Muslims: The Higher Their Numbers the More They Demand



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Family Security Matters by ED ZIEGLER

For example the Council on American-Islamic Relation’s (CAIR-MI) Executive Director Dawud Walid, sent a complaint letter to the Michigan Roseville Public Schools stating that “School staff and teachers are not to serve as advocates for one particular religion by passing out slips inviting parents to give permission for their children to attend religious instruction.” Yet he offered a booklet, called “An Educator’s Guide to Islamic Religious Practices” a book that elevates Islam.

As is common for Muslim communities, Muslims in New York City are demanding special treatment at the expense of non-Muslims. They demand public schools cater to their religious food limitations. They prepared a video showing kids telling how heartbreaking it is to have to eat peanut butter and jelly, or bring something from home. It makes them feel different. Interesting that their Arabic clothing (i.e. hajib) does not make them feel different.

The vegetarian options offered are insufficient to satisfy their demands. Could it be that their intention is to have non-Muslims submit to Islam one step at a time.

During the public comment period in February 2014, at the Dearborn city council meeting, a Muslim, Mr. Hassan, demanded that the city institute sharia patrols to keep young people out of parks and to prevent the sale of “offensive” magazines in stores….

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From The Back Of The Bus to Under The Bus


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Tony Dungy, Image: Wikimedia Commons.

Tony Dungy, Image: Wikimedia Commons.

By Bob Mongtomery, Grumpy Opinions

Tony Dungy? A cad?? Really??? ……..Rush Limbaugh, who was famously vilified by the sportswriting and broadcasting press, unceremoniously removed from the ESPN commentators box and barred from NFL ownership for commenting on a black quarterback’s ability, or lack thereof, mentioned the Tony Dungy subject on his show yesterday and then I read this in the paper today:

Tony Dungy said he wouldn’t have drafted the NFL’s first openly gay player because he “wouldn’t want to deal with all of it.”
All Tony Dungy said was he wouldn’t have drafted Sam because of the issues that would ensue, the distractions, headaches. And now they are out to crucify Dungy.
BTW….Dungy is openly …….Christian.


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Hamas Fires from Populated Area, Prevents Civilian Evacuation


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IDF Blog

In recent days, Hamas has fired rockets from an area of Beit Hanoun where an UNRWA shelter is located. Last night, the Israel Defense Forces told the Red Cross to evacuate civilians from UNRWA’s shelter in Beit Hanoun between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. today. UNRWA and the Red Cross received the message.

Hamas prevented civilians from evacuating the area during the window that the IDF gave them.

Today, July 24, Hamas continued firing from Beit Hanoun. The IDF responded by targeting the source of the fire. Also today, several rockets launched from Gaza toward Israel fell short and hit Beit Hanoun.



Following ten days of Hamas attacks against Israel and after repeated rejections of offers to deescalate the situation, the IDF has started a new phase of Operation Protective Edge. A large IDF force entered the Gaza Strip. Their mission is to target Hamas’ tunnels that cross under the Israel-Gaza border and enable terrorists to infiltrate Israel and carry out attacks. The IDF intends to impair Hamas’ capability to attack Israel.

Since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge more than 1,790 rockets have been fired from Gaza at Israel.

Thursday, July 24

10:36 PM: A short while ago, the Iron Dome intercepted a rocket above Eilat.

5:13 PM: IDF forces discovered a hidden weapons cache in a tunnel in Gaza.


11:33 AM: Three additional rockets were intercepted in central Israel. This makes five interceptions in central Israel in the past 10 minutes. 11:19 AM: Rocket siren and blasts heard in Tel Aviv. 11:12 AM: The Iron Dome just intercepted two rockets over Petah Tikva and Bat Yam. 11:02 AM: Rocket sirens heard in central Israel. 7:34 AM: The IDF struck 35 terror targets in Gaza overnight…. Continue Reading



US military personnel forced to submit to the sharia during Ramadan

Originally posted on WindsorCOAct!forAmerica:


Our troops must adhere to the sharia during the Islamic month of Ramadan in Bahrain and other Muslim countries. Subjected to dawah (proselytizing) by an Islamic cultural adviser at the Naval Support Activity, soldiers are forced to sit through lessons on Islam. No eating, drinking, alcohol, smoking during the month of Ramadan.

