11-Year-Old Boy Held Salute For One Hour On This Beach. Who Joins Him At 5:02? Beautiful!



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screenshot boy saluting holding flag omaha beach 70th anniversary D Day


Little Things, by Paul Morris

In June 2014, an 11-year-old boy visited Normandy, France for the 70th anniversary of the D-Day invasion. As part of the boy’s personal project, titled “Project Vigil,” this little boy spent four days teaching visitors and tourists about three paratroopers who had been buried in the American Cemetery.

During the official D-Day celebration, local police didn’t allow the boy to enter the cemetery in his WWII-style uniform. So the boy took his American flag down to Omaha Beach and planted it in the sand. Staring out at the ocean, the little boy wanted to thank all the Americans who died 70 years earlier in the fight against fascism and evil….

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Even thought the young man in the video put Project Vigil together in celebration of the 70th anniversary of D-Day invasion, it cuts right to the heart of what Memorial Day is really about. At 5:02 of the video, something amazing happens.



Have you ever heard someone say about someone else, “She [he] has been here before”? As one watches the boy in the video, one gets the suspicion that this young man, correction little boy has been here before, in another lifetime, possibly on that very beach.

As I watched this video, I thought to myself, this country’s future is not so dark after all.

Share it with your family, your friends this Memorial Day weekend. H/t Kevin Jackson, The Black Sphere.



Ronald Reagan on Memorial Day: It will renew your patriotic spirit…

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Celebrate today by watching this historic Memorial Day address by the Great Communicator!

reagan 1

Go to this link to watch:


President Ronald Reagan spoke on Memorial Day, 16 May 1982, at Arlington National Cemetery.  Reagan’s words give us insight into the sacrifices of our military men and women who have fought and died that we might have Liberty.  When Reagan spoke, Communism was our major foreign enemy.  Now we are also dealing with well-funded and highly determined Fundamentalist Islamic Terrorists and a tyrannical Presidential Administration.

When Ronald Reagan was President, we felt that our government was protecting us.  Now we feel that our President is giving aid and comfort to both the Communists and the Fundamentalist Islamic Terrorists while attacking those Americans and traditional allies who oppose him.

President Ronald Reagan said,

“I have no illusions about what little…

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The Heroes Of Lost Causes

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Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 16.22.32

RITR sends, via the owner of Ares Armor:




DATE: May 25, 2015

On the news Sunday morning, I had the pleasure of watching the now customary Memorial Day Weekend interrogation of average American voters. As expected, most the respondents had this clueless look on their face and fumbled their way to a half-assed answer that made about zero sense. One college aged child actually said it was a day to remember to thank his parents. Because … obviously they did such a good job raising him.

Isn’t the news great? Last week, I watched as ISIS members triumphantly happy-danced all over their newly conquered city of Ramadi. For good measure, they included a nice video clip of our “local allies” quite bravely and heroically running away.

This was, to put it mildly, disturbing. You see, many…

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When Silence Lies, A history of Viet Nam


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Grumpy Opinions, by Dick Lancaster

What Today’s Students are Learning About the Vietnam Era


There has to be an enormous amount of care taken when compiling and editing any historical work. If the objective is to present history in the most accurate, factual light, there has to be a weigh in of sorts between the historian’s world view and the relevant facts uncovered in the research. An editor must be able to overcome his own biases when exposed to facts that contradict his beliefs. Exposure to a fresh history, like a first impression, imprints a powerful residue on the psyche of the reader. A fresh history, or the first exposure to an event or era, usually takes place in school. So it is not so much the history per se to which a student is first exposed, but the attitude of the editor presenting that history.

In recent years school books across the country have come under scrutiny for blatant bias. These are easy to expose because they are so blatant. Traditional American values, our Judeo-Christian origins and American exceptionalism are disappearing in textbooks at an alarming rate. In that newly available space themes more hostile to our unique heritage are inserted….


