Grumpy Daily Headlines – 2/20/2018

Grumpy Daily Headlines – 2/20/2018

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Common Cause


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Vassar Bushmills

Q: Has America had any enemy or antagonist since W0rld War II which the Democratic Party has NOT made common cause with?

To make “Common cause” generally means “to unite one’s interest with another’s” and since the 1970s the term has been associated with a liberal leaning political group by the same name, who first came into being to urge the United States out of its war in Vietnam….but only after a safe distance (four years) could be established between the Vietnam War and the Democratic Party administrations, (Kennedy and Johnson), who started it.

(The Vietnam War was once called by National Review and William F Buckley the “last Liberal war”, per John Roche, friend of WFB, and one of LBJ’s architects of that war.)

An apt name, Comm0n Cause, for although the Democratic Party of Franklin D Roosevelt did not make common cause with the Soviet Union of Josef Stalin, the American Left did, and they made common cause with the Democratic Party. It was a tawdry romance that had existed since Wilson, but rings and vows would not be exchanged sealing their marriage until 1976 when the Left formally took over the Party. But if the Democrats had a state department, the Left had been it since the formation of the League of Nations in 1919.

But the proof was always there for people inside the loop. The “people” who were not in the loop where those whose only access to information was the national press corps.

Follow me here:

In the 1930s, with the rise of Hitler in Germany, almost all of America joined to hate the Nazis. And Hollywood produced films about them, mostly B-action movies about G-men and derring-do. But no one in America knew that genocide was taking place inside the Soviet Union, especially the Ukrainian famine in 1932-1933, killing 7-10 million.

No one in America knew this had happened largely because the New York Times, who covered it, never reported it…even though they knew. In fact, their reporter there, Walter Duranty, earned a Pulitzer Prize for not reporting it, while instead sending back glowing reports of the Brave New World Stalin had chiseled out for Soviet citizens (who had not died or been sent off to the Gulag)[…]

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If You Want Us To Pity You…


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Domestic abuse is no joke but Rob Porter’s ex-wife and accuser, Jennie Willoughby,  is wielding accusations against her husband as a weapon intended to land at the feet  and undermine the man sitting in the Oval Office? Wth?

Okay, by now, I have probably hit a nerve so for the record, be advised that I have friends, former co-workers and family members who were victims of domestic abuse.  I know what time it is which leads me to ask who is investing in Jennie Willoughby?

After all, investing in “victims”, proven and not yet proven, is a favorite tool of the left toward their creation and pursuit of a narrative, no matter how shameless so long as it enables them to achieving a rather nefarious agenda of the Democratic Party and it is shameless.

I can hear Senator Kirsten Gillibrand who stood by Hillary and Bill Clinton’s side for three decades in spite of numerous rape and sexual allegations shouting, “She’s a victim! What kind of person would question that?  President Trump has a history…”

And let’s not forget poor, poor Hope Hicks, press secretary to President Donald Trump, a young woman who the left (particularly feminists) has been gunning for since day one. Again, SHAME ON THEM.

So what about the matter of due process (yep, I went there), something that  Progressives have become so adamantly opposed to while at the same time checking off every box on their victims’ list.

Unified Patriots by Bob Montgomery

Jennie Willoughby is a liar. She said Donald Trump called her a liar. He did not.

Now, if Rob Porter blackened her eye, he deserves to have been fired; he probably shouldn’t have been there in the first place. There is some confusion about background checks, etc. There is a report that she had a restraining order against him in 2010. There is a picture of her on the internet with a black eye. But if he did it, he also deserved to have been arrested and charged with domestic battery. If that had happened, and he had been convicted, he wouldn’t have been anywhere near the White House.

So is it Donald Trump’s fault? Whose fault is it that Porter wasn’t arrested and charged with domestic battery in 2010? Is posting random pictures on the internet and writing an article for TIME Magazine
compense for not having Rob Porter arrested in 2010? And is posturing about a public official who didn’t have a damned thing to do with what happened to you and didn’t call you a liar like you said he did going to help the “#MeToo” movement?

Lot of water gone under the dam since 2010, Jennie girl. You didn’t divorce Porter til 2013. Why is that?

Wow! Magazine – 2/14/2018

Wow! Magazine – 2/14/2018

An Ash Wednesday Tale, Benny and his Jeepney


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Jeepney Source: Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Unified Patriots by Vassar Bushmills

Another Famous Common Person I Have Known, Benny

In Spring, 1974 I spent a few days at Clark AFB in the Philippines. Part of the rate for my hotel room in Angeles City included a Jeepney and a driver. His name was Benny and he took me all over the place, such as the first Japanese kamikaze airfield nearby. I told Benny I wanted to go to the town where they made rattan furniture, and he asked if would be OK to slightly detour “a few miles” and go to his village so he could pray in his home church during Lent, (a requirement for Filipino Catholics, so Benny said.).

We left the main highway and onto a dusty dirt road, heading due west, into the interior. There were nothing but forest and open fields of cane, which we’d cross a few hundred yards at a time, then back into the forest until we came back into the sunlight and another open field of cane. I can’t say it wasn’t just a “few miles” but it seemed like a hundred, and along the side of the road were workmen in shorts pants, straw hats and big machetes.

It dawned on me that the only thing that did not fit into this landscape was me, with a $600 camera around my neck, a light sport coat that just shouted “t-o-u-r-i-s-t”, and $700 in cash in my wallet. I asked Benny how much further, or maybe we could go back to the main road, whichever was closer, but it sure didn’t look too friendly out here, all those bolo knives, and not a smaile or “Hi, howya doing?” among them[…]

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