This is what the Obama administration and the US military are obsessed with as armies of jihad tear through the Middle East.

(File photo)

(File photo)

Military newspaper Stars and Stripes report:

“It actually made me want to do a lot more research into the religion,” said Petty Officer 1st Class James Ramirez.

Really? How about equal time for the Jewish faith? The Christian faith? The Hindu faith?

US military  are encouraged “to experience Iftar in a Ramadan tent.”

Why anyone who is not a Muslim must stop eating (except in secret) during Ramadan is another example of Islamic supremacism…

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Liberal Icon Cesar Chávez Opposed Illegal Immigration


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Cesar Chavez in 1974. Chavez used the term "Wetbacks" and "Illegals" to describe illegal aliens.  Image Courtesy of Wikipedia (creative commons 3.0 )

Cesar Chavez in 1974. Chavez used the term “Wetbacks” and “Illegals” to describe illegal aliens. Image Courtesy of Wikipedia (creative commons 3.0 )

Godfather Politics

I was listening to Mark Levin last night on Sirius/XM when I heard him discussing an article I think came from the American Spectator. It was about Cesar Chávez and illegal immigration….

Cesar Chávez believed ferociously in the border of the United States — because that border protected his union. So ferociously did he hold this view that the New York Times ran a story detailing an accusation that the union Chavez founded, the United Farm Workers, set up a 100 mile ‘wet line’ to keep ‘wetbacks’ and ‘illegals’ — yes, all of those are Chavez’s words — out of the United States. So let’s go back in the time machine to the period when Chavez was rocketing to fame….

Read full article – Liberal Icon Cesar Chávez Opposed Illegal Immigration

The following video is an interview featuring Cesar Chavez (September 25, 1972), KQED News report in which Chavez explains, “that legitimate strikes by agricultural workers can always be broken by employers bringing in illegal labor from Mexico.”

Cesar Chavez Used The Term “Wetbacks” and “Illegals” to Describe Migrant Workers from Mexico

Below is a 1974 article from El Malcriado, the farm workers underground newspaper which was founded I believe in 1964 entitled, “Chavez Assails Use of ‘Illegals’ in Mendota Rally” – El Malcriado – Voice of the Farm Worker July 31, 1974, pg. 3)

screenshot el malcriado chavez assails use of illegal aliens mendota valley 1974

Mendota, Calif. — Cesar Chavez urged fellow farmworkers at a rally here to circulate petitions to tell legislators in Washington, D.C. to stop the large flow of “illegal aliens”, who are depriving the farmworkers of their jobs.

The followers, only a. few in number four years ago, are now a .large UFW organizing group in Mendota, a campesino town ‘that primarily harvests melons.

Chavez Said, ’1 Illegals are invading the country because the Nixon Administration is permitting it.” He added that they come not only from Mexico, but from Costa Rica, San Salvador, the Philippines and the Arab nations in the hundreds and thousands and take away our jobs.

Chavez pointed out that the growers who hire the “illegals,” are closely tied to the Immigration Department, the Justice Department, and the Federal Government.

Chants of “huelga, huelga, huelga” came in an uproar When Chavez remarked in Spanish “that the only cure for this sickness of exploitation of the farm workers by the growers, is a medicine called, “HUELGA!”


Mark Levin is on point; Progressives from Barack Obama to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to the Congressional Black Caucus who repeatedly pretend to honor Cesar Chavez are (i) engaging in Progressive revisionist history and (ii) spitting on the grave and legacy of Cesar Chavez.  H/t Give Me Liberty.

One final note, illegal immigration is not a civil right.

Source: University of San Diego, CA – The Farm Worker Movement



FAA, EASA Lifts Flight Restrictions to and from Israel


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Aerial View of Ben Gurion International Airport, Tel Aviv. Image: Wikipedia. Creative Commons.

Aerial View of Ben Gurion International Airport, Tel Aviv. Image: Wikipedia. Creative Commons.

The FAA has lifted its ridiculous ban on U S airline flights to and from Ben Gurion International Airport, Tel Aviv, Israel. See The Jerusalem Post

Europe has also canceled its restriction in and out of Israel as well.


