EXPOSED: NYT Caught EDITING, DISTORTING Cliven Bundy’s remarks! See full clip.


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Rancher Cliven Bundy poses at his home in Bunkerville, Nevada

Okay, in my recent post entitled, “NYT Brings the Race Card into Bundy Ranch Standoff to Distract from Govt Land Grab”, I stated that I would not revisit this smear campaign and attempt to distraction attention away from the federal government land grab and Harry Reid’s was on Cliven Bundy. However, being a firm believer of righting the wrongs, I make an exception.

The New York Times intentionally edited Mr. Bundy’s interview to make it appear as if Bundy was a racist. Shame on them!!!!!!

Below is a full clip of Cliven Bundy’s remarks about Blacks, Mexicans which all will agree is not racist followed by the version put out there by the New York Times.


Now for the video put out there by the New York Times.



As I said in my earlier post, PREDICTABLE and lastly, Glenn Beck, having done enough harm, you owe Cliven Bundy a huge apology.

H/t Pat Dollard.





NYT Brings the Race Card into Bundy Ranch Standoff to Distract from Govt Land Grab (UPDATED)


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UPDATE:  Righting the wrongs and exposing the lies. See my update to this post entitled — EXPOSED: NYT Caught EDITING, DISTORTING Cliven Bundy’s remarks! See full clip.”



Cliven Bundy

Cliven Bundy


Progressives are so predictable. Apparently, a reporter and photographer from the New York Times decided to show up last weekend at Cliven Bundy’s ranch for Bundy’s daily conference.

The fact that the NYT popped up on the scene should have set off alarm bells and warnings with someone, anyone but it did not. Bundy not being a seasoned interviewee stepped into a land mine.

Bundy, it can be said, although expressing his freedom of speech and thought said something that the New York Times rag could twist, turn and regurgitate making this one statement a major distraction for weeks to come.

The endgame, of course, is to distract and to drive a wedge between public opinion and the massive BLM land grab going on across the United States. In this case, Nevada.

Somehow, during the interview, Bundy entered into a discussion about abortion, welfare and its effects on Black America.

New York Times Excerpt (Bundy’s Remarks)

‘…I want to tell you one more thing I know about the Negro,’ he said. Mr. Bundy recalled driving past a public-housing project in North Las Vegas, ‘and in front of that government house the door was usually open and the older people and the kids — and there is always at least a half a dozen people sitting on the porch — they didn’t have nothing to do. They didn’t have nothing for their kids to do. They didn’t have nothing for their young girls to do.

‘And because they were basically on government subsidy, so now what do they do?’ he asked. ‘They abort their young children, they put their young men in jail, because they never learned how to pick cotton. And I’ve often wondered, are they better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things, or are they better off under government subsidy? They didn’t get no more freedom. They got less freedom….’

Read full article

You can view video of Bundy’s remarks here.

Of course, Bundy’s remarks has nothing to do with the land grab which is why I wonder that with everyone surrounding the Bundy’s these past few weeks why didn’t someone, again anyone tutor Mr. Bundy when it came to the mainstream media. Better yet, why wasn’t someone around to keep him on subject?

Look, I am not going to sugar coat this or make excuses for the politicians now busting a gasket to distance themselves from Bundy. I will say that I am sick of candy arse (forgive my language) bureaucrats and Conservative journalist and pundits (you know who you are, your government check is in the mail) running for the nearest exit when Progressives pull a fast one, someone is misquoted, taken out of context or shares a view that is not pc. These land grabs by the federal government is so much bigger than that.

At the same time, I make no excuses for Bundy’s remarks but since this unhyphenated American has made similar remarks herself, as have many hard-working Blacks about self-loathing Blacks on the government dole, does that make me racist? (Warned you, no sugar coating.)

I have no interest in the government’s smear campaign intended to destroy Cliven Bundy after which the federal government will then go in for the kill.

Now that I have had my say, in the future, anything that I write from here on in regarding the Bundy Ranch Standoff, BLM’s land grab and that ODB, Harry Reid, will be on subject not the distractions.




NYC’s Mayor Bill de Blasio’s position on horse carriages switched as the cash rolled in


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Image courtesy of NYDN.

Image courtesy of NYDN.


New York Daily News

As a councilman, Bill de Blasio once expressed doubt over a horse-carriage ban. Then the campaign donations started rolling in.

If you want to follow Mayor de Blasio’s evolving position on Central Park horse carriages, just follow the money.

De Blasio switched positions on the issue, first expressing doubt about a potential ban and later embracing it. Along the way, he pocketed $45,000 in a stream of campaign checks from the anti-carriage crowd, a Daily News review found.

He was also the beneficiary of a highly choreographed media blitz against his chief rival for City Hall — former Council Speaker Christine Quinn — an effort funded to a great extent by the anti-carriage crowd….


Bill Sandinista de Blasio was for the horse carriage ban long before he turned against it.


Wendy Kelman Neu, CEO of Hugo Neu, donor de Blasio, environmentalist, community organizer and board member of NYCLASS.

