American Minute – April 17, 1790 – Benjamin Franklin Dies.


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Portrait of Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790), circa 1780. Source University of Pennsylvania.

Portrait of Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790), circa 1780. Source University of Pennsylvania.

William J. Federer, American Minute

On APRIL 17, 1790, the son of a poor candle-maker died.

The 15th of 17 children, he apprenticed as a printer and published a popular almanac.

He retired at age 42, then taught himself five languages, invented the rocking chair, bifocal glasses and the lighting rod, which earned him degrees from Harvard and Yale.

He helped found the University of Pennsylvania, a hospital, America’s first postal system and fire department.

He became the governor of Pennsylvania, signed the Declaration of Independence and called for prayer at the Constitutional Convention.

He was president of America’s first anti-slavery society.

His name was Ben Franklin.

When France and Spain were raiding the American colonies, Ben Franklin proposed a General Fast, which was published in the Pennsylvania Gazette, December 12, 1747:

‘We have…thought fit…to appoint…a Day of Fasting & Prayer, exhorting all, both Ministers & People…to join with one accord in the most humble & fervent supplications that Almighty God would mercifully interpose and still the rage of war among the nations & put a stop to the effusion of Christian blood.’

In a pamphlet for Europeans titled Information to Those Who Would Remove to America, 1754, Benjamin Franklin wrote:

‘Atheism is unknown there; Infidelity rare and secret; so that persons may live to a great age in that country without having their piety shocked by meeting with either an Atheist or an Infidel.

And the Divine Being seems…pleased to favor the whole country.’

On September 28, 1776, as Governor of Pennsylvania, Benjamin Franklin signed the State’s first Constitution, which stated in Frame of Government, Section 10:

‘And each member, before he takes his seat, shall make and subscribe the following declaration, viz:

‘I do believe in one God, the Creator and Governor of the Universe, the Rewarder of the good and the Punisher of the wicked. And I do acknowledge the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament to be given by Divine Inspiration. And no further or other religious test shall ever hereafter be required of any civil officer or magistrate in this State.’‘

When Congress was debating slavery, Ben Franklin became President of Pennsylvania’s Society for the Abolition of Slavery. On March 23, 1790, in his last published letter (Federal Gazette), Franklin condemned the Southern State’s economic argument for continuing slavery by comparing them to the Muslim pirates who enslaved Christians:

‘If we cease our cruises against Christians, how shall we…make slaves of their people…to cultivate our land…to perform common labors…Must we be our own slaves: And is there not more compassion due to us as Mussulmen than to these Christian dogs.

We have now about 50,000 slaves in and near Algiers…If we then cease taking and plundering the infidel ships and making slaves of the seamen and passengers, our lands will become of no value for want of cultivation.’

In his Poor Richard’s Almanac, May 1757, Ben Franklin wrote:

‘Work as if you were to live 100 years; pray as if you were to die tomorrow.’

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Franklin, Benjamin. James H. Hutson, Ph.D., Chief, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress, ‘Franklin, Benjamin,’ World Book Online Americas Edition,, October 9, 2001.


Reprinted with Permission from AMERICAN MINUTE.



Louie Gohmert: House Leadership Working With Soros to “Take-Out” Tea Party, Conservatives – Destroying Our Base


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Maggie’s Notebook

I participated in a conference call last night (April 15, 2014) with Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX). Focus topics were Attorney General Eric Holder, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), amnesty and House leadership raising money to “take-out” the Tea Party. Well-covered by Patrick Howley at the Daily Caller is Holder’s “childish and lame” comments after he threatened Congressman Gohmert in questioning in a House judiciary committee meeting. ‘Threatened’ is my word, not Gohmert’s or Howley’s, but what else do you call it when the country’s Top Cop doesn’t like a line of questioning and says to a member of Congress, “You don’t want to go there buddy, you don’t want to go there,” and then blames Fast and Furious on the “gun lobby.” Below is the discussion of fundraising to attack Tea Parties and Conservatives. Later today, I’ll pass on what the Congressman said about the IRS, Eric Holder’s lawlessness and what we can do about it, and the House leadership’s “hell bent” determination to make it happen.


