Eric Bolling Blasts ‘Liberal Goon Squad’ of Stewart, Colbert, and Maher’ Over Minimum Wage Fight


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BeFunky_Stewart Maher and Colbert Marxist Goon Squad - Screenshots cropped




Published on Sep 27, 2014

Eric Bolling ended today’s Cashin’ In going after the “liberal posse” of Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Bill Maher for going after him whenever he calls out food stamp abuse or “minimum wage rage” on the left.
Bolling argued they have their priorities backwards, because he’s more worried about members of the military getting decent, entry-level salaries.
And it really outraged Bolling that fast food workers are demanding a $15/hour minimum wage, when entry-level military salaries are only a little over half that.
Bolling said, “Every time I suggest we spend more money on troops, Colbert, Stewart, and Maher go on the attack… We have our priorities backward, thanks to the Mo, Larry, and Curly of the left.” Stewart and Colbert have both roasted Bolling in the past, and as recently as this week, Stewart reacted to Bolling’s comment about “latte-gate” by telling him, “F*** you and your false patriotism.”

If only Progressives would give half as much attention, respect and support to the men and women of the U. S. Military. There is no greater sacrifice than that made by the men and women who serve and our veterans. They deserve higher compensation and healthcare, as do their families.

As for fast food workers, sorry. Those jobs are intended for teenagers.

The Khorasan Group, Contrived by Obama to Justify Syrian Airstrikes


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When the Obama administration mentioned an off-shoot of Al Qaeda, labeled the Khorasan Group, my first, second and subsequent responses were the Khora-who?

Even more suspicious was the urgency of Obama and his minions this past week to hold numerous press conferences on the subject of the so-called Al Qaeda offshoot.

Well cat out of the bag, America, chalk it up to “rapid, iterative experimentation.”

[Keywords: “iterative experimentation” and “Test, Learn, Adapt” “iterative” meaning repetition.] That, however, is another post. (See my July 13, 2013 post entitled, White House creates NUDGE SQUAD to shape behavior of Americans.)

If you repeat a lie often enough, the people will begin to believe it; but before you drink the kool-aid; be advised that the Khorasan Group is a lie, an Obama deception, the purpose of which is to save face; Barack Obama’s to be exact. Even more nefarious, it is justification for war airstrikes in Syria that will lead to the takedown of Bashar Assad.

You may recall that during the 2012 presidential campaign and beyond Obama’s rallying cry was “Al Qaeda is on the run” and “Al Qaeda has been decimated.” Again, not true.

BeFunky_Underpainting_242 Barack Obama James  Clapper Al Qaeda is dead


Just last week, Europe European counter-terrorism specialists reported that the United States never once mentioned the Khorasan Group nor were they informed of the plan to take the group down. Why? Because no such entity exists.

As reported by Barack Obama, himself, the sites hit last week belonged to the Khorasan Group.

The installations hit last week that the snake oil salesman and pathological liar claimed belonged to the Khorasan Group actually belonged to the Al Nusrah Front an al-Qaida affiliate that anti-government rebel groups consider an important ally in their fight to topple the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad.”

National Review By Andrew C. McCarthy

It’s a fictitious name the Obama administration invented to deceive us.

You haven’t heard of the Khorosan Group because there isn’t one. It is a name the administration came up with, calculating that Khorosan — the –Iranian–​Afghan border region — had sufficient connection to jihadist lore that no one would call the president on it.

The ‘Khorosan Group’ is al-Qaeda. It is simply a faction within the global terror network’s Syrian franchise, ‘Jabhat al-Nusra.’ Its leader, Mushin al-Fadhli (believed to have been killed in this week’s U.S.-led air strikes), was an intimate of Ayman al-Zawahiri, the emir of al-Qaeda who dispatched him to the jihad in Syria….’

Continue Reading

And in the event, one thinks that this is a right wing conspiracy, think again.

So how you may ask did Barack Obama pull of his latest deception? The mainstream media as always was onboard.


The Fake Terror Threat Used To Justify Bombing Syria By Glenn Greenwald and Murtaza Hussain, The Intercept.

