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Burns Oregon–ACLU defends Pete Santilli

Nevada State Personnel WATCH

Pete Santilli, an Internet radio host and strong advocate of the armed occupation near Burns, Oregon, led a demonstration outside the FBI's makeshift headquarters there.

Pete Santilli, an Internet radio host and strong advocate of the armed occupation near Burns, Oregon, led a demonstration outside the FBI’s makeshift headquarters there.

Conrad Wilson/OPB

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Carly Fiorina, Chris Christie Suspends Presidential Campaigns


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screenshot carly fiorina national press club 2013 chris christie abc gop debate


Republican Party, presidential primary candidate, Carly Fiorina, who came in seventh place with 4.% of votes in the New Hamsphire caucuses suspended her 2016 presidential bid this afternoon, in a statement

New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie is also expected to end his campaign before day’s end.

Below is an excerpt from statement posted on her Facebook page about an hour ago:

…While I suspend my candidacy today, I will continue to travel this country and fight for those Americans who refuse to settle for the way things are and a status quo that no longer works for them.

Our Republican Party must fight alongside these Americans as well. We must end crony capitalism by fighting the policies that allow it to flourish. We must fix our festering problems by holding our bloated, inept government bureaucracy accountable….

Fiorina’s statement can be read in its entirety here.  Below is the now former candidate’s speech in New Hampshire last night after the elections results came in.


Not faring much better in the caucuses last night in New Hamsphire, Christie came in sixth place with 7.4% of votes, zero delegates after which the governor informed supporters that he was heading home to New Jersey to re-assess his presidential bid.



New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has suspended his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination after a disappointing finish in New Hampshire, a source close to the campaign said Wednesday.

Christie made the announcement on a call with his campaign. He staked his hopes on New Hampshire, but finished sixth on Tuesday night with just 7% of the vote.

The decision marks a sudden end for someone once seen as a potential front-runner. In the wake of the 2012 election, Christie appeared poised for a strong bid for the Republican nomination — he won a second term as the Republican governor of a blue state and led the…

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Our Weasels Of The Week Nominees!


It’s time once again for the Watcher’s Council’s ‘Weasel Of The Week’ nominations, where we pick our choices to compete for the award of the famed Golden Weasel to a public figure who particularly deserves to be slimed and mocked for his or her dastardly deeds during the week. Every Tuesday morning, tune in for the Weasel of the Week nominations!

Here are this weeks’ nominees….

Superbowl Duo Beyonce and Mooch-elle Obama!!

The Noisy Room: My nomination goes to a duo… Michelle Obama and Beyonce. I think I may gag. I watched Beyonce’s new video released for the Superbowl halftime show in honor of Black Lives Matter. It is the raunchiest, most vile, racist piece of crap I have ever seen and that’s saying something. No wonder Michelle Obama loves it and adores Beyonce. She dressed for Beyonce’s approval of all things. I can’t repeat here what I think of both of them. CBS did an interview with the Obama’s that was inane and nothing short of a sickening lovefest. And it gets worse… Mooch dressed in all black, ostensibly in symbolic allegiance with the Black Panthers and blacks in general. Americans are outraged that the Super Bowl halftime show was allowed to be hijacked for political purposes and given a racist, black power theme. But is anyone surprised? Me either.

Michelle Obama pretended that she cooked all day for the Superbowl event. Right. Color me highly skeptical. The Obamas made lovey eyes and cooed over each as if anyone believes that either. I found the interview contrived and sickening in the extreme. More media propaganda for the Obamas and another push at racism. The whole game yesterday was centered on race and Americans are sick to death of it. This is probably the phoniest political interview of all time. The media is simply beyond repair and I can’t wait for these Marxists to get the boot. It will take a long time to undo the damage and the racism issue will take years to heal. This is why I didn’t watch the Superbowl yesterday and I’m sure why millions of others tuned it out as well. We just can’t take it anymore. No wonder the police turned their backs on Beyonce’s performance. It was disgraceful. Both Mooch’s interview and Beyonce’s video make them über worthy of a golden weasel.

The Ultra-sensitive Baby Killing Warriors At NARAL!!

The Right Planet: My nominee for Weasel of the Week would have to be the far-left, militant pro-abortion group NARAL (National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League) for their epic intersectional meltdown on Twitter over a Doritos Super Bowl ad that featured a pregnant woman receiving an ultrasound. NARAL was severely “microaggressed” over the Dororitos commercial for deploying the ever-dreaded “antichoice” tactic of “humanizing fetuses.” Apparently human fetuses are too humany, or something.

