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“An Occupy Wall Street protester from Brooklyn has been charged with one sex attack, and is being investigated in another at the demonstrators’ encampment at Zuccotti Park, law enforcement sources said today.

Tonye Iketubosin, 26, of Crown Heights — a worker at the protesters’ makeshift kitchen — was charged with sexual abuse for allegedly groping an 18-year-old protester inside a tent he helped his victim pitch at the rag-tag encampment on Oct. 24.

She told cops the suspect offered to help her pitch a tent at the encampment , but when she later went to go sleep inside, she found him there. He refused her requests to leave teh tent — and instead allegedly grabbed at her thighs and buttocks, she told authorities …


Bizarre isn’t it that the OWS invaders have been pointing the fingers at the homeless, poverty stricken and criminal elements relegated to the “ghetto” section of Zuccotti Park, after which it turns out that one of the perverts responsible for the sexual assaults is one of their own, i.e., an OWS invader with no criminal record.

NYPD Officer: Crime, Sexual Assault at #OccupyWallStreet ‘More Widespread Than Even They Think’

A member of the New York Police Department, who requested anonymity, has told Big Government that crime is even more prevalent at the Occupy Wall Street demonstration than has been reported.

‘It is far from the butterflies and Bambis that the media is trying to portray,’ he told us. He described sexual assault as being a particular problem, partly because of drug use at the site:

There are many incidents of sexual touching and groping that goes unreported to us, mainly because the alleged victim is either too stoned or high to properly ID them or they ‘dont want to get the guy in trouble.’  One girl, with hickeys all over her neck was brought to us and claimed she was raped….She said she had gotten high and had sex with one guy then sex with the other guy, but when guy #3 tried, she rebuffed him. She later got stoned somewhere else and returned to her place where guy #3 came back and had sex with her (she thinks) but she remembers blacking out and him leaving and her pants off.

He concluded that sexual assault in Zuccotti Park ‘is much more wide spread than even they [the activists] think….”


We have been graced with yet another reason not to take OWS seriously.  This is a game for these druggies, male and female alike; and while no one deserves to be raped, these young women should know better than to (i) be so trusting and (ii) conduct themselves in such an unflattering fashion.

The same applies for the men as well, GROW UP!

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