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Last week, I migrated my two other websites, Grumpy Opinions and Viewpoints of a Sagitarrian to a new server.  It has been a roller coaster ride since.

My buddy Phil Bassette who passed away last November was also my webmaster.  Even though, Phil and I worked on plenty of issues in CPanel and a few times in Whm to keep the domains going, Phil did most of the legwork….like 90%.

#1, I should have paid more attention.

#2, I am simply used to things working…PERIOD.

#3, I tinker a lot with things that maybe I should not touch.  (Not confessing to anything here.)

#4, This is turning into one heck of a learning curve.

#5, I miss my buddy, Phil.

At one point yesterday, I closed my eyes and revisited those phone calls, which I have come to miss.  I would answer the phone, “hello” and the voice on the other end would respond, “what did you do?” followed up by that hearty laugh which was always followed up by hours of us undoing whatever it was that I did.

#6, I really miss my buddy, Phil. 

#7, I think we’re going to need a bigger boat and some online classes since I can’t afford to pay a webmaster.

Nevertheless, I still love the smell and taste of a good cup of coffee in the morning fresh flowers, and conversations with the Lord always after which, my strength is renewed.

So, please bear with me while I work out the bugs and the kinks.




REPORT: Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Dies at West Texas Ranch


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U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia delivers remarks at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, March 14, 2005. Introducing Scalia was Lee Hamilton, vice-chairman of the 9-11 Commission. Scalia spoke to guests at the Woodrow Wilson Center on


Breitbart by Breitbart Texas

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has been found dead at a luxury resort in west Texas, news outlets are reporting. The Justice apparently died of natural causes in his sleep after a day of quail hunting at Cibolo Creek Ranch near Marfa, Texas.

Scalia, 79, arrived at the ranch for a hunting trip on Friday and attended a private party with about 40 people, the San Antonio Express News reported. Scalia did not show up for a scheduled breakfast. Staff members of the resort went to find the justice and instead found his body[…]

Supreme Court Justice Scalia was appointed by Ronald Reagan in September 1986. May he rest in peace.


Islam’s War On The West Mandates A TOTAL Separation, A Kill Or Be Killed Calculus. How Many More Innocents Have to Die? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Adina Kutnicki

IT is intrinsic to note that despite the overwhelming nature of the west’s nightmare due to Islam’s encirclement, yes, there is a “silver lining.” Effectively, the reds are placing themselves in an ever tightening noose due to their assistance to the greens, aka the red/green alliance. In other words, unlike millions of patriots, they really do believe that they will be left to their own devices, once the western order is overthrown in America and Europe. More specifically, many revolutionary leftists think they will emerge triumphant, that is, once Islamism “peters away” outside their traditional sphere of influence. Their twisted anti-American/western thinking is akin to this: Aligning with Islam will finally pave a path in the direction of their longed for quest; the destruction of the west, a re-ordering, with the reds finally exerting their hegemony. Hmm.

THAT being said, those who assist Islam’s bloody swathe across the…

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1400 Pink Slips – You didn’t build that “jobs jobs jobs” promise Hussein…Obama…

Absolutely horrible news for these workers.
Does this sob think that using the word “transition” instead of “layoff” or “you’re about to be unemployed” or “not now but mid-2017” make it any less painful for those whose livelihoods are being flushed down the drain for PROFITS?

LadyRaven's Whisky In A Jar - OH!

There are plenty of harsh comments under the video.  One wonders why?

The next headline on Drudge, right below the Carrier announcement – 75% of Silicon Valley’s tech workers foreign-born…

So long ago, seven years at least, every other word out of Hussein Obama’s mouth was “jobs, jobs, jobs!”  Remember?  And he has said it every year since, at least once a year anyway.

Fact is – you didn’t build that Obama!

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The Council Has Spoken!! Our Watcher’s Council Results


The Council has spoken, the votes have been cast, and the results are in for this week’s Watcher’s Council match up.