UPDATE: Officials Confirm Missing Air Algerie Flight AH 5017 has Crashed.



Missing Air Algerie flight AH5017 has crashed, an Algerian aviation official has confirmed

It is not clear where the plane came down, but unofficial sources have been speculating.

Air traffic tracking company Flightradar said in a tweet it crashed in Niger.


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Air Algerie AH5017 a McDonnell Douglas MD-83, flight path 07242014

Air navigators lost contact with flight AH5017, a McDonnell Douglas MD-83 fifty minutes after takeoff, approximately four and a half hours ago over Northern Mali. Terrorist attack?  Stormy weather?  What?   (Image courtesy of Air Algerie.)

The Associated Press is reporting that passenger plane Air Algerie flight AH5017 traveling from Burkina Faso to Algiers has disappeared from the radar while flying over Malian airspace.

Air navigators lost contact with flight AH5017 approximately four hours ago, i.e., fifty minutes after takeoff.

Pursuant to a press release from Air Algerie (below), there are 112 passengers and 7 crewmembers onboard.

AH5017 departed Burkina Faso 9:17 p.m. Wednesday and was scheduled to touch down in Algiers at 1:10 a.m., Thursday.

In the meantime, SwiftAir is attempting to ascertain the status of the passenger plane.

According to the Wall Street Journal AH5017 disappeared over Northern Mali where Islamic terrorists are fighting the Malian government and French forces.

…French Secretary of Transport Frédéric Cuvillier told reporters the plane disappeared over Northern Mali, where Islamist militants are fighting the Malian government and French forces. Numerous French nationals were probably aboard the missing plane, Mr. Cuvillier said….

In addition to the French nationals, members of the crew are Spanish nationals.

… On Wednesday, forty-eight people died and 10 were injured after a TransAsia Airways 6702.TW -5.46% plane went down in the outlying Penghu islands, off the coast of Taiwan.

The flight path of the missing Algerian jet isn’t yet clear, but Mr. Cuvillier said the plan disappeared over Northern Mali. The FAA has warned airlines to be extra vigilant when flying over Mali.

There is no indication the jet was shot down and no confirmation of a crash….

Air Algerie Press Release:

ALGER- Cent dix-neuf (119) passagers, parmi eux sept (7) membres d’équipage, étaient à bord de l’avion de la compagnie espagnole Swift Air affrété par Air Algérie et dont les services de navigation aérienne ont perdu le contact jeudi matin. “Un avion de la compagnie espagnole Swift Air, dont l’équipage est de nationalité espagnole, affrété par Air Algérie, assurant Ouagadougou-Alger, a disparu avec à son bord 119 passagers, dont 7 membres d’équipage”, indique jeudi un communiqué de la compagnie nationale. Air Algérie précise que cet avion a décollé d’Ouagadougou à 01h17 GMT et devait arriver à Alger à 05h11 GMT (6h11 heure locale). “Un dernier contact radar a eu lieu à 01h55 GMT en survolant la région de Gao” (Mali). A cet effet, “une cellule de crise, présidée par le ministre des Transports, a été installée au niveau de l’aéroport d’Alger”, ajoute-t-on de même source. Air Algérie a mis à la disposition des familles concernées par ce vol le numéro de téléphone (021 509491) pour tout renseignement.


ALGIERS-hundred and nineteen (119) passengers, among them seven (7) crew members were aboard the aircraft of the Spanish Air Swift company chartered by Air Algeria and whose air navigation services have lost contact Thursday morning. “An aircraft of Spanish airline Air Swift, with a crew of Spanish nationality, chartered by Air Algeria, ensuring Ouagadougou and Algiers, disappeared with 119 passengers on board, including seven crew members,” said a statement Thursday national company. Air Algeria states that this aircraft took off from Ouagadougou at 1:17 GMT and should arrive in Algiers 5:11 GMT (6:11 local time). “The last radar contact was at 1:55 GMT flying over the area of Gao” (Mali). For this purpose, “a crisis, chaired by the Minister of Transport, was installed at the Algiers airport,” adds the same source. Air Algeria has made ​​available to the families affected by this flight telephone number (021 509491) for more information.