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Booker T.’s heaven vs. Michelle O’s hell


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BE FUNKY Booker T. Washington quote v excerpt of Michelle Obama commencement speech at Tuskegee University 2015


WND Exclusive, by Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson who asks, ‘Which do you prefer, Americans?’


The Obamas are ‘free at last’ from having to face the voters again – and free to tell us what they really think.

For Barack, there’s no longer any need to hide his inner racist…. For Michelle, there’s no longer a need to run from her early statements like, ‘For the first time in my adult life, I’m really proud of my country (now that my husband is president).’

Michelle held nothing back at her recent commencement speech at Tuskegee University, the world-renowned institution founded by Booker T. Washington….

Booker T. Washington was born a slave, without his father. Yet, armed with a strong spirit, hard work and the assistance of white philanthropists who helped fund his institute, Washington became one of our greatest Americans.

In contrast, what have Barack or Michelle ever done to truly help anyone beside themselves?
Let’s compare the message Michelle Obama delivered to students at Tuskegee to Booker T. Washington’s words. Michelle began by reciting a litany of injustices committed against blacks, including lynching and Jim Crow….

Continue Reading – Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson’s article “Booker T.’s heaven vs. Michelle O’s hell .”



Michelle Obama’s commencement speech was all about the Obama’s, politics, their ideology while reminding the graduates that they will never elitists because white people will deny them. Moreover, remember when you’re feeling oppressed and unable to procure employment because you’re not an illegal alien, it has nothing to do with Barack’s failing policies and social-engineering, it’s the Republicans.

Michelle Obama’s commencement speech was an insult and disservice not only to Tuskegee’s class of 2015 who spent several years being indoctrinated and radicalized with Communist propaganda but the legacy of Booker T. Washington.



Source of Excerpts from Michelle Obama’s Tuskeegee Commencement Speech, WhiteHouse.gov.
Photograph of Booker T. Washington, Library of Congress.



Megyn Kelly Battles D.C. Quadruple Murder Suspect’s Lawyer: ‘You Undermine Your Credibility!’


Darron Dellon Dennis Wint (alias Daron Dylon Wint) charged in the murders of Savvas Savopoulos, his wife Amy, their son Philip and housekeeper Veralicia Figueroa.

Darron Dellon Dennis Wint (alias Daron Dylon Wint) charged in the murders of Savvas Savopoulos, his wife Amy, their son Philip and housekeeper Veralicia Figueroa.


Wint’s former legal counsel did an online interview for the job of representing this savage. This is why people hate attorneys, social justice freak.


Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com



Amy and Savvas Savopoulos, son Philip Savopoulos, age 10, and housekeeper Veralicia Figueroa.

Amy and Savvas Savopoulos, son Philip Savopoulos, age 10, and housekeeper Veralicia Figueroa.

Court documents reveal Darron Wint did not act alone.

The CEO, wife and housekeeper who were found murdered in the family’s mansion a week ago died from blunt force trauma, while their 10-year-old son burned to death, it has emerged.

Court documents released today have shed light on how 34-year-old murder suspect Daron Wint allegedly killed the Savopoulos family in Northeast DC – and indicate he did not act alone.

Wint, who was arrested on Thursday night after investigators found his DNA on a pizza crust left behind at the crime scene, appeared in court on Friday afternoon and is being held without bond.

Magistrate Errol Arthur said he could not think of a ‘single condition’ under which it would be safe to release the suspect, who appeared in court wearing a white prison issue jumpsuit.

He is charged in the murders of Savvas Savopoulos, his wife Amy, their son Philip and housekeeper Veralicia Figueroa, whose bodies were found on May 14 after firefighters responded to a blaze at their mansion….

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Not only should and his accomplices be denied bail, the death penalty should be on the table.



Pearson Hires Former Superintendent Who Cyberbullied Citizens


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Pearson Hires Former Superintendent Who Cyberbullied Citizens

Missouri Education Watchdog, by Gretchen Logue

Fox C-6 citizens were outraged when it was revealed Superintendent Dianne Critchlow, her husband and two other administrators were responsible for posting anonymous comments on an online community forum disparaging parents questioning practices of the district. The primary perpetrators, the superintendent and her husband, are no longer employed by the district. (It should be noted that at the time of her retirement, she was the highest paid superintendent in Missouri at approximately $260,000).