““The rifle itself has no moral stature, since it has no will of its own. Naturally, it may be used by evil men for evil purposes, but there are more good men than evil, and while the latter cannot be persuaded to the path of righteousness by propaganda, they can certainly be corrected by good men with rifles.” “ – Jeff Cooper, Art Of The Rifle

“What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance. Let them take arms.” – Thomas Jefferson in a letter to James Madison

“Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.”– William Pitt the Younger, Speech in the House of Commons, November 18, 1783

Stately McDaniel Manor

This week’s winning essay isStately McDaniel Manor’s Schools and Concealed Carry: Overregulation and Micromanagement . It is a characteristic of bureaucracy that even in pursuit of common sense, desirable goals they almost always manage to gum up the works! Mike McDaniel’s excellent piece does a fine job of showing how that can work. Here’s a slice:

Ironically, the Age of Obama has been a very positive thing for changing public attitudes toward one fundamental liberty for the better: the right to keep and bear arms. Not only that, more and more Americans fully support the right of individuals to carry concealed weapons, and the courts and legislatures are now tending to reflect the overwhelming public tide toward individual liberty and the right of self-defense. I have taken no small delight in the anguish, and I’m sure, screaming, raging tantrums, of anti-liberty activists such as Mr. Obama. I say this not out of spite, but because anyone that would take fundamental American liberties deserves to be uncomfortable and anguished.

Another positive effect of this sea change in public opinion, as well as an increasing number of terrorist attacks on American soil, is that one of the last bastions of progressive, anti-gun sentiment, the universities and public schools, have begun to accept, if not embrace, concealed carry to protect students and teachers from very real threats. Granted, on the state level, college students are trending to be the initial recipients of the freedom they should always have had, but more and more individual school districts–most in the red states–are adopting concealed carry on school property for staff.

This can’t happen soon enough. However, there are problems.

At the end of December, 2015, I wrote about the Keene, TX school district, which recently adopted a concealed carry policy, but with several restrictions that fail to take into account why anyone would need to carry a concealed weapon:

“Judging only by the Fox News article, Stephens [school superintendent] is apparently making two mistakes: he’s mandating and buying the weapons, and he’s denying them to teachers in ‘higher level grades,’ apparently out of fear that a student might somehow obtain a teacher’s gun.”

Now, a school district in Okay, Oklahoma is making similar mistakes

credit: muskeegeephoenix,com

New signs posted on the grounds of Okay Public Schools announce an ‘Armed School Employees’ policy in place.

The Okay Public Schools Board of Education passed an ‘Armed School Employees’ policy in August. On Monday, the district publicized that policy with signage in front of the school.

‘The signs are more or less a deterrent,’ Superintendent Charles McMahan said. ‘We don’t want to be a soft target.’

McMahan said his administration looks for ways to keep students safe and secure, particularly since the Okay Police Department was disbanded in December 2014. Although Wagoner County sheriff’s deputies are available, McMahan said it is ‘seconds, not minutes, that matter.

So far so good.
The Okay district has obviously recognized reality and decided to acknowledge it, something that, in education circles, cannot be taken for granted. Now for the problems:

One Okay employee is approved to carry. For other employees to arm themselves, they must qualify with a Council on Law Enforcement Education Training certification or license; possess an Oklahoma Self Defense Act License; and be CLEET qualified with the firearm, according to the policy.

After an employee has completed the qualifications, they may submit themselves to the OPS Board of Education for approval before carrying, McMahan said. Okay is the only school in the Green Country area with an armed-employee policy, he said.

‘Our standards are higher,’ McMahan said. ‘We really wanted people to know this is serious to us; we don’t take this issue lightly.

(1) Rationale: Staff are armed because an armed attack is possible at any school and at any place in and around any school at any time.

(2) The police cannot deter attacks, nor can they arrive in time to save lives. Any school relying on the police is knowingly accepting some number of wounded and dead based entirely on traffic patterns, the number of officers available when the call goes out, the lack of marksmanship of killers, in effect, dumb luck.

(3) Fundamental Principle: to have as many armed staff members present in every school as possible, so that when and wherever an attack takes place, there will be multiple armed and capable adults ready, then and there, at that instant, to save lives.

(4) All handguns must, at all times, be concealed and carried on the person. A gun locked in a drawer, a safe, or a centrally located armory is of no use to anyone confronted with deadly force in a school hallway, at a bus stop, in a sports stadium, a cafeteria, or any other place.