Wendy Kelman Neu, CEO of Hugo Neu, donor de Blasio, environmentalist, community organizer and board member of NYCLASS.


Sandinista Bill’s evolution began with a $1,000 political donation towards his 2008 campaign for public advocate from one per center, Wendy Neu, CEO of Hugo Neu Corporation, a privately held company that invests, builds and manages innovative recycling, real estate and related industries (social justice freaks and environmental fascists).

Also an animal right advocate and community organizer, Neu became a board member of NYCLASS aka New Yorkers for Clean, Livable and Safe Streets, which coincidentally is the city’s leading anti-horse carriage lobbying group.


Steve Nislick,  co-founder of NYCLASS, parking garage magnate and former CEO of Edison Properties.

Steve Nislick, co-founder of NYCLASS, parking garage magnate and former CEO of Edison Properties.


From 2010 on donations began to pour in from Stephen Nislick, parking garage magnate and co-founder of NYCLASS among others.

Nislick, a one per center and former CEO of Edison Properties which owns garages, mini-storage spaces and office buildings now proclaims his love for horses. Coincidence??? Not really. It is no secret here in NYC that Nislick has had his sights set on the location of the horse stables for nearly two decades if not longer.

In January 2011, Sandinista Bill received more campaign donations from opposition of the horse carriage industry (a) NYCLASS supporters wrote $20,400 in checks to de Blasio and (b) in the spring of 2011, John and Wendy Neu donated the maximum of $4,950 each. It is during the receipt of the 2011 financial donations that the Central Park horse carriage industry officially fell out of favor with de Blasio….


Continue Reading – NYC’s Mayor Sandinista de Blasio’s position on horse carriages switched as the cash rolled in



Originally posted on Adina Kutnicki:

Islamophobia - 4

EVEN intelligent high schoolers (and, they don’t even have to place in the top 5-10% of their classes!) intuit that something is acutely amiss world over. On the one hand, their (western) leaders babble ad infinitum – not unlike idiot savants – about Islam being a “religion of peace”, all the while they witness (via the internet, social media and non-intimidated global sources) untold numbers of butchery in the name of Allah, Islam’s supreme “guide”. Credo quia absurdum!

So, if Islam is not at war with America – the west – then how come jihadists scream Allahu Akbar after every kill?Similarly, why are their scholars quoting countless Koranic passages, to back up Islam’s war against western infidels? Why aren’t western leaders listening to what Islamists are actually shouting from the rooftops, being that they plan to take over America and the entire west? 

Since Sura 5:32 is part of a…

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ECSU Professor: ‘Racist, misogynist, money-grubbing people’ want to stop blacks, Latinos from voting


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Professor Brent-Terry Eastern Connecticut University

Campus Reform

A professor at Eastern Connecticut State University (ECSU) was caught on audio telling his creative writing class that Republicans will close colleges if they prevail in 2014 and that “racist, misogynist, money-grubbing people” want to suppress the liberal vote.

In a four-minute recording of a classroom lecture obtained by Campus Reform, Professor Brent Terry is heard strongly suggesting that conservatives are greedy racists who want to suppress the vote of anyone who might vote liberal.

‘…racist, misogynist, money-grubbing people have so much power over the rest of us. And want things to go back—not to 1955, but to 1855,’ Terry said to his Introduction to Creative Writing class Monday morning.

‘There are a lot of people out there that do not want black people to vote, do not want Latinos to vote….


Fear mongering, hateful Progressive elitist this evil slug should not be allowed near our children.




Stop Lying About the 99 Cent Store and Other Things too (video)


Published on Apr 19, 2014 by Promoting Common Sense One Person At A Time


Ninety-nine cent stores have ever lived up to its name.

Back in the 70’s about the time that the last John’s Bargain Store in New York City shuttered its doors, 99-cent stores began popping up all over the place. The costs of items in these stores were 39 cent and 79 cent for a short while. Eventually the price began to creep up to 99 cent.

For a few years, not many items in the stores cost more than 99 cent but as with everything else, that did not last forever.

Once the prices began to increase in these so-called 99 cent stores, there was no stopping them. It has been on and upwards ever since.

In other words and as stated in the above video, nothing is ever as one purports it to be.


99 cent stores and other things collage

EPA celebrates Earth Day by jetting across America, spewing C2O


The elites and hypocrisy go hand in hand.

Originally posted on Fellowship of the Minds:

Today is Earth Day , the highest holiest day of Gaia-worshiping Greenies.

In honor of Earth Day, Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is sending its administrator high priestess, Gina McCarthy, on a week-long 5-city tour to preach to the benighted, which will burn up more carbon and cause more pollution than you or I could ever generate in a year.

Gina McCarthy

Fox News reports, April 22, 2014, that the EPA announced that McCarthy would visit New York, Boston, Cleveland, Atlanta and Memphis to “participate in various events to…focus on responsible steps to cut carbon pollution to slow the effects of climate change.” Her tour began yesterday with a visit to Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show,” where McCarthy touted Obama’s climate action plan. McCarthy will end her tour on Friday with a visit to sustainable energy projects in Tennessee.