As the Obama Administration prepared to bomb Syria without congressional or U.N. authorization, it faced two problems. The first was the difficulty of sustaining public support for a new years-long war against ISIS, a group that clearly posed no imminent threat to the “homeland.” A second was the lack of legal justification for launching a new bombing campaign with no viable claim of self-defense or U.N. approval.

The solution to both problems was found in the wholesale concoction of a brand new terror threat that was branded “The Khorasan Group.” After spending weeks depicting ISIS as an unprecedented threat — too radical even for Al Qaeda! — administration officials suddenly began spoon-feeding their favorite media organizations and national security journalists tales of a secret group that was even scarier and more threatening than ISIS, one that posed a direct and immediate threat to the American Homeland. Seemingly out of nowhere, a new terror group was created in media lore….

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DOJ Bans Ferguson Police Officers from Wearing “I Am Darren Wilson” Bracelets


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BeFunky_null_3 Ferguson Police I am Darren Wilson bracelets

As reported by the Marxists over at Think Progress, the racist, law enforcement hating Department of Justice is infringing upon the liberties of Ferguson police officers (my emphasis).

Christy Lopez, a deputy chief in the Civil Rights Division sent a letter to Ferguson police chief, Tom Jackson, demanding that Ferguson police remove from their wrists, “I am Darren Wilson” bracelets “when in uniform and on duty.”

In addition, the officers who have covered their nameplates no doubt for the sake of security for both themselves and their families, have now been ordered to wear “readable” nameplates in spite of the fact that Ferguson remains a hot bed of hate most coming from the residents and outsiders taking advantage of a crisis that certain factors refuse to let die.

… in response to civil unrest, which gained steam again after Brown’s memorial was burned to the ground on Tuesday, and the use of the slogan “I Am Mike Brown,” officers were photographed wearing the bracelets supporting the officer who killed him.

The DOJ letter sent to Jackson explained that the bracelets contributed to an “us versus them” mentality and “upset and agitated” others.

In a separate letter, the DOJ also said that officers must stop violating name tag protocol by obscuring or altogether not wearing their name tags. The practice, DOJ said, “conveys a message to community members that, through anonymity, officers may seek to act with impunity….”

Read full article

As such is the mindset of intolerant liberal whose primary agenda is to keep the fever going to 2016 and beyond. H/t Soopermexican, The Right Scoop.

Friday’s DOJ letter states that despite the need for freedom of expression, police departments should “closely regulate” officers’ appearance. See excerpts below.

DOJLetter to Ferguson Police chief banning I am Darren Wilson bracelets page 1

As far as the Communist thugs at the DOJ attacking the liberties of law enforcement, (i) like it or not, there is such a thing as due process, (ii) just because these men and women put their lives on the line every day does not mean that they should be denied freedom of expression; and (iii) this is the pot calling the kettle black. The DOJ has proven itself to be biased and morally corrupt ideologically and to the point that it is destroying this nation.

There is not one person in the Civil Rights Division who has proven his or herself to be above racism, politics and ideology.




Bill Donohue: Common Core Proponents Strong-Arming Catholic Schools


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BeFunky_null_14 Common Core Catholic Schools


Authored By Justin Petrisek, Catholic Education Daily

MANASSAS, Va. – Catholic League president Bill Donohue wrote in an article today, “[W]e do object to the tactics being used by paid advocates [of Common Core] to whip Catholics into line.” Donohue was commenting on the recent attempts by a Gates Foundation-funded organization to counter the declining support for the Common Core by “strong-arm[ing]” Catholic educators and opposing The Cardinal Newman Society, as was reported.

Sara Pruzin, a state operations associate for the Council for a Strong America (CSA) and former communications intern for U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, recently contacted a Newman Society leader to rally Catholic support for the Common Core. She sent an email on August 28 to Dr. Daniel Guernsey, director of the Newman Society’s K-12 Education Programs, in which she claimed the Society was part of “strident attacks coming from parts of the Catholic community.”