Much more at the link.

In our non-Council category, the winner was a Pajamas Media piece, What No One Seems to Know About Ted Cruz’s Past submitted by Fausta’s Blog. It deals with Ted Cruz’s positive record while the director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Office of Policy Planning.

Here are this week’s full results. Only The Independent Sentinel was unable to vote this week but was not subject to the usual 2/3 vote penalty for not voting:

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

See you next week!

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Shaming Barack: Iran Releases Footage, Re-Enacts Capture of US Sailors at Parade


As Iranians on Wednesday celebrated during a parade marking the 37th anniversary of the 1979 Islamic revolution that ousted the U.S-backed Shah of Iran, the Iranian government’s official news station, Islamic Republic of Iran News Network aired footage of the  of 10 U. S. Navy sailors captured by the Revolutionary Guard last month.

While there has been no word from the Muslim in Chief, the U. S. Navy has condemned Iran’s latest act of propaganda as “outrageous and unacceptable.” On the footage released, one of our sailors can be seen obviously humiliated and weeping (actual footage is available for viewing here.)


Iran doubled down during celebrations by further mocking the USA with the supposed re-enactment of the captured soldiers, images of which was posted to Twitter by an Iranian photographer/journalist.


Additional images of mockery as not reported by Fox News or anyone else in the mainstream media.


Let us not forget how grateful John Kerry was for the release of our soldiers…

In spite of the fact that Iran is humiliating 10 men serving in the U. S. Navy to humiliate Obama and the nation, Hussein Obama could care less.

Our Weasel Of The Week!!

Yes,it’s time to present this week’s Statuette of Shame, The Golden Weasel!!

Every Tuesday, the Council nominates some of the slimiest, most despicable characters in public life for some deed of evil, cowardice or corruption they’ve performed. Then we vote to single out one particular Weasel for special mention, to whom we award the Statuette of Shame, our special, 100% plastic Golden Weasel. This week’s nominees were particularly slimy and despicable, but only one of them could win..and the votes are in and we have our winner…the envelope please…

The Ultra-sensitive Baby Killing Warriors At NARAL!! 

 The Right Planet: My nominee for Weasel of the Week would have to be the far-left, militant pro-abortion group NARAL (National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League) for their epic intersectional meltdown on Twitter over a Doritos Super Bowl ad that featured a pregnant woman receiving an ultrasound. NARAL was severely “microaggressed” over the Dororitos commercial for deploying the ever-dreaded “antichoice” tactic of “humanizing fetuses.” Apparently human fetuses are too humany, or something.

Oh, but it didn’t end there, oh dear masses. The perpetually aggrieved social justice warriors at NARAL also took great umbrage over the blatant patriarchal oppression embedded in a Hyundai ad. Additionally, NARAL called out Snickers for their despicable “transphobic” objectification of women. Will the exploitation and oppression ever end?


 Personally, I think NARAL needs to chillax and eat a Snickers. They’re delicious, and gender-neutral … not to mention nutty. Just like NARAL.

Nice Deb: I nominate NARAL for going on an unhinged Twitter rampage during the Super Bowl over the commercials.

During the big game yesterday, NARAL’s Twitter account “live-tweeted” reactions to the highly anticipated Super Bowl commercials, exposing themselves yet again to be the angry, humorless scolds we all know them to be. The pro-abortion outfit chastised advertisers over the most micro of “microaggressions” and their SJW followers on Twitter retweeted their complaints.

In their most absurd Tweet, they attacked Doritos for showing an Ultrasound image image of a baby.

The Doritos ad in question showed a father eating Doritos while his pregnant wife received an ultrasound. The baby reacts strongly to the Doritos whenever Dad gets close with a chip. At the end, the baby physically launches itself out of the womb to try to get Doritos.

NARAL denounced the Doritos ad for using the ” #antichoice tactic of humanizing fetuses & sexist tropes of dads as clueless, moms as uptight.”

That’s right, they were upset because Doritos had the presumption to characterize a human baby as… human.

These abortion fanatics are particularly soulless and ghoulish weasels – but weasels nonetheless.

