North Korea is purging the disabled, mentally ill.


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800px-The_statues_of_Kim_Il_Sung_and_Kim_Jong_Il_on_Mansu_Hill_in_Pyongyang_april_2012 public domain wikipedia_Fotor


Ghastly tales are surfacing from North Korea’s defectors that the government is methodically purging its disabled, dwarfs and mentally ill population from the public by subjecting them to castration and chemical and biological weapons testing.

Beginning with the very young, the North Korean government will offer to purchase the children from the parents.

If that fails, the family is threatened.

Left to die, the government justifies their actions by accusing the disabled of “hurting the dignity” of the ruling elites.

Ji Seong-ho, 32, who escaped after he himself suffered horrific treatment after losing a leg and hand, said the Kim Jong-un’s regime felt ‘humiliated’ by them.

He claims babies with mental and physical disabilities are routinely snatched from hospitals and left to suffer ‘indescribable things’ until they die.

Two other defectors also told him of a village in a remote mountain region that had been effectively turned into an asylum to house people with dwarfism…

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In addition, babies are ripped from the arms of their mothers, taken away and left to die.

As reported by the,

A United Nations commission said in February that it had heard allegations that medical experiments are performed in “closed hospitals” on “persons with disabilities”. But it added that it had not managed to confirm the claims.

In a separate study, conducted in 2013 by the Citizens’ Alliance on North Korean Human Rights, some 40 per cent of defectors said they believed that infants with disabilities are killed or abandoned and 43 per cent claimed to know of “an island” on which the disabled are forced to live. …

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The dissection and amputation of body parts, biological and chemical experimentation, tortured and left to die are those individuals ordained by their torturers as unworthy to live. Yet, the world has forgotten the sins of our past and/or is turning a blind eye to the horrific acts as it did in the past.

The North Korean government would tell the world that the lives of the disabled, mentally ill are treated well but those lucky enough to escape a fate laid out for them says otherwise.



Obama Quotes Non-Existent Bible Verse in Immigration Speech


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BeFunky_null_1 screenshot obama newtown gun control Fail edited false prophet

The Week – Speed Reads

While there are plenty of Bible verses to mention while discussing immigration, President Obama on Tuesday quoted one which isn’t so great, mainly because it’s not real. “The good book says don’t throw stones at glass houses, or make sure we’re looking at the log in our eye before we are pointing out the moat in other folks eyes,” Obama said during a speech in Nashville. One problem, though: The Bible never mentions glass houses….

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The deceiver strikes again. Making up quotes that are not in the bible, are an all-time low but not surprising of Obama who believes his own hype and under the illusion that he is above all. Even worst are the idiots equally delusional.



Congressman Concerned that Guam Would Capsize Calls Supporters of Dr. Benjamin Carson Ignorant


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BeFunky_screenshot hank johnson rep Progressive Georgia balloons and guam EDITED


Every word out of the mouth of Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga) is a face palm moment.

Johnson is a blockhead whose claim to fame is a statement made back in the spring of 2010 expressing concerns that the island of Guam “would tip over and, uh capsize.

Just one of several gaffes since, the race baiting gaffe master is now asserting that supporters of Dr. Benjamin Carson are ignorant.


Part of the problem, the congressman said, is that now ‘we have African Americans trying to tap into that vein of ignorance.’ As his prime example, Johnson cited Carson:

[He] is a very smart, well-educated man and knows exactly what he’s doing, when we have blacks like that trying to tap into the ignorance of people who have been whipped into a frenzy, like a lynch mob, and you go to try to garner support from those folks, I think it’s very disappointing that we would have that kind of political discourse going on in this country.

He added that Carson is ‘appealing to the lowest common denominator….’

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H/t The Mental Recession.

SOURCE: Map of Guam – NASA.


Americans Support of Second Amendment Highest in 20 Years


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The majority of Americans agree that nothing beats a bad guy with a gun than a good guy with a gun.

The majority of Americans agree that nothing beats a bad guy with a gun better than a good guy with a gun.

According to Pew Research, Americans standing in support of their right to bear arms is the highest it has been in twenty years.

Fifty-two percent of Americans support the right to bear arms while 46% favor gun control.

It might come as a surprise to Progressives that the number of Black Americans who support their right to bear arms has increased from 29% two years ago to 54% today. The triggering factor (no pun intended): BlackonBlack crime aka bad guys armed to the teeth.

Washington Times

Pew found that 52 percent of Americans say Second Amendment rights are more important than gun control — up 7 percentage points from just after the December 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that left 20 schoolchildren and six faculty dead.

That’s the highest approval rating in two decades, and it’s being driven in part by changing attitudes among black Americans, who are increasingly likely to view guns as good for public safety….