Oh, but it didn’t end there, oh dear masses. The perpetually aggrieved social justice warriors at NARAL also took great umbrage over the blatant patriarchal oppression embedded in a Hyundai ad. Additionally, NARAL called out Snickers for their despicable “transphobic” objectification of women. Will the exploitation and oppression ever end?


Personally, I think NARAL needs to chillax and eat a Snickers. They’re delicious, and gender-neutral … not to mention nutty. Just like NARAL.

Nice Deb: I nominate NARAL for going on an unhinged Twitter rampage during the Super Bowl over the commercials.

During the big game yesterday, NARAL’s Twitter account “live-tweeted” reactions to the highly anticipated Super Bowl commercials, exposing themselves yet again to be the angry, humorless scolds we all know them to be. The pro-abortion outfit chastised advertisers over the most micro of “microaggressions” and their SJW followers on Twitter retweeted their complaints.

In their most absurd Tweet, they attacked Doritos for showing an Ultrasound image image of a baby.

The Doritos ad in question showed a father eating Doritos while his pregnant wife received an ultrasound. The baby reacts strongly to the Doritos whenever Dad gets close with a chip. At the end, the baby physically launches itself out of the womb to try to get Doritos.

NARAL denounced the Doritos ad for using the ” #antichoice tactic of humanizing fetuses & sexist tropes of dads as clueless & moms as uptight.”

That’s right, they were upset because Doritos had the presumption to characterize a human baby as… human.

These abortion fanatics are particularly soulless and ghoulish weasels – but weasels nonetheless.

Defender of the Faith, President Barack Hussein Obama!!

The Daley Gator: President Obama went to a mosque, not a big deal except that the mosque he gave a speech from  has some issues.

Well, there it is. What a despicable group of  Weasels…ANY OF THEM COULD WIN! Check back Thursday to see which Weasel walks off with the statuette of shame!

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SHOCK: Ford Makes Massive Announcement… Trump Was Right About Everything


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The Progressive establishment hates when Donald Trump is right.

Conservative Tribune by Davis

ford cropped


One of the cornerstones of Donald Trump’s campaign has been that fact that millions of jobs have been lost to overseas industries because it is often too expensive to do business in America anymore.

Many liberals have criticized Trump for these statements, but the Wall Street Journal recently reported that Ford’s latest production move showed that Trump was exactly right.

Ford planned to build a new assembly plant in Mexico in order to produce 500,000 more vehicles in Mexico than it currently doed. Last year Ford’s Mexican output was 433,000 vehicles, which translates to about 14 percent of its total production in North America.

This deal had not been publicly confirmed and a Ford spokesperson simply stated, “We do not comment on speculation,” when asked about the company’s plans for Mexico […]

“We do not comment on speculation….”

Yeah, right.




Overwhelming Majority of Americans Believe that Both Parties Are Too Corrupt to Change Anything … “This, In Fact, Is A Revolution”


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Trump Sanders collage 465 x 350


By Washington’s Blog

Why Americans Are Backing Trump and Sanders Over the Mainstream Candidates Backed By the Political Machines

We’ve previously noted that polls show that Americans are in a “pre-revolutionary” mood, that less than 1 in 5 Americans think that the government has the “consent of the governed”, that government corruption tops the list of Americans’ fears (gee, we wonder why), and that 3 times as many Americans supported King George during the Revolutionary War than support our OWN Congress today.

You might assume that such statements are over-the-top … or that the results come from partisan pollsters.

But a group of Republican and Democratic pollsters and political strategists reviewed polling data last week, and revealed some stunning results:

  • 84% of all Americans believe political leaders are more interested in protecting their power and privilege than doing what is right
  • 81% percent believe the power of ordinary people to control our country is getting weaker every day as politicians of both parties fight to protect their own power and privilege
  • 80% believe the federal government is its own special interest primarily looking out for itself
  • 79% of all voters believe we need to recruit and support more candidates for office, at all levels of government, who are ordinary citizens, rather than professional politicians and lawyers
  • 78% believe that the Democratic and Republican Parties are essentially useless in changing anything, because both political parties are too beholden to special interests to create any meaningful change
  • 76% of Americans agree with the statement that America cannot succeed unless we take on and defeat the corruption and crony capitalism in our government
  • 75% believe that the US government is NOT working for the people’s best interest
  • 75% believe that powerful interests have used campaign and lobbying money to rig the system for themselves
  • 74% see the biased and slanted coverage of the media as part of the problem
  • 72% of Americans believe the U.S. has a two-track economy, where most Americans struggle every day, where good jobs are hard to find, and where huge corporations get all the rewards
  • 72% believe that the reason families in our middle class have not seen their economic condition improve for decades and economic growth is stalled is because of corruption and crony capitalism in Washington
  • 71% believe our government is not only dysfunctional, it is collapsing right before our eyes
  • 70% believe the government in Washington does not govern with the consent of the people
  • The majority – 56% – say they wish there were a third party with a chance of success to fight for their interests
  • Only 15% say the “values and principals of my political party are so important that I strongly prefer to vote for the candidates of my party…”

They concluded[…]

Continue Reading — Overwhelming Majority of Americans Believe that Both Parties Are Too Corrupt to Change Anything … “This, In Fact, Is A Revolution”


Permission to republish granted by Washington’s Blog.

Los Zetas Cartel Used Network of Ovens to Hide Mass Extermination in Mexico’s Coahuila


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Breitbart Texas through research with citizen journalists exposing Mexican drug cartels has uncovered atrocities committed by the Mexican cartel Los Zetas who during the period of 2011 through 2013 employed “a network of oven facilities to cover-up the systematic mass extermination of innocent people.”

The atrocities, of which remain unreported and undocumented on local, state, federal and international levels occurred in the Mexican town of Coahuila where Los Zetas during that time held dominion over the citizens of the town in addition to complete control over every aspect of the town’s government including the city jails and Piedras Negras prison which was transformed into a crematorium.


Oven in Mexico Used to Incinerate Bodies


Breitbart Texas by Brandon Darby & Ildefonso Ortiz

…We traveled to the Texas border town of Eagle Pass to meet with our new sources. The Mexican border town of Piedras Negras sits immediately across the Rio Grande. We ended up in the backseat of a car with two strangers from Mexico taking us to “meet some people.” As the car traveled to a remote industrial area, we began to look at each other nervously. We ended up in a dark industrial park and we both thought we had been set up. The driver and his partner pulled us up to a warehouse and asked us to get out. We did so and walked inside, both thinking that we might be in trouble.

Instead of kidnappers, we found a group of Mexican businessmen who were afraid that meeting with us in public would risk their lives or the lives of their families. They grilled meat and warmed up tortillas for us. We smoked cigarettes and enjoyed beers until the men began telling their stories. We heard of good people who simply disappeared. We heard of towns where mass “disappearances” had occurred and no one knew why. We were later able to verify each story and find the answers the men and their communities had sought after for so many years.

Some aspects of the massacre in Coahuila have seen the light of day through some national Mexican news outlets like Proceso, though the case has been largely ignored by Mexican mainstream media as well as mainstream media in the United States and elsewhere. Some outlets like Aljazeera America and San Antonio Express News have reported on the disappearances; however, the link to the Los Zetas having complete control of the Piedras Negras prison and turning the facility into a crematorium had gone largely unreported. Breitbart Texas began to ask questions and received hard answers about the impunity with which Los Zetas operated and the horrors that took place in that prison in late October. In late January, El Diaro de Coahuila also got some answers as to what really happened inside the Piedras Negras prison. According to information provided by Mexican authorities, Los Zetas had full operational control of the prison to the point where they took more than 150 individuals to the prison who were then tortured, murdered and incinerated. Despite the brutality of the case, major U.S. TV and print outlets have largely ignored the kidnapping and murder of hundreds of people from Allende, Coahuila.

During Mexico’s unknown massacre, Los Zetas carried out a systematic extermination by killing and incinerating more than 400 people in Allende and the surrounding towns. While details about what actually happened have barely begun to see the light of day, the massacre traces its roots back to March 2011[…]


Video: BLM Lights Unattended Fires Around People’s Land, Burns Cows Alive, Threatens Ranchers with Arrest if They Intervene


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The Daily Sheeple by Melissa Dykes

For all those people who believe everything the one-sided, agenda-driven mainstream media has reported on this issue, please take a look at reality.

The Oregon patriot militia takeover of the wildlife refuge began after ranchers were unfairly REsentenced under terrorism statutes for controlled burning of vegetation on federal land.

