Senate Progressives Block GOP Effort to Defund Planned Parenthood


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Life Matters cropped
Efforts to defund Planned Parenthood failed this afternoon in the U. S. Senate with a vote of 53 to 46.

Here’s how it went down:

Republicans failed to get the 60 votes needed to move legislation to defund PP forward and while two Progressives, i.e., Senators Joe Donnelly (Ind.) and Joe Manchin (W.Va.) voted for the legislation, two Republicans, i.e., the usual suspects – Sen. Mark Kirk (Ill.) and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) voted against it and presidential hopeful, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) was MIA.

McConnell allegedly voted against the legislation “to preserve the option of bringing up the bill” at a later date.

The Hill

McConnell and other supporters of the bill said it would protect women’s access to medical services because the roughly $500 million in federal funding would be redistributed to other organizations, such as community health centers.

‘Instead of subsidizing a political group, this bill would ensure funds continue to flow to community health centers and hospitals that provide more comprehensive health services — and have many more facilities nationwide,’ McConnell said Monday on the Senate floor….

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and other Democrats portrayed the legislation as an attack on women’s health and said community health centers would not be able to make up for the services Planned Parenthood provides….

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The latest battle on the abortion field is just beginning and will carry over through the 2016 election season.

Progressives on Record:

Progressives while claiming that they protect a women’s right to choose are now on record as advocates of American genocide, Black genocide, i.e., the murder, harvesting, sale and profiteering of babies, intact and otherwise.

Progressives cannot be pro-women while at the same time advocating policies that are anti-family and innocent babies.

So much for the Progressive talking point that Black lives matter when Progressives could care less.


Defund Planned Parenthood vote in the U S Senate 08032015



Debbie Wasserman Schultz refuses to describe difference between Democrats and Socialists….AGAIN.


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BEFUNKY screenshotdebbiewassermanschultzfromHardballtoMeetthePressandstillconfounded
Meet the Press, Chuck Todd took off this Sunday morning where Chris Matthews, MSNBC, Hardball left off last week, i.e., querying DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz on the difference between Democrats and Socialists. Wack-o-man’s response, PATHETIC.

Chris “Tingle” Matthews thinks that Wack-o-man Schultz’s inability refusal inability to outline the difference between Democrats and Socialists could be “an intellectual problem but I will give her the benefit of the doubt and say it was really a political problem.”


What a card. Would someone inform Chris ‘Tingle’ that Sunday was not April Fool’s Day.

After all, Obama would be pissed if Wack-o-man Schultz inadvertently enlightened those still living in a dream state after the past seven and a half years of his failed policies.

In case, you missed Wack-o-man’s exchange last week with Chris ‘Tingle’ that preceded this morning’s second fail, here it is (below).

Chris Matthews: “What’s the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist?”

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Choke – Guffaw – Nervous laugh.

So how much longer are Progressives willing to suffer the rocket scientist DNC chair? See: Twitchy’s ‘The best weapon the Republicans have': Dems attack Debbie Wasserman Schultz after another ’embarrassing’ interview.

Sanctuary City Councilman Appoints Two Illegal Immigrants to Serve on Commissions (Revised)


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Jhonny Pineda, City Councilman of Huntington Park, southeast L.A. (Facebook).

Jhonny Pineda, City Councilman of Huntington Park, southeast L.A. (Facebook).

Huntington Park, (southeast Los Angeles) City Councilman Jhonny Pineda announced the appointment of two illegal aliens to serve in the capacity of commissioners on the city’s advisory boards.

While ignoring the fact that citizenship is a privilege, (so much for one’s allegiance to country) Pineda pushing the fallacy that illegal aliens deserve a right to be heard, announced the appointment of illegal immigrants “Francisco Medina to the health and education commission and Julian Zatarain to the parks and recreation commission.”

Zatarain and Medina will not receive a salary as if that’s supposed to make their  appointments acceptable.


…Medina interned for then-Assemblyman Gil Cedillo, who now serves on the Los Angeles City Council, Pineda says. Medina also organizes immigration forums aimed a helping working-class communities.  Zatarain is a student at Santa Monica Community College who first came to the U.S. in 2007, according to Pineda. At Huntington Park High School, he served as ASB President and graduated with the highest GPA of his class…..

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Pineda ‘s message to legal immigrants, American citizens: You don’t count now move to the back of the bus.

Stop the Insanity!  Progressives are out of control.

SOURCE: Huntington Park to allow immigrants in U.S. illegally to serve on commissions, Los Angeles Times.


Carly Fiorina Goes Full Honey Badger on Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush and the Media. Awesome!