Ahh…not that it matters, but I neither watch the Superbowl or eat Doritos, nor do I particularly care about either one. But what I do very much care about is the innate perversity of those who somehow managed to find a right to gay marriage in the US Constitution by were unable to find a right to life for a baby. Perhaps that’s because unlike NARAL or same sex activists, children still in the womb are unable to bribe politicians or vote.

Oddly, the same folks who vociferously insist that same sex marriage ‘doesn’t hurt anyone’ and that it’s simply a matter of free choice get quite purple in the face when anyone suggests the same about a child in the womb waiting to be born. Or that trafficking in the body parts of these infants is something the government ought to be funding, which is another reason groups like NARAL and Planned Parenthood become literally choking with rage when anyone has the temerity to suggest that a fetus, even one due to emerge from the womb in a matter of days is actually human.  After all, these people have a living to make, even if it involves living off off the sale of other people’s bodies…also known in another context  as the pimp’s rationale.

Our president, of course, takes this one step further and actually supports infanticide, a place too far for even NARAL to be willing to go.

Again, another confession. I am not someone who think abortion ought to be outlawed totally.  Non-consensual sex happens, health issues can intervene and sometimes people made mistakes whom simply haven’t the means or maturity to have a child at a given time in life. That’s why I’ve always liked the idea of the morning after pill, which prevents conception.

But that’s very different from making an industry,let alone a government funded industry out of killing healthy babies, especially ones older than twenty weeks whom have a fully developed nervous system and can experience the pain of what’s happening to them. If NARAL was actually composed of people who cared at all about human decency, they’d be complaining about that horrific situation instead of a stupid commercial.

Enjoy your Weasel, NARAL. It’s richly deserved.

Well, there it is.

Check back next Tuesday to see who next week’s nominees for Weasel of the Week are!

Make sure to tune in every Monday for the Watcher’s Forum, and remember, every Wednesday, the Council has its weekly contest with the members nominating two posts each, one written by themselves and one written by someone from outside the group for consideration by the whole Council. The votes are cast by the Council, and the results are posted on Friday morning.

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Our Watcher’s Council Nominations – Kang And Kodos Edition

(Michael Ramirez/IBD)

For those who don’t get the reference in this weeks’ title:

Welcome to the Watcher’s Council, a blogging group consisting of some of the most incisive blogs in the ‘sphere, and the longest running group of its kind in existence. Every week, the members nominate two posts each, one written by themselves and one written by someone from outside the group for consideration by the whole Council.Then we vote on the best two posts, with the results appearing on Friday morning.

Council News:

This week, we introduce another fine member to the Watcher’s Council, Michael McDaniel of Stately McDaniel Manor! His stellar work has appeared in PJ Media and in the Second Amendment site Bearing Arms and we are both pleased and proud to have him on the team. Check out his debut Council article this week!

So, let’s see what we have for you this week….

Council Submissions

Non-Council Submissions

Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion

Freddie Gray Defense: Legally irrelevant whether Freddie’s knife was illegal

    submitted by

Stately McDaniel Manor

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Breaking: Malheur Open Thread

Marxist economist says Sanders will “double your income” – seriously!


, , ,



By: Trevor Loudon | New Zeal

The country’s largest Marxist organization Democratic Socialists of America, are completely in the tank for their comrade Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders is going to clean the American workforce out.

DSA runs Labor for Bernie, People for Bernie and form the backbone of his campaign in many parts of the country. The Marxists are doing everything they can to get their man in the White House.

The latest piece of pro-Bernie Sanders propaganda comes from UMass Amherst economist and DSA member Gerald Friedman..

According to the Communist Party’s Peoples World:

“A major left economist has just completed an analysis of what the budget might look like under a President Sanders and gives it the thumbs up when it comes to jobs, growth, and equality…

Continue Reading – Marxist economist says Sanders will “double your income” – seriously!

Burns Oregon–ACLU defends Pete Santilli

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

Pete Santilli, an Internet radio host and strong advocate of the armed occupation near Burns, Oregon, led a demonstration outside the FBI's makeshift headquarters there.

Pete Santilli, an Internet radio host and strong advocate of the armed occupation near Burns, Oregon, led a demonstration outside the FBI’s makeshift headquarters there.

Conrad Wilson/OPB

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