Less than two weeks after the Hammonds were resentenced to five years — that’s sentenced twice for the same instance of the same “crime” they already did time for, just under different statutes — the Bureau of Land Management was filmed setting uncontrolled, unmonitored fires to land around Prince Glenn, Oregon. This is the same exact thing for which the Hammonds were put back in jail.

Some fires were lit within a mere 100 feet of corrals. Ranchers were reportedly told to stand down, forced to watch the fires creep closer to their lands, cattle, and homes and do nothing to intervene. They were told if they did, they would be arrested.

The video begins with a message from Ammon Bundy. Start around 2:55 to watch the feds light the fires that threatened these people’s property, livelihoods, and lives.

Again, burning back vegetation is the exact same thing the Hammonds were sentenced not once, but twice for — the second time under terrorism statutes. Makes you wonder who the real terrorists are.

The video clearly shows these unattended fires start to creep up on people’s homes… You can hear the ranchers talking about how the fires are cornering the cows and see the cows are burned alive.



Cows burnt by the Bureau of Land Management

Some 80 cattle reportedly died due to this particular string of government-set fires… and the government does this all the time.

As Gavin Seim wrote on his YouTube channel, “Two of Hammond men are being sent away for 5 years on terrorism charges because they did maintenance on the grazing land… Federal Bureau of Land Management is destroying property, terrorizing American families and torturing cattle.”

Do you see what’s happening here? It’s like watching the mafia send a message.

This should shed a lot more light on what happened in Oregon. While many people may not agree with the tactics the patriot militia used up there at the wildlife refuge, if the government comes and sets multiple fires around your land and walks away, leaving it to burn and potentially burn your animals alive and burn down your home while putting your neighbors in jail and labeling them as terrorists for actually doing a controlled burning of encroaching vegetation that doesn’t endanger everyone around it, well…

What would you do?

(H/T: Mary Ayres DeVaull)


Permission to re-publish granted by The Daily Sheeple (creative commons)

Report: Clinton Considering Staff Changes After Likely Loss in NH


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Free Beacon by Morgan Chalfant



Hillary Clinton is reportedly considering making staff changes at her presidential campaign headquarters after what is likely to be a loss in the New Hampshire Democratic primary Tuesday.

Politico, citing multiple sources with knowledge of the matter, reported that Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, were initially planning to review staff at the Brooklyn, New York, headquarters following the first four Democratic primaries but pushed to move the review up after she nearly lost to competitor Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) in the Iowa caucuses.

“The Clintons are not happy, and have been letting all of us know that. The idea is that we need a more forward-looking message, for the primary–but also for the general election too … There’s no sense of panic, but there is an urgency to fix these problems […]


Translation: Hillary is going to cheat, of course, there’s no panic.

Forum: Is There A Refugee Crisis? If So, How Would You Solve It?


Every week on Monday morning , the Council and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week’s question: Is There A Refugee Crisis? If So, How Would You Solve It?

The Razor : I would argue that there isn’t a refugee crisis, there is a European identity crisis and that’s what is causing all the trouble.

The end of World War 2 and resulting institutions in Western Europe like the EEC built a myth of a European identity. This myth papered over the differences between the Germans and the French, and tried to portray Europe as one entity. The European Union was the culmination of this myth. Like all myths it contained a seed of Truth: there are commonalities between the EU countries. But it ignored the deep cultural, social, economic and historical differences between nations. As the citizen of a relatively young country like the US I’m a bit amazed that countries that are a millennia and a half older such as France and Germany sought unity, completely ignoring their unique characters.

The root of this error, I believe, is the pernicious fallacy that “people are people” and the assumption that everyone is just like us, they just look different, speak a different language or worship a different god. It is a fallacy based on ignorance, and worse, is rooted in elitism whereby the believer assumes s/he knows enough to make an accurate judgment with only a cursory understanding of the facts.

This viewpoint built the EU and is now witnessing its slow unraveling as the differences between the nations assert themselves, tearing it apart. It was also applied to the refugees fleeing the Middle East and North Africa. German Chancellor Merkel is a leading proponent of this view, and failed to appreciate the significant differences between the Syrians and her own people. She now faces a Pandora’s box whereby Germany must force its refugee population to assimilate German values (a politically correct no-go), deport the refugees back to where they came from (which would result in a significant hit to Germany’s international standing) or to assimilate the values of the refugees (force women to cover up, avoid travel alone). So far Merkel has followed the last course which will only lead to the eventual deportation of the refugees and the collapse of her government.