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Purportedly, calls for gun control peaked at 66% in the 1990’s. It should be noted that violent crimes because of the crack epidemic wreaked havoc across the United States at that time.

Sixty-two percent of white Americans support the right to bear arms as opposed to 54% last December (2013).

This tells us that:

  • Progressive bureaucrats are out of touch with the fifty-seven percent of Americans (6 out of ten) confident that gun ownership protects them from becoming a crime victim; and
  • Post mid-terms elections over and with timing being everything, what are the odds that two years ago similar statistics existed two years ago but were fudged to meet the Progressive narrative, i.e., gun control.



Black woman tells Michael Brown supporters to STOP with all the bleeding heart bulls**t


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screenshot michael brown strong arm robbery 002

Very few will admit it but when Mike Brown committed that strong-arm robbery, his fate was sealed. It is called, KARMA.

Posted to YouTube by Honestly Speaking, takes bleeding heart Mike Brown supporters to task for their selective outrage. Warning: language gets a little rough but the message is dead on point!

I could not have said it better myself. H/t The Right Scoop.



New York Doctor Charged With Abortion And Strangulation In Allegedly Forcing Girlfriend To Swallow Morning After Pill

Originally posted on JONATHAN TURLEY:

6137541_GThere is a highly disturbing case out of New York where a Hudson Valley anesthesiologist, Thomas Pfeiffer, 44, had been charged with strangulation, abortion and assault after he allegedly choked a woman and forced her to swallow a “morning after” pill after she told him she was pregnant. The abortion charge is relatively rare in criminal cases.

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Sandy Hook Survivors: We Never Thought of Having A Gun To Defend Children

Originally posted on 2nd Amendment, Shooting & Firearms Blog:

“It’s been nearly two years since a disturbed young man, Adam Lanza, opened fire at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., killing 20 young children and six adults,” the CBS Sunday morning report on the Newtown slaughter begins. “Some of the teachers are beginning to tell stories of what they heard and saw…

Remember this one simple fact! We guard our elected officials, banks, sporting events and everything ELSE of value in our Society with GUNS!

Why not Guard our Country’s most precious Natural Resource…..our Children with Guns??
Right now EVERY School is a KILL ZONE for terrorists and anyone else that wants to become famous or inflict massive harm!

WAKE UP! Buy a gun! Learn to shoot it! Protect yourself & your family!
Cops arrive at “Crime Scenes”!

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*Video* Kurds ‘light up the battlefield’ against ISIL

Originally posted on ~~Defender of Faith~Guardian of Truth~~:

kurd floodlites Capture

Kurdish Peshmerga fighters are lighting-up the battlefield to protect themselves from night attacks by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

Employing a tactic used by the US in Vietnam, the Peshmerga are using floodlights to identify approaching ISIL fighters who use the cover of darkness to sneak up on Peshmerga positions.

Al Jazeera’s Sue Turton reports from the Iraq-Syria border

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Louie Gohmert: GOP leaders abused House procedures to quickly pass flawed defense, immigration bills


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BeFunky_null_3 pelosi boehner colluding

“There is no act of treachery or meanness of which a political party is not capable; for in politics there is no honour.” Benjamin Disraeli

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) on Thursday charged his own Republican leadership with abusing House procedures this week in order to quickly pass a defense bill that no one had time to read, and an immigration bill that was watered down in a way that favors President Barack Obama.

Gohmert ran unsuccessfully to be the chair of the House Republican Study Committee, a group that reflects the views of more conservative Republican members. But he said perhaps his loss was fortunate, since it frees him up to criticize GOP leaders when necessary.

‘Maybe it’s fortunate,’ Gohmert said on the House floor. ‘I’m not the RSC chair, so I’m here to complain about the abuses when they happen by our own leadership.’

The huge defense bill authorizes a total of $557.1 billion in spending for fiscal year 2015. As they so often do, this bill passed easily in a bipartisan 300-119 vote on Thursday, and the Senate is expected to take it up next week.

But Gohmert said that while he thinks there are many good things in the huge bill, it was only cleared by the House Rules Committee Wednesday night, which meant no one had time to read and understand the bill.

‘We didn’t have the three days that were originally promised by Republicans,’ he said. ‘I voted no against a process that takes something as important as our national defense, and said, ‘here you go, here’s the whole thing, trust us, vote for it.’’

‘You can’t push a bill this important on us,’ he added. ‘I couldn’t in good conscious vote yes.’

In the final vote, 32 Republicans voted against the bill. During the week, many Republicans complained about language in the defense bill that designates hundreds of thousands of acres of land as protected wilderness areas, and creates new national parks. Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) have both criticized the House bill for those reasons.