But the national nonprofit environmental group Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility…

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Ah,the Dramatics. Humanists target NJ school


Despise these atheists.

Originally posted on therasberrypalace:

A family is suing a New Jersey school district, contending that the phrase “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance discriminates against atheist children.

The lawsuit against the Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District was filed in state court last month and was announced Monday by the American Humanist Association. The group says the phrase, added in 1954, “marginalizes atheist and humanist kids as something less than ideal patriots.”

The anonymous plaintiffs say those two words “under God” violate the state constitution.

But school district lawyer David Rubin says the district is merely following a state law that requires schools to have a daily recitation of the pledge. He says individual students don’t have to participate.

I’m thankful my husband and i grew up when we did. We didn’t have these problems. Lotts of problems we didn’t have.

Let me put it this way. If someone put a gun to my head…

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Oklahoma Cop Shoots, Kills Family Dog, Says it Was ‘Awesome’


The only thing more despicable than a thug with a badge and a gun is the act of murdering this dog.

Originally posted on Mountain Republic:

“Did you see her collar fly off when I shot her? That was awesome!”

Adan Salazar

Pit bull dog, "Cali" / Image: Facebook

Pit bull dog, “Cali” / Image: Facebook

An Oklahoma police officer shot and killed a family’s dog and later laughed about it to a responding animal control unit, reports claim.

On Wednesday, Ardmore resident Sarah Jo Ellen Brown reportedly arrived home to news that her family’s pit bull dog “Cali” was dead.

“When the owner, Sarah, got there, the officer said, ‘We shot your dog, she’s dead,” a petition launched in Cali’s honor states.

According to multiple sources, Ardmore Police Sergeant Brice Woolley responded to a call regarding a dog that had escaped and was wandering the neighborhood.

“I’m not waiting for animal control,” Sgt. Woolley allegedly stated as he grabbed his shotgun to confront the doomed pooch.

As pictures show, Sgt. Woolly, who works the day shift patrol in Ardmore, next…

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NY Appeals Court Orders Release of Legal Memo re Obama’s Assassination List


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Obama's kill list. Courtesy of American Free Press.

Obama’s kill list. Courtesy of American Free Press.


Appeals Court Rules Government Can’t Have It Both Ways on Targeted Killing

In an important opinion issued today in the ACLU’s ongoing litigation surrounding the government’s targeted killing program, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit roundly rejected the government’s extreme claims of official secrecy over information about the program. In ordering the release of a 2010 legal memorandum by the Office of Legal Counsel analyzing the potential targeted killing of an American citizen, as well as other information about records the government has previously refused to describe at all, the Second Circuit became the first court to order the release of a document related to the government’s targeted killing program. It also became the second federal appeals court in the last 13 months to hold that the government has pushed its secrecy claims surrounding the targeted killing program past their breaking point.

In today’s opinion, the Second Circuit panel held that the government’s repeated public assurances that the targeted killing program is lawful, and its disclosure of a “white paper” that summarized its legal conclusions, had waived its right under the Freedom of Information Act to keep secret its legal analysis authorizing the killing of U.S. citizens. This is a victory for common sense, and a reminder that the courts have an important role to play in scrutinizing government claims about national security. As the ACLU’s Jameel Jaffer, who argued the case before the Second Circuit panel in October 2013, said today, “This is a resounding rejection of the government’s effort to use secrecy and selective disclosure to manipulate public opinion about the targeted killing program.”

In January 2013, the district court agreed with the government that it could keep secret all of its documents related to the targeted killing program. But even as it denied the ACLU’s claims, the district court expressed extreme misgivings about the result, referencing Alice in Wonderland before writing:

I can find no way around the thicket of laws and precedents that effectively allow the executive branch of our government to proclaim as perfectly lawful certain actions that seem on their face incompatible with our Constitution and laws while keeping the reasons for their conclusion a secret.

Today’s ruling from the appeals court reversed that decision, ruling that the government itself had effectively made that thicket irrelevant by officially disclosing information about the program and its legal basis. The panel concluded that “[w]hatever protection the legal analysis might once have had has been lost by virtue of public statements of public officials at the highest levels and official disclosure of the DOJ White Paper.” The panel sent the case back to the district court, where the government will have to defend its withholdings of many specific documents that it has thus far refused to publicly describe in any way. (The memorandum itself will remain under seal as the government contemplates its options to appeal the ruling to the entire Second Circuit or, perhaps, to seek review by the Supreme Court.)

In the bigger picture, it is clear that the ACLU’s efforts to remove the veil of secrecy surrounding the government’s targeted killing program are paying off. In March 2013, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals held that the CIA could no longer hide behind a so-called “Glomar” response to information requests about targeted killing by refusing to confirm or deny whether it held records about the program. In that opinion, the D.C. Circuit ruled that the courts would no longer “give their imprimatur to a fiction of deniability that no reasonable person would regard as plausible.” Today’s opinion from the Second Circuit is cut from the same cloth, affirming the public’s right to understand and evaluate the government’s defense of its killing program for itself.

Source: ACLU



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