after Hillary left the State Department.

… The Clinton campaign declined to comment on why the Clintons, who live in New York and have no evident residential ties to Delaware, set up companies in the state. But the presidential candidate isn’t alone. Experts say Delaware is the most popular place to register a company in the United States, due in part to its established system of business case law and tax incentives for intellectual property and real estate holdings.

One of the biggest draws may be the state’s lack of disclosure requirements—businesses can be created completely anonymously, allowing the owners to avoid public detection and even hide income from U.S. authorities….

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The Clintons Foundation Weapons Deals

Oh yes, the air is ripe from the bull spun by the Clintons who never met a hundred million, ponzi scheme, tax shelter and scandal they didn’t like.

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FCC intimidates press and kills free speech at 5G rollout (video)


Maine Republic Email Alert

In a public meeting at FCC headquarters on July 14, the agency which once served the people instead acted like tyrannical thugs, in an escalating series of remarkable events.

Take Back Your Power

As promised, today we’re delivering a new YouTube video, “Gestapo In The USA,” which blows the doors off the FCC and 5G story. This is the most important piece we’ve released since Take Back Your Power. Five absolutely remarkable events unfolded at FCC’s July 14 public meeting in DC, where 5G was rubber-stamped. There was shocking intimidation of press and suppression of truth. But guess what: a Bloomberg reporter openly blasted FCC Chairman Wheeler, and former Congressional candidate Kevin Mottus spoke up powerfully, injecting 20 seconds of truth into the public record. It was all caught on tape, and we’ve got it queued up — along with an immediate action after watching. We are doing this thing together…

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Milwaukee on Fire


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BE FUNKY screenshot milwaukee riots 6

Shortly after 23-year-old Sylville Smith was shot and killed by a Milwaukee, Wisconsin law enforcement officer last weekend and before facts surrounding the shooting surfaced, the city of Milwaukee went up in flames courtesy of Black Lives Matter leaders in Chicago, Illinois who used social media to incite riots.

Sylville Smith thug shot and killed by police officer Milwaukee Wisconsin 2


Back stepping to moments before the shooting: Smith and a fellow occupant fled on foot from their vehicle after being stopped by law enforcement during what should have been a routine traffic stop.

The officers both wearing bodycams pursued Smith and his friend on foot during which Smith and Officer Dominique Heaggan-Brown, age 24 also Black came face to face.

Officer Heaggan-Brown, who as it was reported earlier this week went to the same school with Smith, knew him and the two may have even had a history with one another, ordered the suspect to drop his firearm.

According to reports, Smith refused and may have raised his firearm that contained 23 rounds at which point, Officer Heaggan-Brown fired seven shots at Smith hitting him once in the arm and another in the chest.  The shots proved fatal and Smith’s firearm as it turned out was reported stolen five months ago along with 500 rounds of ammunition.

[UPDATEReports that Smith and Heaggan-Brown attended the same high school were disputed by Smith’s family and has since been confirmed by the officer’s family.  According to Smith’s sister both men “were well acquainted” with each other since high school.  In other words, both men knew who they were dealing with and what.]

Before the name, ethnicity of the officer who shot and killed Smith became public knowledge or the fact that they knew each other was reported, Milwaukee was burning.

See the frightening video below of how it got started (warning: raw language) and how Milwaukee’s law enforcement quickly became aware of just how uncontained and toxic the environment had become as thugs close in and someone at 01:21 of the video shouts, don’t touch any women out here.”  [Yeah, right.  That statement was merely for the benefit to give thugs about to do harm cover.  The female officer seen in the beginning of the video knew better and had good reason to be concerned. There is no respect for women in the thug culture.]


In spite of reports that Smith was armed with a deadly weapon, one which happened to be stolen along with 500 rounds, Milwaukee was burning.

Before Smith’s father, Patrick, spoke out, Milwaukee was on fire.

…I got out of jail two months ago, but I’ve been going back and forth in jail and they see those things so I’d like to apologize to my kids because this is the role model they look up to. When they see the wrong role model, this is what you get. They got us killing each other and when they even OK’d them pistols and they OK’d a reason to kill us too. Now somebody got killed reaching for his wallet, but now they can say he got a gun on him and they reached for it. And that’s justifiable. When we allowed them to say guns is good and it’s legal, we can bear arms. This is not the wild, wild west y’all. But when you go down to 25th and center, you see guys with guns hanging out this long, that’s ridiculous, and they’re allowing them to do this and the police know half of them don’t have a license to carry a gun….

Speaking of concealed carry, Smith’s brother can be viewed below displaying what is supposedly his concealed carry permit.