The immigration bill that the House passed yesterday would nullify Obama’s executive action on immigration, but it was criticized by many Republicans because it’s a bill the Senate doesn’t have to take up, and in fact, the Senate will not consider it. Many Republicans are still hoping that the House takes up a must-pass spending bill next week that prevents the administration from implementing Obama’s immigration plan.

But Republicans like Gohmert were also critical of the substance of the bill. Gohmert noted that the bill was re-written in the House Rules Committee to say the president cannot exempt whole classes of people from immigration laws, except if there are ‘humanitarian purposes where the aliens are at imminent risk of serious bodily harm or death.’

Gohmert said he cosponsored the original bill, but that he could not support this change. He said the exception language might even be used by Obama to justify Obama’s recent action if it ever became law.

‘The bill that I was willing to cosponsor completely changed in the addition of that exception,’ he said.

Just before the House vote, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) said he also opposed language in the changed bill that seems to suggest that the executive branch might in some cases be able to exempt whole classes of people from immigration law, and said that language makes the bill ambiguous. King was one of the three Republicans who voted ‘present.’




NYCHA’s Failure to Make Repairs May Have Played Roll in Akai Gurley’s Death


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BeFunky_Tintype_3 Akai Gurley Darkened Stairwell NYCHA  Pink Houses


The City of New York’s failure to replace a light bulb or “ballast” may have very well contributed to the death of 28 year old, Akai Gurley two and half weeks ago.

Akai was struck in the chest by a bullet from that ricocheted through a darkened stairwell of the Pink Houses after being fired from a rookie NYPD Officer Peter Liang’s gun.

As expected, New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) is claiming that no report for repairs had been submitted which may or may not be the case.

The likelihood is that NYCHA who has a history that dates back decades of failure to upkeep and address repairs ignored complaints filed about the darkened stairwell.

New York Daily News

After the shooting, NYCHA officials tried to piece together whether repair failures — an epic issue with which they have struggled for years — contributed in any way to the tragedy….

The caretaker, who Lebow said has a ‘record of reliability,’ reported there were lights out in another stairwell on the fourth floor, but said she ‘didn’t recall any lights out in Stairwell A.’

But when a NYCHA administrator went to the stairwell after the NYPD cleared it as a crime scene, he found the light on the eighth floor was out due to problems with its “ballast,” NYCHA officials told The News….

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‘record of reliability,’ — Officials should leave that opinion to the tenants of the Pink Houses.

Supposedly, a request was placed several months ago by a supervisor of the Pink Houses which is over a half-century old (one of the most dangerous of NYC’s housing projects for the City) to upgrade the lighting. The upgrade, however, was put on hold because, according to NYCHA officials, there are higher priorities repairs that need to be addressed on the property.

Rest assured heat for tenants living on the upper floors of dilapidated City-run housing properties or NYCHA is not among the priorities. So it must be that deal that NYCHA is about to close selling a 50% stake in close to 900 apartments to a pair of private developers” that don’t have the best track records to real estate moguls, L+M Development Partners and BFC Partners who “are expected to pay $150 million for the half-interest in the units, plus another $100 million for much-needed renovations in the six housing complexes, which are in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx….

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It should be noted that NYCHA has a backlog of repairs in the sum of $10 billion plus. Somehow, under the de Blasio administration (not that Bloomberg was any better), I am myself recalling NYCHA and other NYC housing properties during the David Dinkins era, i.e., INHABITABLE AND INHUMANE. So how will these conditions improve under rampant cronyism?

What are the odds of the new owners prior to major renovations and upgrades of NYCHA properties commencing mass evictions, which will spark an uptick in the number of homeless throughout New York City?

Politics is the priority of the day.

On Monday the NYC (Communist) Council made a political statement by blocking traffic (as if someone gives a damn) in protest of the grand jury’s decision not to indict an NYPD officer in the Eric Garner case.

While they acknowledged concerns for living standards or lack thereof in City Housing projects and promised to hold a hearing on the matter NEXT WEEK, they opted this week to play up the drama and politics of the dead.

“‘This Council will not remain silent, because black lives matter—because all lives matter. And we are not going to stop until there is reform and justice for all,’ Councilwoman Debi Rose, a Staten Island Democrat, said when the members had reached the floor of the council chambers.”


In another disgusting display of politics (2016???), New York attorney general, Eric Schneiderman is seeking a temporary executive order from Governor Andrew Cuomo to “Restore Public Confidence In Criminal Justice System” by burning law enforcement involved in the death of civilians at the stake (to put it mildly).


NEW YORK – Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman today was joined by a broad coalition of elected officials in outlining an immediate first step toward restoring public trust and confidence in the fairness of reviews of cases involving unarmed civilians killed by law enforcement officers. In a letter sent to Governor Cuomo, Attorney General Schneiderman formally requested that the Governor immediately issue an interim executive order now directing the Office of the Attorney General to investigate and, if necessary, prosecute cases involving unarmed civilians killed by police officers.