JoshuaPundit: There’s a crisis,all right, but it has nothing to do with ‘refugees.’ The truth is quite a bit darker. And while the reasons for what’s going on are somewhat different in Europe and America, they stem from similar sources.

What’s being imported to the EU under the banner of ‘refugees’ are predominantly young men of military age rather than helpless families, and many of these people already had safe havens in places like Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon and even parts of Syria. The vast majority are coming for one reason – the extremely generous welfare benefits they can get.

Europe’s elites are seeking to import vast amount of young Muslim men for one primary reason. Many old and famous nations have simply stopped having children in anything like replacement numbers, something quite common in socialist countries. The Germans, the Scots, the Italians, the Greeks, the Spaniards and others could simply disappear in a couple of generations. Europe’s native population is rapidly graying, and someone has to stoke Germany’s export driven economy and pay the taxes to support the huge welfare state infrastructure the Germans and other countries have come to take for granted to keep the EU afloat. To add to the turmoil, the Germans actually did this before in a much more moderate fashion by bringing in Kurds, Turks and Iranians into Germany as guest workers. That was largely successful, but Muslims from these groups have a vastly different culture than the ones coming in now, there are a lot more of them and the ones coming in now have no intention of assimilating.  That matters less to the  EU’s elites since  many of these ‘refugees’ can also  be expected to vote for the existing Socialist political order. Hollande and the Socialists were elected in France in no small part because of a bloc Muslim vote. It’s an open bet which is going to prevail in Europe and in which countries, the manipulation and repression by the EU’s cynical czars and czarinas or the nativist parties seeking to preserve their historic culture.

In America, the situation is somewhat different. Our own birth rate in America is at historic lows, but still at replacement rates and is also augmented by somewhat higher birthrates among Latinos, South Asian and East Asian who are  legal migrants.

The illegal migrants are a whole different situation. We now effectively have open borders by diktat of our president, and even gang members are not being stopped  from crossing… not to mention potential terrorists from countries in the Middle East.

President Obama has two reasons for doing this, and both are ideological. If you look at how the Obama Regime has attacked America’s institutions, you will see that two methods have been used…lawfare, and simply changing the demographics. Let’s dispose of the wholesale importation of illegal migrants by saying that President Obama and his party want to create a permanent far left Democrat majority by inundating red and battle ground states with them, after which the cry can go out to fast track them to citizenship. This also suits the well connected elites in both parties who seek to continue the flow of cheap labor and H1B recipients who can be hired at lower rates to keep American wages down.

But it’s the second reason that has the most to do with our question at hand. Since he entered office, President Obama has brought almost a million Muslims into America using refugee programs and diversity visas, mostly from the countries like Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Eritrea, ‘Palestine,’ and the Sudan. More will undoubtedly be allowed entry thanks to our very liberal family unification programs. By some estimates 90% of these refugees are on welfare, and not only are they mostly not interested in assimilating but hold views actually antithetical to America’s Constitution and its culture.  And he now wants to bring in many more, again by executive order.

President Obama may or may not be a Muslim, and I frankly don’t care. But it is a fact that a common thread that runs through his foreign policy and many of his domestic ones is the empowerment and enhancement of Islamists, a number of whom have low profile but influential positions in administration in a way that will smell familiar to those familiar with the Soviet infiltration of the Roosevelt and Truman administrations. He has even gone out of his way to protect Islamists guilty of material aid to terrorism.  And to aggressively to use his Justice Department to force communities to violate their own zoning laws to allow the construction of foreign funded, Muslim Brotherhood run ‘mega mosques’  far larger than needed to service any existing Muslims  in the area.

Even the Islamic Society of Baltimore, which the president chose as the first mosque in America that he’s ever visited, and where he made an outspoken speech on the subject of Islamophobia is a Muslim Brotherhood controlled mosque. It’s run by the Islamist front group The Islamist Society of North America (ISNA) and  has a long history of involvement with radical Islamists. Given that, our president’s remarks sent a very different message than the one most of the media picked up.

That’s the  crisis in both Europe and America involving ‘refugees.’  It’s one is one of cynical, destructive leadership.

The Glittering Eye : Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon have a refugee problem. The OECD countries, e.g. Germany, France, the UK, US, etc. don’t. We have a migration problem.