Congressman, Louie Gohmert (R-TX)

Congressman, Louie Gohmert (R-TX)

Jennifer Kerns, Washington Times, asked for remarks on the recent Republican Main Street Partnership get-together on Amelia Island with House leadership attending.

KERNS: Speaking of Leadership, I understand that the story that the mainstream media has not written much about, is a retreat that took place at the Ritz Carleton on Amelia Island in Florida last weekend. It had about a couple of dozen colleagues of yours from Congress who attended a retreat that was funded mostly by George Soros and the Main Street PAC, who is anything but ‘Main Street,’ and just curious to know, No. 1, what do you know about the retreat that took place, and No. 2, what’s your opinion on your colleagues working against Conservatives in an active and progressive way?

GOHMERT: Obviously, what’s reported was going to go on there on Amelia Island has been very disturbing to all of us who are very conservative in the House…we’re the people that apparently intended to be the target of what they’re doing on Amelia Island.

When the subject is, as it has been portrayed, that we’re going to have a fundraiser and help destroy the Tea Party, then that’s like saying, ‘gee, this goose is laying these golden eggs, so why don’t we kill the goose, cut it open and see what happens then, cause it’s just making too much noise. We’re tired of the goose honking….’

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The ultimate betrayal although we began to see signs of said betrayal within weeks after the 2010 elections, I remembered the second I detected it and thinking to myself, “all that was promised just 15 days ago has now gone out the window.”

It was as if the Republican leadership with a pat to our heads, one of their half-arse grins on their faces and a shoulder shrug was saying to us at that moment, “That’s the way it goes, now hush children.” Unfortunately, it has gone downhill since but then that was the intent was it not?

The most egregious act of betrayal is collaboration of the Republican leadership with un-American entities such as George Soros and his klan of Communists. Said collaboration a sin that should never be forgiven.

Yes, they have unlimited funding but we have passion, faith and I am hoping the numbers. Acknowledging all of the above, we also have our work cut out for us.

There are those for years who have voted Republican without blinking an eye. Those days are long gone, patriots. Remove the blinders, open those eyes wide.


We can no longer give our vote to those who take us, our children and our grandchildren for granted. Demand that our elected officials work for the people not conspire against us. If they want our vote, they must earn it.

If they make a pledge, they must live by the pledge.

Conservatives can no longer afford to be willing partners allowing the Republican leadership to destroy our voice and that of our chosen selected officials in November because one of us believes that “there is nothing that can we do anyway” and then enter the polling station in November and vote for these scoundrels. Make a concerted effort to learn who the enemies are and make them feel the pain by voting them out. H/t Grumpy Opinions.

Lastly, ignore those emails that we all receive from establishment candidates demanding that we vote Republican while at the same time not holding true to any of the values that we hold dear.





Ukrainian armed operation in the East founders with troop defections to pro-Russian militias


armored vehicles slovyansk



…The five or six armored personnel carriers which rolled in the embattled town of Slavyanks with Russian flags Wednesday, April 16, turned out to be part of the Ukrainian military operation whose crews instead of cracking down on the pro-Russian militias joined them. According to some Western intelligence sources, a large number of regular Russian soldiers have crossed the border into Ukraine and they too are boosting the pro-Russian militias’ ranks. The Kiev government’s “anti-terror” operation in East Ukraine is accordingly breaking up. debkafile reported earlier Wednesday:

Expectations of fruitful results from the meeting are low. But the fact that all the parties are talking offers Ukraine its last hope of escaping a bloody civil war….


Continue Reading – Ukrainian armed operation in the East founders with troop defections to pro-Russian militias


As reported by the

Ukraine’s offensive against separatists in the east of the country got off to a disastrous start today, with Kiev admitting its armoured vehicles had been seized by pro-Russian militants.

A column of armoured personnel carriers arrived in the rebel-held city of Slavyansk flying Russian flags, carrying men claiming to be Ukrainian soldiers who had switched allegiance.

The defence ministry in Kiev this afternoon then confirmed that vehicles had been captured in the flashpoint area of Kramatorsk.