Critchlow had previously been involved in nepotism charges and the investigation of that story caused the police to ask the reporter to leave the school building […]




ISIS executes man using a BAZOOKA: Militants blast Syrian prisoner using a RPG


Below is the actual footage in full.  Warning: Graphic.

Originally posted on tomfernandez28's Blog:

Published on May 22, 2015

Go here for the full version: http://bit.ly/1R9vLjK

ABU HAMMAN, SYRIA — A disturbing new video apparently showing Islamic State militants executing a young man tied to a post with a rocket launcher has surfaced online.

The clip, released by a Syrian media activist group, Syria Is Being Slaughtered Silently, or RBSS, appears to show the brutal Thursday execution of Ibrahim Shraideh in Syria’s eastern Deir ez-Zor province.

RBSS activist Abu Mohammad confirmed to the International Business Times India through an e-mail that Shraideh was executed on May 20th in Abu Hammam town.

The armed militants are shown interrogating Shraideh, who according to various reports, next admits to killing two ISIS fighters in a firefight in Hai Sanour with a rocket-propelled grenade launcher.

The militants then declare they will seek an ‘eye-for-an-eye’ and savagely execute Shraideh using the weapon.

ISIS seized the ancient city of Palmyra…

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A Virginia police officer caught a couple of cuties without their seat belts and the “high-speed” chase is hilarious

Originally posted on Rare:

Kenny Bowman isn’t just a police officer in Roanoke, Va. He’s also a dad to two adorable children, which is kind of how his adorable home video has gone viral.

The video shows Bowman ‘pulling over’ his children.

“What are you a bunch of wise guys? Why aren’t you all buckled up?” he asks them.

“Mind your business,” says his daughter.

Then, Bowman asks for their driver’s licenses, to which his daughter says: “He has no back-up. Floor it!”

It was then that an on-foot, high-speed chase ensued.

Officer Bowman originally made the clip to share with friends and family, but now that it’s taken off online, he told WDBJ7 he hopes it sends a message to the public.

“The other side of the badge I guess you could call it, we all have families just like most people do,” he said. “Show them who you are. Just let people know you can…

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[VIDEO] Rock & Roll: Memorial Day Tribute to the U.S. Navy

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Tribute to the United States Navy in honor for all that have served, and as a tribute to all those currently serving, and those who will soon serve duty in the United States Navy..

via US Navy Tribute – Hell Yeah (Music Video) – YouTube

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These farmers learned the hard way that herding sheep down a suburban street is a baaaaad idea

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If you’re trying to count sheep, try not to be so literal.

This YouTuber saw farmers herding their goats and sheep by his house. Some, looking for a quick bite, grabbed snacks by eating from hedges on the roadside.

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First They Came For The Bikers…


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BEFUNKY waco-shoot-out-motorcycle-club-victims

Western Rifle Shooters Association

Will Grigg


…The bloody incident at Waco’s Twin Peaks restaurant was not a “biker shootout.” At present there is no evidence that any of the nine victims were killed by fellow bikers, rather than being “taken out” by the scores of police — including snipers — who had effectively turned the parking lot into a kill zone…


Then from over the transom:

“First they came for the bikers, but I wasn’t a biker. I hated bikers.”


It was a well known fact by all bikers, citizens and yes, WACO police (which includes FEDS) that the COC [Confederation of CLubs] meeting would be held on Sunday. All of the above groups, 1%’s, MC’s and Biker Orgs attend these meetings…..



Is it a coincidence that under Bill Clinton, there was the Waco: Massacre at Mount Carmel and under Barack Obama, the Waco Police Massacre aka the Twin Peaks Massacre, the events of which continue to unfurl? That and the need to show America that police shoot Caucasians too?




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