The Society’s “Catholic Is Our Core” initiative explores the controversy surrounding the Common Core and helps Catholic families, educators and Church leaders to better understand the standards and protect the extraordinary legacy of Catholic schooling.

In his article, Donohue took exception to CSA’s targeting of Catholic educators and organizations:

The Council for a Strong America (CSA) is pressuring Catholic educators to adopt Common Core. That wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t doing so at the behest of its benefactor, the Gates Foundation, or if it weren’t bashing the Cardinal Newman Society (CNS), a respectable Catholic education non-profit, for opposing Common Core. But the fact is that CSA has received $1.7 million from the Gates Foundation, and its Florida office is hammering CNS for making “strident attacks” on the program. God forbid that Catholic schools exercise their independence by rejecting Common Core.

Donohue also observed that Catholic dioceses are already “having misgivings about [adopting the Common Core].”

“There is no end to the lobbyists, activists, researchers, unions, think tanks, and politicians who have been paid to get on board,” Donohue continued. They have “from the beginning acted more like salesmen than educators.”

Donohue writes about how the application of the Common Core has also been far from successful, arguing, “The implementation of Common Core in New York State, one of the first states to adopt it, is an abject failure: academic achievement is regressing.”

Donohue continued, “Whatever merits it may have, its most vociferous proponents are out of line when they try to strong-arm Catholic schools into accepting it.”


Originally published by Catholic Education Daily, an online publication of The Cardinal Newman Society.
Reprinted with Permission.

H/t EAG News.


Protesters Demanding Universal Suffrage Tear Gassed by Hong Kong Police


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Universal suffrage (also universal adult suffrage, general suffrage or common suffrage) consists of the extension of the right to vote to adult citizens (or subjects), though it may also mean extending that right to minors (Demeny voting) and non-citizens. Although suffrage has two necessary components, the right to vote and opportunities to vote, the term universal suffrage is associated only with the right to vote and ignores the frequency that an incumbent government consults the electorate. Where universal suffrage exists, the right to vote is not restricted by race, sex, belief, wealth, or social status….Wikipedia

Exactly one week ago, fed up, with not having their say when it comes to electing their leaders, more than 13,000 college students who attend universities across Hong Kong launched a weeklong boycott of classes.

Calling for democracy, the students staged a sit-in and protests at the Chinese University of Hong Kong joined this past Friday by high school students.

Also joining the student protest this weekend was Benny Tai, a co-founder of Occupy Central of Love and Peace, a pro-democracy organization and his supporters.

Their demands simple: universal suffrage; namely, the rights to elect and to be elected which is not how Hong Kong bureaucratic puppets for Beijing see it.

One month ago, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress announced that a ruling that only candidates approved by a nominating committee will be allowed to run in Hong Kong’s next chief executive election to be held 2017.

The Standing Committee will select the candidates, which must be then approved by more than half of the nominating committee whose loyalties lie with Beijing and therein lays the problem.


BeFunky_screenshot hong kong pro-democracy protest 005_Fotor_Collage


A week of sit-ins led to protests around government buildings in Hong Kong’s financial district and as police moved in to remove protesters, the situation escalated.

Channel News Asia

Lines of police officers pushed back surges of people with riot shields after earlier clearing dozens who had stormed into the grounds late Friday, as the protests against Beijing’s recent announcement it would choose who can stand for Hong Kong chief executive in the 2017 elections turned angry.

During the protest Occupy Central, a prominent grassroots pro-democracy group, announced it was bringing forward its plan to rally thousands of activists and take over key parts of the city’s financial district.

The ‘takeover’ had been expected to begin on October 1, but in a dramatic speech at the protest early Sunday morning, the group’s co-founder Benny Tai said: “Occupy Central starts now.” Many in the largely youthful crowd, which had swelled to several thousand with a number of scuffles breaking out with police, also pledged to keep the protest open-ended unless Hong Kong was granted more freedoms….

Read full article

Tai who many students are accusing of hijacking their movement is promising to continue the civil disobedience campaign unless Beijing grants more political freedoms.”