The video was posted to YouTube by Black Lives Matter Worldwide who conveniently leaves out of the discussion that Sylville Smith was carrying a stolen firearm and failed to drop his firearm when ordered to do so (reminiscent of the hands up don’t shoot lie). Oh yes, and the fact that concealed carry permits do not include stolen firearms.

Before Smith’s cousin, Ja’kari g. Rocaine posted the image below to his Facebook page, Milwaukee was on fire.

Jakari-G.-Rocaine facebook post Cousin to Sylville Smith

Jakari-G.-Rocaine facebook post part 2 Cousin to Sylville Smith

Before any facts surfaced, Milwaukee was burning and when the facts did begin to pour out, no one gave a damn as law enforcement came under attack, police cruises were set ablaze, white people were preyed upon and beaten to a pulp, businesses destroyed and a white youth shot in the neck by Black thugs (ethnicity not mentioned by the media).

Not even the mainstream media who for years have marginalized these riots as the fault of everyone else but those behind inciting chaos with Marxist propaganda, labeling them protests to better fit the narrative safe as they suddenly to found themselves fair game for thugs and were force to flee for their lives.


Then we have the multiple Facebook posts by an alliance or family member of Sylville Smith, Moogram No Pressure that FB has yet to remove and that can be interpreted as open threats to law enforcement (see below).

Moogram No Pressure Facebook posts threatening Milwaukee police Collage_Fotor 600 x 450


Those on the left pushing a false narrative, inciting chaos and provoking the war on police could care less that Sylville Smith was immersed in the thug culture which may have led to his death in the future by a gun belonging to a fellow thug.

Sylville Smith thug shot and killed by police officer Milwaukee Wisconsin and fellow thugs

It’s just the luck of Black Lives Matter extremists that Smith’s death and how he died provides Marxist ideologues/Soros paid operatives the opportunity to cease upon frame his death to fit their narrative.

Smith’s sister, Sherelle Smith, says that her brother was a sweet person.  No doubt, such sweetness of course which depends on whom one asks.

Sylville Smith thug shot and killed by police officer Milwaukee Wisconsin

Smith had four criminal cases, three of which were felonies and two involving guns under his belt.  One case was dismissed but the dismissal came about as a result of witness intimidation, i.e., snitches get stitches?

According to Fox News 6, Sherelle Smith claimed that her brother only carried the firearm for protection and would never have used it.

… “’My brother carried that pistol for safety. For safety reasons! He never shot his gun, ever!’ said Sherelle Smith.

In 2015, Sylville Smith was charged with shooting another man outside a home on Grant Blvd. in a dispute that allegedly stemmed from a fight between girls. The victim, Willis Turk-Stokes, identified Smith in a lineup. But while that case was pending, prosecutors say they obtained jailhouse recordings of Smith instructing a woman to get the victim to change his story. A short time later, Turk-Stokes wrote a letter recanting his statement….

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So how does Smith’s sister respond to the above, “I think they were phony” she said. (Ghetto mentality. It’s never them.)  Note this is the same woman who as you will see in a video further down in the post called on rioters to take the chaos to the suburbs aka white communities.  [Apparently, Smith does not realize that Black people live in the suburbs as well.]

And yes, like Ferguson and Baltimore, Milwaukee burned last weekend, prompting Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R), at the request of Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke to call in the National Guard.

The handling of the riots and assault on Milwaukee law enforcement outraged the Milwaukee Police Association who released the following statement and video on their Facebook Page:


“City Under Siege” …no excuses accepted?
The Milwaukee Police Association is proud to represent true professionals; categorically we denounce the suggestion of racism within the department. Our ranks are broad and diverse; derived from all God’s children. These officers deserve respect and support. Support which must begin with leadership – mayor/alderpersons, police chief, and community!

Elected officials are administered an “Oath” … focus should be, must be centric to upholding the law!

Leadership must denounce violent riotous behavior! There can be no appropriateness in rationalizing terrorist- like actions. The good families, beautiful young children, living in the neighborhoods where police were attacked and buildings burned certainly did not sleep well last night; how could they, when will they? The thugs that caused this are certainly terrorists and must be held accountable.

To be clear, when an officer utilizes a Use of Force during an arrest he/she is FORCED to do so by the actions of the perpetrator; when a subversive groups attack officers, burns buildings, and steals property it is a choice made.

This is what our officer was up against:


Your professional officers need your help – do not support any elected official that does not unequivocally support the law as written, while ensuring enforcement. Our police force is under staffed – our officers forced to work alone. We must be assured of Permanent Two-Man Squads… We must adequately [immediately] address the staffing deficit!! Our family deserves to know their loved one has a fighting chance to come home after each tour of duty.

