‘Killing Jews is Worship’ posters will soon appear on NYC subways and buses

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New Yorkers are used to aggressive advertising. Banners for breast implants. Billboards for condoms. But a federal judge’s ruling has opened the door for far more controversial posters on buses and subways across the city.

“Killing Jews is Worship that draws us close to Allah,” reads one such ad next to the image of a young man in a checkered headscarf. “That’s His Jihad. What’s yours?”

The poster is at the center of heated legal debate over public safety and free speech. On Tuesday, U.S. District Judge John Koeltl ruled that New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) cannot stop the controversial ad from running on scores of subway cars and buses.

The MTA has argued that the ad could incite violence against Jews, but Koeltl rejected that idea.

CDIXkl4WEAAGkIhMTA officials “underestimate the tolerant quality of New Yorkers and overestimate the potential impact of these fleeting advertisements,” he ruled. “Moreover, there is no evidence that seeing one of these advertisements on the back of a bus would be…

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Judge who blamed 14-year-old her own RAPE to receive lifetime achievement award

Public censure of former District Judge G. Todd Baugh of Montana (screenshot).

Public censure of former District Judge G. Todd Baugh of Montana (screenshot).

Former state District Judge G. Todd Baugh of Montana was censured in 2013 for comments that a14-year-old rape victim, was responsible for her own rape has been chosen to receive a lifetime achievement award by the Yellowstone Bar Association.

Baugh ruled that 14 year old, Cherice Moralez, who committed suicide just weeks before her 17th birthday was as much in control of the situation’ as her schoolteacher sentenced the rapist, Stacey Rambold, to one month in jail.

According to Jessica Fehr, President of the Yellowstone Area Bar Association, the former district judge was chosen by the association’s board of directors.

This is nothing more than Baugh’s peers attempting to vindicate the former judge for actions which are unquestionably unbecoming and beneath an officer of the court.

Source: Daily Mail, Billings Gazette.




ARMENIA 1915: The Genocide Turkey Still Refuses To Acknowledge 100 years Later!

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This year, on April 24, the Armenians will mark the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

Armenians around the world will be marking the centennial anniversary of the genocide, when the Ottomans killed 1.5 million Armenians during WWI.

The European Parliament also on April 15 urged Turkey to acknowledge its historic responsibility for the massacre of Armenians during World War I, and pave the way for “a genuine reconciliation” with Yerevan.

However, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on the same day that, “For Turkey, it will never be possible to recognize such a sin, such a blame.”

Armenia, Argentina, Belgium, Canada, France, Italy, Russia and Uruguay formally recognize the incident as genocide.

Before the Genocide.

The Armenians are an ancient people whose home has been in the southern Caucasus since the 7th century BC. Mongol, Persian, Russian and Ottoman (Turkish) empires have fought on and over this region for many centuries.

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Wis. Retired Cop: Hyper-Partisan DA Said It Was His Responsibility To Stop Scott Walker (Video)


The targeting of Conservatives by Progressive bureaucrats on a state and federal level in today’ America. How on earth did we get here?

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On Thursday night’s Kelly File, Megyn Kelly interviewed two individuals who are connected to the infamous John Doe Raids in which private citizens were persecuted by a vindictive, hyper-partisan DA for “nothing more than exercising their right to support conservative causes.”

Head of Wisconsin Club For Growth Eric O’Keefe, told Kelly that his friends were attacked for their “virtue” and “effectiveness.”

“Because the left was tired of losing election after election after election – they correctly identified some of the most important communicators of political messages in Wisconsin, and they raided their family homes with kids at home. They knew the kids were home – they knew the schedules – they came in the dark…”

Michael Lutz, a decorated former police officer who knew District Attorney John Chisholm,  stated that Chisholm admitted to him that the investigation was entirely political.

“In a personal conversation in his office, he had stated that he…

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The U.S. Constitution Actually Bans Hillary’s Foreign Government Payola


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screenshot hillary clinton cfr 002


The Federalist by Sean Davis (March 2, 2015)

The Washington Post reported last week that the tax-exempt foundation run by Bill and Hillary Clinton accepted money from seven foreign governments while Hillary served as U.S. Secretary of State (it’s unclear how much foreign money the organization accepted while Hillary was a U.S. Senator). Super shady, right? It’s worse than that, though, because Article I, Section 9 of the U.S. Constitution actually bans foreign payola for U.S. officials.

The constitutional ban on foreign cash payments to U.S. officials is known as the Emoluments Clause and originated from Article VI of the Articles of Confederation….

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Sony should not be able to tell journalists what to print


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Sony Pictures Headquarters, Culver City  California.  Image courtesy of Wikipedia (creative commons license).

Sony Pictures Headquarters, Culver City California. Image courtesy of Wikipedia (creative commons license).

The Guardian, by Trevor Timm

Sony, which spent weeks holding itself out as a free speech martyr after North Korea allegedly hacked its emails, is now trying to do more damage to the spirit of the First Amendment than North Korea ever did. The corporation is using high-powered lawyers and lobbyists in an attempt to stifle the rights of media organizations to publish newsworthy information already in the public domain….Sony’s lawyer, David Boies, has spent the week sending out a hyperbolic letter to various news organizations, pressuring them to avert their eyes from the hacked email trove that WikiLeaks published on its site last week….

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Mega corporations such as Sony, Hollywood celebrities and the White House. All colluding to push an agenda, all enemies of the First Amendment and all guilty of controlling the message. So the mainstream media is concerned now?