‘A column was blocked by a crowd of local people in Kramatorsk with members of a Russian diversionary-terrorist group among them,’ it said. ‘As a result, extremists seized the equipment.’

Another 15 armoured troop carriers full of paratroops were surrounded and halted by a pro-Russian crowd. They were allowed to retreat only after the soldiers handed the firing pins from their rifles to a rebel commander….

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Breaking => Reid’s Federal Agents Dig Mass Grave & Slaughter Bundy Cattle With Assault Weapons.

Originally posted on Political Vel Craft:

Federal government terrorists masquerading as Bureau of Land Management employees left a devastating trail of destruction on Bundy Ranch including the murder of two of Cliven Bundy’s cattle as well as destroying property as shown in the FOX news video below.

Even the FOX news broadcaster correctly calls these BLM terrorists ‘rustlers’ as throughout the nation, a call goes out to disarm the Bureau of Land Management while others call to put them out of business completely by disbanding the rogue agency.

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Obama’s EPA Going for ‘Biggest land grab in the history of the world’


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WASHINGTON – In a move lawmakers and farmers are calling ‘the biggest land grab in the history of the world,’ the Environmental Protection Agency is requesting jurisdiction over all public and private streams in the United States that are “intermittent, seasonal and rain-dependent.”

The EPA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in late March jointly released a proposed rule, Waters of the United States, in an effort to clarify which streams and wetlands are protected under the Clean Water Act.

A statement issued by the EPA says ‘the proposed rule will benefit businesses by increasing efficiency in determining coverage of the Clean Water Act.’

But some lawmakers strongly disagree.

According to congressional budget testimony last week, Waters of the United States would give the EPA authority over streams on private property even when the water beds have been dry, in some cases for hundreds of years….

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Barack Obama and fellow Communists at the EPA and BLM should not have gotten this far. These evil bastards must be stopped. Wake up America.



Why Ranchers Support “Hero” Bundy

Originally posted on Cry and Howl:

At first I started this post with some clever comments about liberals. But I changed my mind. I stated what I think about them in my previous post.

Moving on, the following letter will give some understanding to those who care about what the government can do to any American family. We need to support each other when that government through heavy-handed and overbearing tactics attempt to usurp authority on the American public.

I’m going to post the letter in it’s entirety.

Via: BIZPAC Review

Fellow rancher’s viral letter explains so much about why ranchers support ‘hero’ Bundy

Photo Credit: egoswick blogspot
These are some of the many photographs I ( Emily, ‘The Rancher’s Daughter’) have taken at ropings, brandings, or simply just out my back door. I am the daughter of a 5th generation cattle rancher. Note: Photo does not depict anyone named in this article.


With debate raging over whether the Bureau of Land Management is…

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Lois Lerner Contacted DOJ, FEC about Potential Prosecution of Tea Party Groups


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Former IRS Director Lois Lerner Testifies To A House Oversight Committee On IRS Targeting Scandal

Judicial Watch

May 9, 2013, email reveals IRS plans to meet with Department of Justice over whether to prosecute groups that “lied” about plans for political activity

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch today released a new batch of internal IRS documents revealing that former IRS official Lois Lerner communicated with the Department of Justice (DOJ) about whether it was possible to criminally prosecute certain tax-exempt entities. The documents were obtained as a result of an October 2013 Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed against the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) after the agency refused to respond to four FOIA requests dating back to May 2013.

The newly released IRS documents contain an email exchange between Lerner and Nikole C. Flax, then-Chief of Staff to then-Acting IRS Commissioner Steven T. Miller discussing plans to work with the DOJ to prosecute nonprofit groups that “lied” (Lerner’s quotation marks) about political activities. The exchange includes the following:

    Memo from Lois Lerner dated May 8 2013 to Nikole Flax re Potential Prosecution of Tea Party Groups - Judicial Watch

Memo from Lois Lerner dated May 8 2013 to Nikole Flax re Potential Prosecution of Tea Party Groups – Judicial Watch


Response Memo May 9 2013 from Nikole Flax  to Lois Lerner re Prosecution of Tea Party Groups - Judicial Watch

Response Memo May 9 2013 from Nikole Flax to Lois Lerner re Prosecution of Tea Party Groups – Judicial Watch


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Including top Progressives in the Senate, the IRS, DOJ and FEC are all now implicated in the targeting of Conservative groups and anyone else who dared take on the Obama administration.