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Grumpy Opinions

Seriously… the answer is probably no, which means he put together the known facts about the Ukraine situation, and came to the same conclusions as The Mad Jewess.

More on that a few paragraphs down.

Yesterday morning, while most people are still asleep I was going through the news reading whatever articles caught my attention. I happened to click on Jed Babbin’s American Spectator article “Death On Putin’s Playground“. The article was pretty much a rehash of what every one else has been saying about the downing of MH 17 over rebel held territory in Eastern Ukraine.

In all fairness Babbin’s article had a slightly different twist, but for the most part, it was the same old, same old.

Putin gave the Russian Separatists the BUK Missiles to Ukraine, John Kerry’s State Department says Putin’s insurgents fired them. Case Closed.. Babbin didn’t bother to mention that the Ukrainian’s also have BAK Missiles and Russian Trained operators.

I’m also more than a little skeptical of anything that comes out of Hanoi John Kerry’s State Department.. It was only a year ago that he told us the horrific chemical attack the killed hundreds of Syrian civilians was the work of the Syrian Government, because the rebels didn’t posses the chemicals or have a delivery system. When he said it I’d already found proof Obama’s so called good rebels owned the both the chemicals and the delivery system.. a later MIT study determined the attack had to originate from positions held by the Rebels held the only positions the day of the attack..

Getting back to Ukraine… There’s another reason I’m skeptical about the Administration’s positition

The Mad Jewess, a friend and contributor at Grumpy Opinions has a different take…..

Continue reading – HUH? Does Ron Paul get His News from The Mad Jewess?


Allow me to bask and reflect on the theory that great minds think alike.  In the meantime, why don’t you head over to new website of  the The Mad Jewess, here.  I promise you will not be disappointed unless, of course, you’re a Commie troll.



Deneen Borelli, C. L. Bryant Verbally Assaulted for Attending NAACP Convention


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screenshot deneen borelli, cl bryant under assault by ignorant black woman at naacp convention

Deneen Borelli

Nobody said being on the front lines of liberty is going to be easy and this is especially true at the 105th NAACP annual meeting that is being held at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.

Our goal is to simply expose the attendees to the opportunities offered by seeking free-market solutions to problems plaguing the black community.

However, our presence at the meeting was not welcomed by all.

Rev. C.L. Bryant and I were verbally attacked by an attendee for being at the NAACP’s meeting.

Progressives Today captured the incident at the FreedomWorks booth in the exhibit hall.

Later today, I’m leading a Liberty Summit panel discussion at the same hotel where the NAACP meeting is being held.

Sadly, this individual did not even want us to be there.


Of the mindset that speaking over someone means that they’ve won the argument, the voices of ignorance never realize that they have been bamboozled as is the case of Adrienne Jones (above video) who has proven nothing except that she is one ignorant and delusional Black woman.

Having been brainwashed and locked down on the Progressive plantation her whole life, Jones is incapable of thinking for herself. She espouses propaganda.

Sadly enough, there are millions of Adrienne Joneses across the United States.

I commend Deneen Borelli and Rev. C. L. Bryant for walking into that den of ignorance but since I have a family full of kool-aid slurpers myself, I do not envy the patriots.

Rant over.


Report: Fictional People Able to Sign Up for Obamacare, Get Subsidies


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By Katrina Trinko, The Daily Signal

That’s the takeaway from a report issued Wednesday by the Government Accountability Office. The GAO created 12 imaginary identities, which were used by people who signed up for Obamacare

Eleven of them succeeded in obtaining coverage—and received subsidies.

“The total amount of these credits for the 11 approved applications is about $2,500 monthly or about $30,000 annually. We also obtained cost-sharing reduction subsidies, according to marketplace representatives, in at least nine of the 11 cases,” GAO’s Seth Bagdoyan said, according to NBC News.