…thoughts and prayers to the Community affected by the unrighteous; your officers care and remain at your side.

Mike Crivello, President, Milwaukee Police Association 2016.08.14

And on Twitter:

The one bright side if it can be said — Tweet of the Month:


Outrage of the hour – presented by the Clinton No Credibility Network, CNN was caught in the act of intentionally editing out footage of Sherelle Smith calling for thugs to instead riot and burn down the suburbs, code for white communities.

Reeling from the outraged sparked by their shameful attempt to rewrite the storyline, CNN spent a pitiful 25 seconds apologizing not for the edit but for getting caught.



See what CNN edited out:


Below is raw footage of the chaos, correction riots in Milwaukee last weekend as not reported by the media.  Warning: language raw.



Also omitted from news reports is the fact that those pushing useful idiots to riot but label them protests as in Ferguson, Baltimore, etc. live elsewhere.



What useful idiots fail to realize is that if the pattern of destruction and chaos continues, the day will come when entrepreneurs will take their businesses elsewhere, homeowners will not rebuild but instead move out of the community and their freeloading “let’s blame whitey and burn this mother down” will be homeless and their communities gutted.

Forum: Does America Still Have A Free, Independent Media?


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Every Monday, the Council and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week’s question: Does America Still Have A Free, Independent Media?

Stately McDaniel Manor: Our society has, without a doubt, a free, independent press. What it lacks is a responsible, ethical, professional press. The role of the press is no less potentially important than it was in the time of the Founders, but much has changed.

Some suggest that the digital age has fundamentally transformed the role of the media. Internet news sources, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, all mold opinion. The Legacy Media no longer have a monopoly on the news, or on opinion writing, for that matter. This has wrought changes, perhaps even opportunities: Donald Trump rode Twitter to the Republican nomination.

One thing, however, remains unchanged: we get precisely the press we deserve, just as we get the politicians we deserve. Think Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are a coincidence? A completely unexpected bolt from the blue? They are the logical, foreseeable consequence of a people who, for the most part, no longer understand or embrace the Constitution, the very principles and the rule of law that make America, America.

The Legacy Media have always had a leftist slant, but in the past, they angrily denied it, and if one of their own stepped too far over the line, they were roughly brought back into the fold, and in rare instances, fired. But the temptation to advocate rather than report–after all, the Legacy Media are elite, educated, smarter and more in the know than those they supposedly inform–became ever stronger, and before long–mere decades–the line became all but invisible, the consequences for crossing it, weaker and weaker until they have all but vanished.

Much of the Lamestream Media abandoned all pretense at objectivity with the first election of Barack Obama. They were no longer content with reporting history, they wanted to make it, and nearly everyone in their ranks became–if they were not already–a Democrat operative with a byline. Oh, they still argued their objectivity upon occasion, but ever more weakly.

Circa 2016, there is virtually no protestation of even-handedness. An Associated Press reporter, one Lisa Lerer, was present for an incident where Hillary Clinton potentially had a seizure of some kind. There have been numerous concerns about Clinton’s health, and several public instances of seizure-like behavior, but the media has responded primarily by declining to cover them. That has all changed, and surely represents the Media’s realization that Clinton does have serious health problems and needs their help to cover them. Ms. Lerer to the rescue!

Lerer, obviously with the blessing of the Associated Press, wrote a full-throated defense of Clinton, including a medical diagnosis of her unique fitness to be President that would have done a hired Clinton press flack proud.

Who needs people like neurologists or other medical professionals to testify to Clinton’s physical fitness to rule when we have the Associated Press!

Keep in mind that the AP is a wire service. Their content is sold to new organizations around the world, so if the AP is in the tank for Clinton, every newspaper, blog, or other media source that uses their material is also in the tank for Clinton, whether they realize it or not.

Surveys routinely reveal that 90% and more of reporters self-identify as Progressives/Democrats. They are independent and free to make that choice. What they are not is honest, objective, and trustworthy. We are, in part, responsible for that.

Laura Rambeau Lee,Right Reason : While we still have a free independent media, what we are lacking is integrity in our journalists. Actually, it’s worse than that because they don’t even realize how biased they are.

The major media outlets employ journalists and reporters who graduate from progressive universities and colleges where they have been indoctrinated with a bias against traditional American values. Being immersed in the hatred and animosity against America and its perceived evils it becomes impossible for them to report on stories objectively. Returning to college to finish my bachelor’s degree I sought a notoriously liberal school and took an American Studies major with a focus on communication and media. I tell people I received a bachelor’s degree in Bitterness Studies. The focus in nearly every class was anti-American and pro-globalism and multiculturalism. Marxism is alive and well and producing good little communists on our college campuses. It is no wonder we have a generation of young adults who seem unable to cope with even the basic challenges of adulthood. The guilt and hopelessness of this generation is striking and I find it difficult to imagine them becoming well adjusted, happy, and competent contributors to our society.