While several proposals for reforming the criminal justice system are expected to be considered when the State Legislature reconvenes, the Attorney General noted the urgent need for immediate action to restore public trust in the outcome of cases involving unarmed civilians killed by law enforcement officers by ensuring these cases receive a thorough, impartial and independent review. The proposed order would be drafted to expire when the Legislature acts to permanently address this problem.

Attorney General Schneiderman announced his proposal at a news conference in Manhattan, where he was joined by a broad coalition of elected officials, including New York City Public Advocate Letitia James and City Comptroller Scott Stringer.

‘The horrible events surrounding the death of Eric Garner have revealed a deep crisis of confidence in some of the fundamental elements of our criminal justice system,’ said Attorney General Schneiderman. ’Nothing could be more critical for both the public and the police officers who work tirelessly to keep our communities safe than acting immediately to restore trust and confidence in the independence of reviews in any case involving an unarmed civilian killed by a law enforcement officer. While several worthy legislative reforms have been proposed, the Governor has the power to act today to solve this problem. I strongly encourage him to take action now….’


The short of it: Progressives got their butts handed to them across New York State and throughout the country this past November. The non-indictment in the Eric Garner case presents the perfect opportunity for a much needed diversion.


In the meantime, the tenants in the Pink Houses will have to wait for their repairs, heat and other services because social justice, playing the race card and the coming dog and pony show because a failure to indict takes precedence over the living standards of those doomed to reside in public housing.

Next week, the City Council Public Housing Committee will hold a hearing exploring whether maintenance issues contributed to the Pink Houses shooting, and crime in general at NYCHA’s 334 developments.”




Grieving Family to Sharpton: Stay Away from Funeral


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“Al Sharpton came in, put his name on the situation, but has not even made one single call to the parents of Akai…”

Akai Gurley - facebook tumblr

Akai Gurley – facebook tumblr

Al Sharpton and his National Action sent the family of Akai Gurley an invoice for a eulogy Sharpton planned to deliver at the young man’s funeral even though he never once placed a phone call to the parents of the deceased.

Gurley, age 28, was shot once in the chest and killed two weeks ago by one of two rookie NYPD officers patrolling a “darkened” stairwell in the Pink Houses, a housing project in Brooklyn, New York[i].

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton stated that Gurley’s death was “‘a very unfortunate tragedy’ that befell someone ‘totally innocent.” Even NYC’s Commie mayor, Bill de Blasio acknowledged that the death of the 28-year-old death appeared “to be a tragic mistake.”

That, however, did not stop poverty pimp Al Sharpton (among others) from stoking the fires with a press conference lambasting the officers, demanding a thorough investigation, yada, yada, yada.

Outraged, the family demanded that Sharpton mind his own business and stay away from the upcoming wake and funeral” which was held yesterday.


Gurley’s aunt, Hertenceia Peterson — who is speaking for his mom — tells TMZ, ‘Al Sharpton came in, put his name on the situation, but has not even made one single call to the parents to Akai.’

Peterson says all Sharpton sees ‘is money and political gain and that he is turning the tragedy into a circus.’

She says the family does NOT want Sharpton at Friday night’s wake, where the Rev has promised to deliver a eulogy. She also says he’s persona non grata at the funeral….

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Sharpton who insists that he is not grandstanding claims that Gurley’s domestic partner and mother of Gurley’s 2-year-old daughter, Kimberly Michelle Ballinger asked him to speak at the funeral. Sharpton has allegedly since reconsidered since his attendance at the funeral has sparked a family dispute.

Stunning? Not really. Just more proof that Progressives believe that they own all Black people. So used to taking advantage of Blacks and giving nothing in return, Progressives cannot be bothered to set forth an illusion of having respect for Blacks.

BeFunky_BeFunky_screenshot al sharpton 600 x 609 poverty pimp 002

The odds are because so few of us demand it.





Officials said Liang was holding a flashlight in his right hand and a Glock 9-mm. in the other when he opened the door to the eighth-floor landing. Liang’s gun went off — and the bullet apparently ricocheted into the chest of Gurley who was one floor below….



GARNER Protest: Communist Parasites Invade Streets of New York


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BeFunky_Tilt-Shift_2 screenshot garner nyc protest 005


Talk about #Occupy all over again, below are a eyewitness tweets and video footage from last night’s New York’s faux Eric Garner – Mike Brown — #Blacklivesmatter protest which was solely about empowerment and conquest of America by the Socialist and Communist Parties.

No shortage of useful idots (video footage):

Teachable moment: #Blacklivesmatter only when Communists use them as tools in their nefarious agenda to undermine the Republic. Victims of Black genocide are unworthy of consideration.


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