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BEFUNKY screenshotcarlyfiorinacpac2014
Right Wing News by

This is just freaking awesome. Carly Fiorina has a spine of steel and doesn’t mince words with these political hacks. First she nails the Hildebeast for accomplishing nothing but failure. Smack! Then she moves onto Jeb Bush… he couldn’t solve his way out of a cardboard box. Slap! Then she tears into the media. Oh, baby… she let them have it. She puts them in a journalistic timeout for lack of reporting on evil mongers such as George Soros. Then she nails them for taking dirty money while screaming that the Republicans do it instead. Hypocrites much? She saved the last stab for the unions. That’s moxy. Carly Fiorina is indeed the Honey Badger of the Republican Party. Get em, Carly!

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A Reagan Forum with Carly Fiorina – 07/27/2015 (video)


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Carly Fiorina, Reagan Forum - July 27, 2015 (screenshot).

“I am prepared to lead the resurgence of a great nation.” Carly Fiorina, Reagan Forum. July 27, 2015.

Vying for the 2016 presidential nomination, Carly Fiorina delivered a speech last week at the Reagan Forum that has been largely overlooked by the mainstream media.

Such failings is a disservice to Americans as Fiorina’s speech was powerful and worthy of note.

Fiorina is indeed a force to be reckoned with, must not be dismissed and has much to offer a nation that has been shortchanged and nearly brought to ruins by Barack Obama’s failed Progressive policies both on a national level and globally.

Two words about Fiorina’s speech which is followed by a short Q&A session: NAILED IT.

Published on YouTube July 27, 2015 by the ReaganFoundation

Please join us for a Reagan Forum with Carly Fiorina on July 27, 2015 with introduction by Executive Director, John Heubusch.

Carly Fiorina was the first woman to lead a Fortune 50 business when she was hired at Hewlett Packard. In her six years as Chairman and CEO, she doubled its revenues to $90 billion and quadrupled its growth to 9%. She currently serves as the Chairman of the American Conservative Union Foundation, which annually hosts CPAC, the Chairman of Good360, and the Chairman of Opportunity International. On May 4, 2015 she announced her candidacy for the 2016 Presidential Elections.

For more information on the ongoing works of President Reagan’s Foundation, please visit



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Corey R Lewandowski Donald Trump's Campaign Manager (Facebook)

Corey R Lewandowski Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager (Facebook)

July 2015, New York, NY. The above interview features Corey, who is Trump’s Campaign Manager, being interviewed.
He says people illegally here have NO RIGHT to be here, and brings the conversation back to protecting and helping the American People, NOT trespassers who constantly want to make this dialogue about THEM and their whiny wants.
He also cites Attrition Through Enforcement, which is a concept that has been in our Movement for years, but, the bottom line is this: If You are illegally in the U.S., You have to LEAVE! We don’t owe illegals anything.
With staffers like Corey behind Trump, we ARE “Making America Great Again”. Thank you for speaking up for U.S.!
The illegal alien “better life” is costing U.S. ours.

Forum:What Are The 5 Most Important Issues To You In The Coming Election?


Every week on Monday morning , the Council and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week’s question: What Are The 5 Most Important Issues To You In The Coming Election?

Don Surber : 1. Electing a Republican not named Jeb! Bush.

The Independent Sentinel : We need a president who will vacate all executive orders, memos, guidance issuances and every other misery Barack Obama put into place.

The new president needs to declaw the government agencies starting with the firing of the left-wingers fundamentally transforming us.

It’s in a way too late, but the nuclear deal needs to go. Treaty powers need to be restored and perhaps legislation needs to be passed that prevents these abuses by another Imperial President.

The military needs to be brought back up to par and the new president has to try to repair relations with allies and dump the communists and Fascists.

We need a president with an economic plan that doesn’t involve redistribution and over-investment in the exaggerated so-called science of climate change. We need to shrink the welfare state and get people back to work via the free market.

That is more than five but there are so many things wrong. Mostly we need a president who can restore our self-respect and unite us again. My concern isn’t what the socialists in the EU or what the fascists in the UN think of us, I care what we think of ourselves.

 Puma By Design :

1. Illegal immigration

2. Rebuilding our Defenses, Military. Thanks to Barack Obama, who has weakened our defenses, those who would have thought twice about attacking us eight years ago, no longer fear or respect us.

3. Reigning in the government PERIOD. From overreach, regulations to spending

4. Jobs, jobs, jobs

5. Education – parental control. Let the parents make the decisions, not bureaucrats and unions.

JoshuaPundit : My issues are as follows…and I’m fully aware that few politicians will be honest enough to actually discuss them in real terms with voters.