Read full article

Pursuant to  the Government Accountability Office’s report entitled, “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: Preliminary Results of Undercover Testing of Enrollment Controls for Health Care Coverage and Consumer Subsidies Provided Under the Act”:

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) officials told us they have internal controls for health care coverage eligibility determinations. GAO’s undercover testing addressed processes for identity- and income-verification, with preliminary results revealing questions as follows:

  •  For 12 applicant scenarios, GAO tested “front-end” controls for verifying an applicant’s identity or citizenship/immigration status. Marketplace applications require attestations that information provided is neither false nor untrue. In its applications, GAO also stated income at a level to qualify for income-based subsidies to offset premium costs and reduce cost sharing. For 11 of these 12 applications, which were made by phone and online using fictitious identities, GAO obtained subsidized coverage. For one application, the marketplace denied coverage because GAO’s fictitious applicant did not provide a Social Security number as part of the test. 
  •  The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) requires the marketplace to provide eligibility while identified inconsistencies between information provided by the applicant and by government sources are being resolved through submission of supplementary documentation from the applicant. For its 11 approved applications, GAO was directed to submit supporting documents, such as proof of income or citizenship; but, GAO found the document submission and review process to be inconsistent among these applications. As of July 2014, GAO had received notification that portions of the fake documentation sent for two enrollees had been verified. According to CMS, its document processing contractor is not required to authenticate documentation; the contractor told us it does not seek to detect fraud and accepts documents as authentic unless there are obvious alterations. As of July 2014, GAO continues to receive subsidized coverage for the 11 applications, including 3 applications where GAO did not provide any requested supporting documents. 
  • For 6 applicant scenarios, GAO sought to test the extent to which, if any, in-person assisters would encourage applicants to misstate income in order to qualify for income-based subsidies. However, GAO was unable to obtain in-person assistance in 5 of the 6 initial undercover attempts. For example, one in-person assister initially said that he provides assistance only after people already have an application in progress. The in-person assister was not able to assist us because website was down and did not respond to follow-up phone calls. One in-person assister correctly advised the GAO undercover investigator that the stated income would not qualify for subsidy….

Read full article

Just ducky, thugs, swindler, freeloaders and illegal aliens all are working against the interests of the American people as they vie for a share of subsidies.

Besides being a boondoggle, Obamacare is working exactly as planned. It was set up to be a money and power grab for the Commie elites.

SOURCE:  Preliminary results of Undercover Testing Enrollment Controls for Healthcare Coverage and Consumer Subsidies Provided  under the Act. (pdf)


HUD Will Force Illegal Immigrants on Neighborhoods


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Independent Sentinel

LaRaza and other far-left groups are strongly backing a rule that will take effect in October which will likely end up forcing towns and cities to accept illegal immigrants among other “protected” classes of people.

Barack Obama is a believer in social engineering. This rule will give him the power to redistribute illegal immigrants, drug addicts, criminals, everyone who fits into a “protected class” according to the government’s definition throughout every neighborhood in the country and do it according to racial quotas.

LaRaza said that “Hispanic families often do not know their housing rights and have cited fear of deportation as reason for not reporting rights violations.” The majority of people who fear deportation are illegal, unskilled, poor, welfare recipients and they are coming into this country in the hundreds of thousands each month.

The housing rule passed July, 2013 ties government zoning rules to HUD grants and it opens communities up to lawsuits if they refuse their quota.

Every town and city that accepts federal block grants through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development will necessarily abide by the rule change to the Fair Housing Act of 1968 passed in 2013.

Any town or city taking grants, starting in October, will see HUD come in and rezone entire areas that do not include enough affordable housing according to their standards and according to who they define as “protected classes” of people. Packets have already been forwarded to grant recipients.

The grants are a Trojan Horse….

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Illegal Immigration And Gangs: Someday Our Cities Will Burn Because We Didn’t Protect Our Borders


The truth can some times be a hard pill to swallow but it does not good to look the other way.  The clock is  ticking America, let’s get on this.

Originally posted on :

Latin-Kings-by-Javier-Ramirez-300x300Did you know that the number of illegal immigrants that enter Texas each week is greater than the number of babies being born to citizens of that state?  The mainstream media is shining the spotlight very brightly on all of the children that are coming over, and there is a reason for that.  They are trying to tug on our heartstrings.  But there is another part of the story that you aren’t hearing much about.  By refusing to protect our borders, Barack Obama has allowed hundreds of thousands of gang members to illegally enter the United States and settle in our major cities.  In many communities, gang activity is already wildly out of control, and someday our cities will burn because of the foolishness of the federal government.

The Obama administration knows that one out of every five illegal immigrants has a criminal record.  And we are not just…

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