For the last thirty years or so the United States has maintained a policy of low wages fostered by mass immigration. As a consequence of that policy Hispanic population has grown from 4% of the total to 17%.

Migrants aren’t just workers; they’re people and like all people for good or ill they bring with them their social, political, and religious views. Our recent migrants, mostly from Mexico but increasingly from India and China, have brought their social, political, and religious views with them, it’s affecting our society, and the non-migrant population here is starting to push back.

For some reason or other Germany’s elites have decided to follow the US’s lead, fostering mass immigration from the Middle East. The attitudes of the new immigrants are incompatible with those of the native Germans but the native Germans, highly predisposed to rely on the judgment and good will of their authorities, are not yet pushing back against the new migrants. They will either need to surrender their own preferences or fight back against the new migrants. They don’t seem to have reached that point yet.

Turkey has decided to mitigate the consequences of their refugee problem by passing them on to Europe. So far the Europeans have gone along with the gag. My preferred solution is for the Europeans to start paying the Turks to maintain their refugee populations but so far the Europeans haven’t realized just how serious their situation has become.

The migration problem is lot bigger than just Syrian, Iraqi, and Afghan refugees and it’s a lot bigger than the Middle East. There are tens or even hundreds of millions of people who would happily leave their native countries mostly in Asia and Africa but also in Latin America to move to Europe or North America, a prospect which has become much cheaper and easier than in the past due to modern communications and transportation technology. Nowadays you don’t abandon the Old Country when you migrate. Mom and dad, your best friend, and your uncle are just a phone call away.

Frankly, no country in the world, not the United States or the United Kingdom or France or Germany can stand up against that sort of mass migration without domestic social upheaval and, just as frankly, none of those countries has much use for unskilled, non-skilled, or semi-skilled workers who don’t speak the language. Sweden’s experience with its Middle Eastern immigrants has been that twenty years later the majority are still unemployed and living off the country’s generous welfare.

I don’t have a handy solution for the migration problem. IMO many of the problems that are driving mass migration are caused by bad government and we’re importing the new migrants’ bad views on government right along with the migrants themselves.

My only advice is put your trust in God, my boys, and keep your powder dry! It’s going to be a difficult century.

The Right Planet: I certainly think there is a manufactured refugee crisis, especially in Western Europe and the United States. Perhaps it would be easier to explain my position by using an analogy—something that hits closer to home, so to speak. If I were a person who left the doors to my home unlocked, and came home to find a family had set up shop in my own home, without my permission, would that not be “problematic”—to borrow one of the favored terms from the “social justice warriors” (SJWs)? And what if this family who had decided to make my home theirs started making demands? For example, demanding I provide cash assistance, or providing food fare that is more to their liking. And what if this family that has decided to make my home theirs decided to make the part of my home where they’ve set up shop “off-limits” to me and my family? Does that sound reasonable or acceptable? It’s one thing if I had agreed to allow a family to live in my home. But under such an arrangement conditions would apply. And, at the end of the day, I make the rules, not the other way around.

Or let’s just flip this around a bit. Let’s say Americans were emigrating from the United States en masse. And let’s just say I decided to take my family to Mexico by crossing the Mexican border illegally. If Mexican authorities caught me crossing their border without permission, and I ended up being deported, whose fault would that be? Would it be the fault of the Mexican government for having strict immigration laws, or would it be my fault for ignoring their laws? Naturally, by ignoring their laws and getting deported, it would certainly cause a significant amount of stress and consternation on me and my family. But whose fault is that? How would I solve this crisis? Well, here’s a novel idea: I could respect and obey their laws concerning immigration.

One of the enumerated powers given to Congress under our Constitution is to control immigration. We have every right, as Americans, to preserve our way of life and culture; just as a homeowner has every right to decide who can and cannot live under their roof. Since 1965, the number of immigrants has skyrocketed from about 10 million to over 50 million. Consumption of welfare in immigrant households is nearly double that of American citizens. These welfare programs include Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), the Women Infants and Children food program (WIC), free or subsidized school lunches, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, i.e. food stamps), and public housing or rent subsidies, etc. The total expenditure for federal welfare programs, in 2012, amounted to around a half a trillion dollars! The States have spent around a $180 billion in Medicaid alone. The people who are benefiting from all this largess, on the whole, are paying little to no income tax—if they even report their income. A third of the population of Mexico is now living in the United States. And it is the American taxpayer who is footing the bill. And they have no choice in the matter. It’s being shoved right down their throats. And if Americans dare voice their legitimate concerns and anger over being forced to finance the immigration boondoggle, they are simply shouted down as racists, xenophobes and Nazis by the “Open Borders” apparatchiks and SJWs.