First, we need actual reform on both legal and illegal migration. This issue affects many of the others. I see it as encompassing real control of our borders, both physically and legally, and a return to the realization that immigration is a privilege extended by a sovereign state, not a ‘right.’ The diversity visas need to be ended and simple points system evolved for legal migration that applies to everyone…and because of the abuses of the last 8 years, criteria for rescinding the green cards of those whom do not meet this criteria. Illegal migrants likewise need to be compelled to register so that individual cases can be evaluated and a decision made on their continued legal residence based on criteria such as crime records, knowledge of English, employment, family members or employers willingness to be guarantors so the illegal migrants do not become public charges, etc.

Abuse of the H1B visas that have kept wages static for years in many industries needs to be stopped, and all decisions on new immigration subject to the effect on American workers already here. To my knowledge, the only presidential candidates whom have addressed this sensibly are Mike Huckabee, Scott Walker, Ted Cruz and Jim Webb.

Second, we need major reform of the tax code and a downsizing of the IRS. The entire tax code, in my opinion, needs to be rewritten so that all Americans pay taxes. I favor a design that simplifies the laws substantially, provides for perhaps 3 brackets for both personal and corporate income taxes,  eliminates most deductions and lowers rates. This approach would have enormous benefits.

The lower rates would actually increase revenues, as the increased money available to be spent or invested would generate other financial activity which could then be taxed. Most Americans whom work for wages wouldn’t even have to bother filing taxes, as they would be automatically deducted as they are now. Self employed persons could pay quarterly as many do now, simply providing 1099’s and a check, or those employed by corporations or doing work for hire like actors or musicians could have their taxes deducted by these corporations on their behalf.

A lowering of corporate taxation and a simplified tax code would also encourage domestic and (along with a genteel hint about possible tariffs)  foreign investment. You would once again see good paying blue collar jobs in America, and a far better balance of trade. This is exactly what happened with Japan in the1980’s and is why many ‘Japanese’ cars are now built by American workers in places like Kentucky and Ohio.

Third, we need to revamp the Civil Service rules. It’s all very well to rant about Big Government and the elimination of whole departments, but while that kind of bolshoi is a nifty applause line, reality is a different matter. For one thing, our courts in their wisdom have ruled that government employees have a property right to their jobs and it costs a large amount of time and money to fire anyone. Massive layoffs result in decreased  economic activity. While it might be nice to imagine that arrogant Uncivil Servant flipping burgers instead of sneering at you, the reality is that, multiplied by hundreds of thousands, his or her new salary as opposed to the $60K he  or she used to make affects everybody’s bottom line. And the byzantine regs of the civil service rules with their minutiae of job classifications limits what jobs people may do and where they can be transferred.Change that, and you can transfer workers where they’re needed and gradually shut down or even change the mission of various government departments and gradually downsize government by attrition.

Fourth, we to deal with our youth and our culture. America is full of kids with no fathers and no future beyond immediate gratification or maybe lucking into a coveted corner to sell crack on. They have no skills and no jobs, and even more importantly, many of them have no clue how to behave if they did. We need a wide spread government program to get these kids out of their environment and into better things. For some of them, this might mean apprenticeship programs involving private industry or even the military to teach them a trade. For others, it might mean jobs combined with room and board working at building up America’s infrastructure, and things like helping to fight fires or similar projects. In all cases, part of the game would be instructing them in America’s history and culture and teaching them to take pride in it.

For the same reason, school choice is absolutely essential. So is eliminating public employee unions or at least open shopping them.

Fifth, we need a president who understands strategic thinking and our military.This year, the Army failed to meet its recruiting goals. After all, with the involuntary mass layoffs, unsafe recruiting stations, the VA scandals, the current war on Christianity, the PC uber alles atmosphere and the likes of Barack Hussein Obama as commander in chief, is it any wonder?

This all needs to change. It isn’t enough to simply rebuild our military in manpower and equipment. We need to rebuild our military culture.

We once had a Federal office known as the Director Of Civilian Marksmanship. His job? Working with the NRA and similar groups to ensure that America’s youth were taught gun safety and shooting skills. He also saw to it that surplus military rifles were sold and distributed to them, as well as to ROTC programs around the nation. This was back in the days when kids received that first .22 from Dad and early lessons on how to use it safely…back when Dad still lived at home.

The result was that kids learned early about respect for  guns, and you didn’t see the mass shootings we have now. Plus, if America needed them, they were ready to go and a lot of them already knew how to shoot pretty well, I’d love to see that happen again, through the NRA and Jr. military programs like the Marine Corp’s Devil Pups. That’s how you rebuild a military culture.

For the past eight years, aside from having a president with little respect for our military except as  props and photo-ops, we have also had one whom has been an utter failure at strategic thinking. What that means is that you nurture and support alliances in strategic areas and horse trade with the bad guys from a position of strength, not weakness. Or, as Ronald Reagan once said, “We win, they lose.”

Our next president will have to be someone like that – whether we like it or not.