Progressives need people who are dependent on government. Our progressive education system has destroyed their sense of self-worth and self-esteem. Today’s journalists regurgitate the party line because this is where they are made to feel safe and protected. To step outside this circle would mean suffering public humiliation, a useful tool of the left to keep people in line.

On a positive note, with the advent of the internet and the rise of independent news reporters and bloggers we are able to counter some of the leftist media. We do this because we are the truth tellers in a world we find full of corruption and media bias. We are not beholden to politicians and the progressive agenda which pervades the major media outlets. We are the pre-Revolutionary War pamphleteers of the twenty-first century. There are a lot of people who are still able to think critically and see what is happening in our country and as things become progressively more intolerable there will be more searching for the truth. We have taken on this task willingly and out of love for our country and our way of life. We are truly happy warriors.

We do have a free independent media for now, but I fear very soon we will not as the internet is being turned over to a global governing oversight entity. It may become very difficult to write as we do today in the near future. I hope I am wrong about this, but I don’t think I am.

Bookworm Room : If we define “freedom” to mean that the government cannot use coercion to force people into speech against their will, America still has a free media. America’s tragedy is that our media didn’t need force and coercion to abandon its commitment to truth. It did so voluntarily. So free? Yes. Honest? No.

JoshuaPundit: I’ve been a news junkie for a longtime…even dating back to the old pre-internet short wave days. It was an is fascinating to me to see how different news agencies in different countries would handle the same stories, and weight them in importance. Even in those days, there were news agencies that were obviously biased, and others whom prided themselves on their objectivity like the BBC. That, of course,is no longer true of the Beeb and a number of other institutions.

The change could be traced back as far as the 1940’s, when groups like the New York Teacher’s Union were heavily infiltrated by the communist party. It revved up during the ’60’s, when a number of red diaper babies and similar radicals infiltrated the university systems and many college administrators caved in to their demands to try and preserve civil order.But to me, the real tipping point was in 1972, when President Nixon ended the draft. The supposedly moral anti-war movement melted away, but the leaders and cadres went back to the university systems and became tenured radical professors.

There’s a reason people like Bill Ayers got so involved in education.

Because that’s the key to what’s going on with news media now. The Left controls education and has for some time.

American media has always had its partisan elements. In most sizeable towns, there was always a democrat and Republican paper. But the bias was up front and honest, and the competition was on a relatively level playing field. That’s not the case today.

Back when the nation’s press was a monopoly of three alphabet networks and a handful of influential big city newspapers, the bias towards the Left and the Democrats was there and always increasing, but the Old Guard who still maintained a modicum of journalistic standards kept it somewhat in check. As they retired and the new breed took over, the change became more and more apparent.

The introduction of talk radio and later, the internet exploded this monopoly for a time.

But thanks to social media. It’s reasserting itself again since these sites are pretty much controlled by the Left and they now control how news is weighted and what gets highlighted. Facebook, Twitter, and Google are actually suppressing conservative media and doing what the Leftist media has always done…not covering or hiding news stories and information that goes against their progressive agenda. Conservative activists have found themselves banned by Twitter, Instagram and Facebook or even worse, ‘shadow banned’ where the poster believes his or her content is being posted because he or she can see it on his page. They’re unaware no one else can.

Google is even more insidious. If you have an exact URL, you’ll get what you were looking for but they have altered the search algorithms so that if you merely do a general search on a topic that debunks the Leftist mythology what you’ll frequently see instead is a lot of articles taking the other side, with what you’re looking for frequently being buries several pages away if you’re lucky. You have to be extremely specific to find what you want, and many times that doesn’t even matter. This also applies to google images.

Want to fix the media and preserve the First Amendment? Fix education. It would take some intestinal fortitude, but it is by no means impossible.

If Mrs. Clinton is elected, look for a pervasive effort to neuter talk radio via the FCC and the internet using use taxes, ‘hate speech’ codes and high fees for the privilege of blogging. I hope I’m wrong about that.

Well, there you have it.

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Trust me,  you won’t want to miss it.

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Glazov Gang: Islam’s Hatred of Dogs and Animal Cruelty


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Breitbart News

This special 2-Part Series of The Glazov Gang was joined by Dr. Peter Hammond, the founder of Frontline Fellowship. He discussedIslam’s Hatred of Dogs and Cruelty to Animals, examining the Islamic theological foundations that inspire a hatred of and sadism toward animals.


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