There is no way that this scandal does not go to the top.

View additional emails here.



GOP introduces legislation to cut off Eric Holder’s salary


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As stated at last week’s House Judiciary Committee hearing, Congressman Blake Farenthold (R-Texas) introduced legislation, i.e., the ‘Contempt Act’ that would prohibit any federal employee found in contempt of court from receiving his or her salary.

What federal employee did Farenthold presently have in mind? Eric Holder.

Salaries of federal employees in contempt would remain on hold so long as that individual remains in contempt.

Press Release – Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-Texas)

On Thursday, U.S. Congressman Blake Farenthold (TX-27) officially introduced H.R. 4447, the ‘Contempt Act.’ H.R. 4447 would simply prohibit any federal employee who is found in contempt of Congress from receiving his or her salary. More specifically, the bill would officially direct the employer of any officer or employee of the federal government who is in contempt of Congress to not pay compensation to the officer or employee while he or she remains in contempt.

Congressman Farenthold formally introduced H.R. 4447 after alluding to his introduction of the bill in remarks before the House Judiciary Committee and Attorney General Eric Holder last week. Said the Congressman during Tuesday’s hearing: ‘This week, I will be introducing legislation that would prevent federal employees who are held in contempt of Congress or who fail to fully comply with a Congressional subpoena from receiving their taxpayer-funded paycheck. If he [Holder] continues to refuse to resign, my bill would at least prevent hardworking American taxpayers from paying his salary.’

Congressman Farenthold offered the following statement after formally introducing the Contempt Act:

‘In 2012, the House of Representatives voted to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over documents related to the botched Fast and Furious gun-running sting operation – despite this fact, he is still receiving his paycheck courtesy of American taxpayers.
In the next few weeks, the House is set to hold former IRS department head Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress for her role in the IRS’ political targeting of conservative groups. While Ms. Lerner has since retired from the IRS, my bill will at least prevent current and future federal employees, like Attorney General Holder, from continuing to collect their taxpayer-paid salaries while held in contempt of Congress.

The American people should not be footing the bill for federal employees who stonewall Congress or rewarding government officials’ bad behavior. If the average American failed to do his or her job, he or she would hardly be rewarded. High-ranking government officials should be treated no differently than everyone else.’

Click here to view the official bill text of H.R. 4447, released today by the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO).




BLM Attempting to Seize 90,000 Acres of Texas Ranchers’ Land!


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 Published on Apr 13, 2014

RED RIVER RUMBLE? BLM Wants to Seize 90,000 Acres of Texas Ranchers’ Land!

Byers, Texas along the Red River — The BLM stole 140 acres of the Tommy Henderson ranch thirty years ago. They took his land and paid him absolutely nothing. He sued and lost. Now the BLM is using that court case as precedent to do it again. The problem is, the land they want to seize is property that ranchers have a deed for and have paid taxes on for over a hundred years.

The BLM claims that about 90,000 acres (116 miles along the Red River) have never belonged to Texas in the first place. They will seize the land and it will seriously change the boundaries between the two states.

Since 1803 when the Louisiana Purchase was completed, there has been a controversy over the boundary between Oklahoma and Texas. The boundary is supposed to be the vegetation line on the south side of the Red River. But the River has moved over time. The problem is the definition of that boundary line- Oklahoma and Texas each use different semantics to define it. And the BLM is finding ways to use the disputed words to give them the ability to seize the land.


H/t Federalist Papers.



New Cover-Up in the Boston Bombing


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Dzokar Tsarnaev Tamerlan Tsarnaev Perpetrators of Boston Marathon Terrorist Attacks


Lew Rockwell (by )

The US government’s latest report on the Boston Marathon bombing is so full of revealing information buried in plain sight, it seems as if an insider is imploring someone—anyone—to dig deeper. It reads like the work of an unhappy participant in a cover-up. Properly contextualized, the particulars in the report point to:

• A Boston FBI agent seemingly recruiting and acting as Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s control officer, interacting personally with him, preventing on multiple occasions serious investigations of Tsarnaev’s activities, and then pleading ignorance to investigators in the most ludicrously improbable manner.