South China Morning Post

‘I’ve got a long-awaited message. Occupy Central will start now,’ Tai declared to thousands gathered in Admiralty.

The first step of the movement was to occupy the government headquarters, he said: ‘Students and people who support democracy has begun a new era of civil disobedience.’

The news of the long-awaited protest sparked friction in some quarters, with some students simply packing up and going home, despite the fact the two movements share the same aims in urging Beijing to loosen its strict package of political reforms and give Hongkongers the power to elect their own chief executive….



screenshot hong kong pro-democracy protest 002A


Amnesty International condemned the violence used against the protesters.

On Friday night, a week-long sit-in by thousands of students culminated in a group of protesters entering the fenced-off Civic Square in front of the local government’s headquarters, while thousands continued to demonstrate outside.

The police reacted by using pepper spray inside and outside of the square and carrying out arrests. Around 70 people remained boxed-in by police in the square overnight and were arrested on Saturday afternoon.

‘The police response to events on Friday night is a disturbing sign that the Hong Kong authorities will take a tough stance against any peaceful protest blocking the financial district,’ said Mabel Au, Director of Amnesty International Hong Kong.

‘The quick use of pepper spray, deployment of riot police in full gear and arrests at government headquarters does not bode well for the potentially massive protests expected this week. All those being held solely for exercising their rights to freedom of expression and assembly must be immediately and unconditionally released.’

Organizers of the Occupy Central movement have called for up to 10,000 protesters to block the financial district in the centre of Hong Kong on 1 October, China’s National Day. The protesters are angry about Beijing’s recent decision on how ‘universal suffrage’ is to be implemented in the territory, which they fear will rule out fully democratic elections in 2017….

Continue Reading


screenshot hong kong pro-democracy protest 007A



screenshot beijing says it will choose who can run for election


Earlier in the day…

Published on Sep 28, 2014 by Wall Street Journal

Hong Kong’s Occupy Central pro-democracy protesters clash with police outside of government headquarters for Occupy Central on day three of the standoff. WSJ’s Thomas DiFonzo reports from the ground.
Wall Street Journal


It appears that Hong Kong’s Democratic Party, were caught off guard by the passion of the young protesters who fear that their liberties are being eroded.

New York Times

Several democratic politicians in Hong Kong said the unexpected strength of the young protesters had persuaded an older generation to cede more influence to student activists, who seem less open to compromise with authoritarian Beijing.

‘What happened since yesterday was beyond our expectation,’ Albert Ho, 62, a member of the Democratic Party in Hong Kong’s Legislature, said in an interview late Saturday.

‘Now the younger people have taken control and used their advantage of surprise,’ Mr. Ho said at an exuberant rally attended by thousands of people, mostly in their 20s or younger, in front of the city government offices. ‘This is something that will deeply concern the government….’

Since Hong Kong returned to Chinese sovereignty in 1997, the former British colony has kept its independent courts and legal protections for free speech and assembly, as well as a robust civil society. But many democratic groups and politicians say those freedoms have eroded under mainland China’s growing political and economic influence….

Plainly put, the government in Hong Kong is taking direction from China who views the protests as illegal. Enter teargas and bataans.


As told by social media:






Sources:  Amnesty International, Channel News Asia, South China Morning Post SCMP.


So Lift Your Voice



Originally posted on Political Ness:

My friend Angie likes to post music sometimes on her blog, “Family Life is More.”  Some time ago, we were talking about favorite songs, and I mentioned that some of the hymns I grew up with could move me to tears, and she asked if there was anything new that could do that.  There really weren’t any, as most of the songs at our church were still pretty new to me and none had found that “spot” in my heart yet.

Well, there’s one song that now has.  My husband started playing it one day and it just overwhelmed me with it’s power. 

Then, I caught this video that shows a bunch of our Marines singing it at a worship service, and you know how I love our Marines!  (and Air Force, Navy, Army, and Coast Guard, too!  *salute!*)  Oohrah!