I have a number of good friends who have emigrated legally to the United States. They love this country, and love being American citizens. And they are just as concerned as I am, if not more so, by the huge influx and cost of assimilating entire populations of illegal immigrants and refugees on the taxpayers’ dime. This is unsustainable. One of the main responsibilities of the president of the United States is to enforce the laws that Congress has written. And yet, we see a president and a duplicitous Congress that has decided to ignore federal immigration laws by giving the green light to so-called “sanctuary cities.”

How how would I solve all this? It’s not easily solved now that millions have become dependent on the government dole. But I’d start by enforcing the laws and securing the borders. If we have no defensible borders, then we are no longer a nation. The goal of communism has always been to create a “borderless, classless world” where the state reigns supreme. But if the federal government has the ability and wherewithal to ship millions into this country illegally, they also have the ability to ship them back. I would also look closely at the legal immigration process, and whether the process needs to be streamlined and made more efficient, which I’m sure it does.

And as far as the current “refugee crisis” is concerned, I would like to know why it is that the United States and Europe are always expected to welcome, with open arms, entire populations from across the globe. I don’t see Russia, China, Middle Eastern countries, etc. rolling out the welcome mat for immigrants and refugees. Why is that? Hmmmm? Spare me all the talk about equality and fairness. This is about as unequal and unfair as it gets.

Laura Rambeau Lee,Right Reason : Refugees fleeing from violence in Syria have reached a crisis for countries in the European Union. The increasing harassment, violence, rapes, and murders of citizens have created a backlash of protests in these countries. They are being asked to accept refugees who will never assimilate into Western culture. These refugees bring a culture of adherence to shari’ah and intolerance of non-Muslims. It is a culture of barbarism and misogyny the West has not seen in centuries and it is being forced on the people by their governments. We also must not forget these countries have strict gun control laws, so they have no way to defend themselves against violent attacks.

In an effort to protect themselves we are seeing borders being reestablished to prevent refugees from entering. United Nations Representative Peter Sutherland recently spoke out against the appearance of razor-wire fences. “The recreation of borders challenges the whole integration of the European Union,” he said. “More particularly, it challenges the moral responsibility of states to help refugees to provide asylum.” We need to ask the question: Why is it the “moral” responsibility for countries of the E.U. to take in these refugees. What is the moral responsibility of the Arab countries in this crisis?

We do not have a refugee crisis here in America yet, but President Obama wants to bring tens of thousands or more refugees here and resettle them in states all over the country. Many of us see what is happening in Europe and do not want this brought into our country. We have already seen enough violence occur here in the name of radical Islam. We should not even consider bringing them here, especially since our government can give us no assurances that any of the refugees can or will be properly vetted to make certain they do not mean us harm. President Obama tells us our opposition to his plans to resettle refugees here is “not who we are.” He has no idea who we are, but by now every American should understand who he is. He promised to fundamentally transform our country and he has nearly succeeded. We must insist our representatives in Congress stop all plans by the Obama Administration to bring these refugees to America. It is government’s primary duty to assure that its citizens are protected and our laws followed. We must hold them to their sworn duty.

The civil war in Syria is horrific and those fleeing should be helped. But if resettlement is the answer the refugees should be welcomed by neighboring Arab countries where they share the same religion and culture. This is not our fight and we should not get involved.

Well, there you have it!

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John Kasich Campaign Under Investigation for Possibly Illegal Robocalls in New Hampshire


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John Kasich-New Hampshire Photo by Michael Vadon, Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

John Kasich-New Hampshire Photo by Michael Vadon, Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

No wonder John Kasich is enjoying himself in New Hampshire.

Breitbart News by Patrick Hawley

MANCHESTER, N.H. – The John Kasich campaign is under investigation by the New Hampshire Attorney General after complaints that the campaign allegedly sent pre-recorded robocalls to New Hampshire residents who are on the national no-call list, which is illegal under New Hampshire state law.

A Kasich adviser denies any wrongdoing.

Breitbart News has obtained an audio recording of a robocall that the Kasich campaign apparently sent out to at least one person in New Hampshire. The robocall ended up on the answering machine of at least one individual, Amhert’s James Burke, who is on the nationwide “no-call list” […]


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