• The likelihood that the blame game between the US and Russia over who knew what, and when, regarding Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his activities, masks a deeper geopolitical game which may very well point to the sine qua non of most such struggles—the battle for the control of precious natural resources.


The other day, we explained a key point missing from most coverage of the Boston Bombing story: that the US government may have been in contact with the alleged bombers before the Russians ever warned about them.

Now, it seems, the plot thickens further. As the mass media predictably overwhelms the public with a fanciful scenario in which we all are “Boston Strong” and everything ends well, we believe the citizenry—and the victims of the bombing—deserve better.In our previous story, we were working from a leaked article about a forthcoming government report on the bombing—whose central message was that the bombing might have been prevented if only the Russians had not held back still more information beyond what they had provided to US intelligence. In other words, “Putin did it.”

Since then, the report itself has been released. It is the coordinated product of probes by Inspectors General from a number of intelligence agencies and other governmental entities. Actually, what’s been released is not the report itself—just an unclassified summary filled with redactions. Even so, it is enormously revealing, as much for what it does not say as for what it does.


Be advised that this is not a short read. Our take is an in-depth look at how the government loads the dice for its own purposes. As such, it is necessarily complicated, with layers of obfuscation that need to be peeled away. But if you want to get some inkling of what might actually lay behind the Boston Marathon Bombing, read on.

Let’s start by taking a look at the summary report.

On Page 1 you will find this paragraph:

In March 2011, the FBI received information from the FSB alleging that Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Zubeidat Tsarnaeva were adherents of radical Islam and that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was preparing to travel to Russia to join unspecified underground groups in Dagestan and Chechnya. The FBI-led Joint Terrorism Task Force in Boston (Boston JTTF) conducted an assessment of Tamerlan Tsarnaev to determine whether he posed a threat to national security and closed the assessment three months later having found no link or “nexus” to terrorism.

So, in March 2011, the FBI received information from the FSB (Russian internal security service, comparable to the FBI),[...]


Permission to reprint granted by



Citizens in Buffalo, NY Shred Gun Registration Forms on Registration Deadline Day (video)


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Screenshot NY SAFE ACT protest Albany NY shredding gun registration forms

Guns Saves Lives

Citizens who oppose New York’s gun registration law and the entire SAFE Act turned out today to commit a public act of civil disobedience. It is thought that anywhere from tens of thousands to possibly over 1 million gun owners in New York have refused to register their firearms that the state has deemed to be “assault weapons”. However, one group of citizens in Buffalo, NY took things a step further and actually shredded their registration forms in public. The group had planned to burn the forms, but as public burning is banned in Buffalo (oh, FFS), they had to resort to shredding [...]

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DHS, Washington State School District Sets up Curriculum to Recruit H.S. Students


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It was exactly one year ago that we first heard of DHS recruiting high school students as hackers aka cyber warriors through video games to allegedly thwart off cyber attacks. Well DHS has kicked it up several notches and are now recruiting future Homeland Security employees in the halls of our high schools and colleges.


EAG News

VANCOUVER, Wash. – The Department of Homeland Security is partnering with a Washington state school district to recruit future employees through a new high school curriculum.

An employment application posted by Evergreen Public Schools this weekend requests a certified “Homeland Security Instructor” to steer young students into a career with the agency….

The course will be overseen and shaped by the Homeland Security Advisory Committee, a group consisting of government, academia and private sector employees who provide information and security-related recommendations to the DHS secretary. Of the many requirements, applicants are informed of their duty to meet with the committee on a regular basis [...]


DHS Recruiting High School students Posting - EXCERPT SCREENSHOT
Job Requirements - Application of DHS Recruiting High School students Washington State SCREENSHOT 002


Obama’s brownshirts in the making.


DHS Indoctrination Public School Collage


Image: Chairman Mao’s Little Red Guards. The slogan reads: “Learn Well and Progress Daily”. Source: Queens University Library.




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