Laura Rambeau Lee, Right Reason : The five most important issues to me in the coming election are, in order from fifth to first:

5. Budget

4. Reining in overreaching and unconstitutional regulatory agencies such as the EPA and the CFPB

3. National Defense

2. National Security, encompassing immigration and border protection

And the number one issue most important to me:

EDUCATION. It is imperative that we, as a people and nation, understand the damage already done by progressives who infiltrated our education system. It began in the 1960s at the university level, but today the indoctrination begins in pre-K and continues through elementary, middle, and high school. You see it in our youth who have already accepted the socialist doctrine as preferable to our republican form of government.

Ask Marion :

1.Stop Illegal immigration and securing the borders.

2. Repairing the U.S. economy which includes everything from nullifying illegal trade agreements to creating jobs, jobs, jobs…;

3. Help Americans believe in a future which includes a great America after rebuilding our military strength around the world.

4.Fixing American Healthcare with an actual plan to repeal and replace ObamaCare.

5. Overhaul the Education system and restore the power of parents, states and the U.S. Constitution.

Well, there you have it.

Make sure to tune in every Monday for the Watcher’s Forum. And remember, every Wednesday, the Council has its weekly contest with the members nominating two posts each, one written by themselves and one written by someone from outside the group for consideration by the whole Council. The votes are cast by the Council, and the results are posted on Friday morning.

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Jeb Bush addresses 2015 National Urban League Conference


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BEFUNKY screenshotjebbush2015nationalurbanleagueconference


In addition to presidential candidate, former Governor Jeb Bush (R-FL) speaking at the 2015 National Urban League conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Dr. Benjamin Carson, Hillary Clinton, former Governor, Martin O’Malley (D-MD), and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) were among the speakers.

Of course, Hillary Clinton couldn’t wait for the opportunity to take a jab at Bush.

Pot calling the kettle black.

Ben Carson addresses 2015 National Urban League Conference


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screenshot dr benjamin carson 2015 national urban league conference

In addition to presidential candidate Benjamin Carson speaking at the 2015 National Urban League conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Hillary Clinton, former Governors Jeb Bush (R-FL), Martin O’Malley (D-MD), and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) were among the speakers.

Garland, Texas Jihadist’s Firearm Linked to Operation Fast and Furious


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BEFUNKY screenshotericholder001 say what

TheBlaze by Oliver Darcy

According to the L.A. Times, Soofi wanted to purchase a 9-milimeter pistol, but knew prior misdemeanor drug and assault charges would be flagged in the federal screening process. Soofi, thus, went to Lone Wolf Trading Co., a shop known to sell firearms illegally.

The Phoenix gun shop, however, was part of the botched Fast and Furious operation, the L.A. Times reported. Federal authorities were allowing Lone Wolf to sell illegal firearms with the hope of tracing the weapons to drug cartels and smuggling networks….

Read full article

Let’s see here. Barack Obama and Eric Holder arming jihadists and complicit in the murders of our border agents and other Americans killed with firearms procured courtesy of the most corrupt administration in the history of the United States. Can we throw the gun runners in prison now or is that line of thinking racist?


Since when did the Islamic State (ISIS) seize control of Facebook?


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Shoebat By BI

Facebook takes down an image of the Marine Corps emblem, posted as a tribute to the 4 Marines and 1 Sailor slain by a Muslim terrorist in Chattanooga, saying it “violates community standards.” Whose community standards – ISIS?



Liberty Unyielding Late Monday, Facebook unpublished the popular pro-military “Locked and Loaded” page, while telling administrators that a picture of the United States Marine Corps emblem with a ribbon marked “In Remembrance” violated their community standards. Jason Light, an administrator from Atlanta, told this reporter in an exclusive interview the page was covering the funeral and burial of Marine Lance Corporal Skip Wells, who was killed in Chattanooga….

Continue Reading

H/t Grumpy Opinions.


Why Did Rubio Sign on to McCain’s Pro-Muslim Brotherhood Letter?


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screenshot marco rubio water - establishment candidate

Front Page Magazine by Daniel Greenfield

…The process by which Morsi was removed was the same as the process by which Mubarak was removed; popular protests followed by the military choosing sides. The media supported the overthrow of Mubarak and therefore has no credible reason for opposing the removal of Morsi by many of the same people and through the same methods… except support for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Meanwhile McCain, Rubio and a bunch of Democrats have authored a letter to Kerry with pro-Brotherhood talking points. Most of it is filler, but the stinger comes at the end.

‘As we saw during the Arab Spring uprisings, choking off all peaceful and legitimate avenues for dissent coupled with unaccountable institutions fuels violent extremism and increases the likelihood of long-term instability. …

Read full article

Does Marco Rubio realize that by his colluding with members of the Progressive establishment, he is also colluding with the Muslim Brotherhood? Vote Rubio OUT!

Danield Greenfield is right, “Rubio should know better.”



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