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McConnell Pushing for Renewal of Patriot Act Thru 2020


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screenshot senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and Intelligence Committee Chair Senator Richard Burr


In the November 2014 elections, voters overwhelmingly rejected Barack Obama’s draconian policies from the Affordable Care Act to amnesty to NSA spying and bulk collection of metadata under the guise of thwarting terrorism yet the Progressive Republican establishment continues to embrace unconstitutional tyranny policies.

The latest betrayal is the move to extend the Patriot Act, Section 215 spearheaded by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Intelligence Committee Chair Senator Richard Burr.

The bill numbered S1035 reauthorizes Section 215 the provision in the Patriot Act granting the NSA’ bulk data collection of Americans’ telephone records through 2020.

Washington Post

The move comes as a bipartisan group of lawmakers in both chambers is preparing legislation to scale back the government’s spying powers under Section 215 of the Patriot Act.

It puts McConnell (R-Ky.) and Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr (R-N.C.), the bill’s co-sponsor, squarely on the side of advocates of the National Security Agency’s continued ability to collect millions of Americans’ phone records each day in the hunt for clues of terrorist activity….

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In addition, McConnell and Burr invoked a Senate rule enabling them to bypass “the traditional committee vetting process and take the bill straight to the floor.”

In addition, McConnell and Burr invoked a Senate rule enabling them to bypass “the traditional committee vetting process and take the bill straight to the floor.”

Source: SCRIBD.

Wake up America, SPEAK UP!


Surveillance Reform Is a Must for PATRIOT Act Reauthorization

While there may be certain sections of the PATRIOT Act that can be justified under national security grounds, we should not be so quick to surrender our civil liberties out of fear. It would be a simple task for Congress to reform Section 215 and end mass metadata collection once and for all. With this information, the government can piece together massive amounts of details about your personal life….

Even according to our own intelligence officials, Section 215 is not keeping us any safer, it’s just putting more power into the hands of government snoops.



Take a stand. Send a message now. Tell your lawmakers to reform section 215 of the Patriot Act!): Stop the NSA’s Warrantless Spying.



Fail: Pro-Common Core group’s attempt to demean parents with stuffed unicorns backfires


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screenshot pro common core group unicorns are not real

EAG News, by Danette Clark

BATON ROUGE, La. – An attempt to brand Common Core opponents as people too ignorant to know fantasy from reality has backfired. The New Orleans-based Alliance for Better Classrooms PAC launched a marketing campaign last week with stuffed pink unicorns. The unicorns, which were placed on the desks of Louisiana lawmakers, had tags that said, “Unicorns are not real. And neither are most of the things you’ve heard about Common Core.” The tags also referenced a website titled Unicorns Are Not Real, which organization officials say was created to dispel Common Core “myths” […]

Hubris. The organization, Unicorns Are Not Real, posted the names of those purported to be Common Core supporters, many of whom it appears are jumping through hoops to distance themselves from the group allegedly without their permission.

For example, former Governor Mike Huckabee who at one time was an advocate for Common Core before he was against it. On Monday, Huckabee posted the following statement on to his Facebook page:

A pro-Common Core group is using my name without permission and attributing ideas to me that are wholly untrue. I have stated many times over that I oppose Common Core and anyone who says otherwise is either misinformed or not telling the truth. I believe education is a family function, not a federal function – period.

Nothing is more emblematic of Washington arrogance and reckless central planning than Common Core. The federal government has stuck its obtrusive nose into local education and hijacked the system. We must kill Common Core and restore common sense.

Suggested reading: Breitbart’s article, Jeb Bush, Mike Huckabee among Those Mocking Common Core Opponents with Unicorns for the list of governors, public officials and organizations across the United States allegedly onboard with Unicorns Are Not Real.

Keep these establishment goons in mind on Election Day.



Acting for the Throne

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Acting for the Throne

Hilarity Clinton is the same witch (sic) she’s always been. Bill is still trying to keep his pillow spoken promise to elevate her to the presidency now that he’s forced into history as a perjurer. Her minions wander the political landscape justifying her betrayal of her post as Secretary of State while allegedly (wink-wink) accepting foreign nations’ and donors’ large amounts of cash for Bill’s speaking fees. Then she’s alleged to have favored these foreign nations and donors with policy adjustments.

To date, no Democrat of any consequence has challenged her impending coronation as Diva du jour. Everybody’s afraid she and her daughter Chelsea will meet with Huma Abedin and speak to the cauldron: “Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.” In this way they’ll assure Hilarity has the proper theatrics to meet her “misspeaking” about being in a sniper’s sights…

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Hey Obama! Those Minnesota Somali youths arrested for attempting to join ISIS were not without prospects for a good future

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Everyone was asking yesterday, are we sure these are REFUGEES or the children of refugees resettled in Minnesota (or somewhere else in the US)?   Yes, we are 99% sure, but the mainstream media isn’t going to use the ‘R’ word unless they absolutely have to!

Most Somalis in the US are here through the Refugee Admissions Program of the US State Department.  A few entered illegally and a few are here under Temporary Protected Status, but the vast majority are refugees.

And, what frosts me and it should you as well, is that the Minneapolis Star Tribunedescribes them as young people who grew up in America with good educations and a chance to be something other than a Jihadist!

One of the alleged ISIS fighter-wannabes even thumbed his nose at the US when YOU and YOUR tax dollars paid for his upbringing!

Why are we wasting more of your…

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