There is so much win in this for…

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UK’s Leading Islamic Rabble Rousers, Anjem Choudary, Abu Izzadeen Arrested (Revised)


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screenshot UK Islamic extremists Anjem Choudary and Abu Izzadeen aka Trevor Brooks, Muslim convert screenshots


One day before the UK began air strikes in Syria and Iraq, their counterterrorism police squad detained nine men, ages 22 to 51, connected to the Islamic organization, Al-Muhajiroun during several “co-ordinated” dawn raids yesterday.

Of those arrested were the notorious Islamic radical rabble-rousers, Anjem Choudary, founder of, Al-Muhajiroun and Abu Izzadeen aka Trevor Brooks who have ramped up their usual fiery rhetoric more than usual these past months in support of the Islamic State’s caliphate and destruction of the west.

Many of those held across London yesterday have been vocal cheerleaders of the bloodshed in the Middle East….

the operation was launched only after careful consideration of Choudary’s recent public comments against the backdrop of a lifetime of incitement…

All the men were held on suspicion of being a member of, or backing a banned terrorist group and supporting terrorism. The alleged offences, which come under two counter- terrorism acts, carry a maximum penalty of seven years’ imprisonment….

Continue Reading

Just a few weeks ago, Choudary “defended the use of crucifixion, and acknowledged Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as ‘the caliph of all Muslims and the prince of the believers…” in an interview with a reporter from The Guardian.

Last year a report by the anti-racist organisation Hope Not Hate said that the network of groups run by Choudary has become “the single biggest gateway to terrorism in recent British history” and had “facilitated or encouraged” hundreds of young Muslims across Europe to join the more extreme militants fighting the Assad regime in Syria. While the report noted that there was no evidence that Choudary had instigated any terrorist plots, he was, it said, “a serious player on the international Islamist scene”…

Read full article

The extremist rhetoric of Choudary is equally matched by that of his buddy Trevor Brooks better known as Abu Izzadeen, a Muslim convert as seen in this 2006 video of Izzadeen mocking the death of those who died on 911.

 Choudary says of ISIS in the following video that “Muslims are actually defending themselves.”

As for those still querying the methods of reeling in future jihadists, I refer you to a tweet dispatched earlier this month by Choudary followed by the last tweet prior to the arrest of this barbarian.



While one can only ask, what took the UK so long, optimistically this is the beginning of the end of England’s pandering to the jihadists. If not, Shariah may someday very well become the law in the UK.




Turkey continues to help ISIS jihadi’s reach Syria as fighter blog travel instructions


Will the mainstream media pick this up in spite of the propaganda being spun by the current administration, I think not.

Originally posted on The Muslim Issue:

The Turkish border control (basically meaning the government itself) has facilitated foreign terrorists to reach Syria to create a Sunni Caliphate, where over 3 million Christians are missing after reports of rape, torture and mass murders were reported by volunteer workers. Hundreds of thousands have starved to death in ISIS sealed off areas, while at least 2 million people have escaped into Jordan and Turkey. Turkey refused to bring in Kurdish refugees escaping Iraq but were forced to pretend to oppose ISIS after international pressures. ISIS has openly admitted that Turkey as always been pro-ISIS and helped them in their mission.

This jihadi reveal Turkey’s aid to foreign terrorists pouring into Syria:


How to travel to Syria these days

Posted: 2014/09/16
Author: Emmejihad

A well known European fighter within the ranks of the Islamic State has posted practical guidelines for those who want to travel to Syria these…

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AG, Eric Holder, Resigning (UPDATED)



Be funky Eric Holder 002


NPR reported earlier today that the Department of Justice’s, Eric Holder is stepping down from his position as Attorney General.

Holder plans to exit once his predecessor is confirmed, a process that could run through 2014 and even into next year.”

Not wanting to be stuck in the job of attorney general for the duration of Barack Obama’s term, Holder, informed Obama of his resignation over the Labor Day weekend according to the New York Times.

In the meantime, Obama has yet to name Holder’s predecessor.

Frequently mentioned candidates for the job include: Kathryn Ruemmler, the former White House counsel; Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts; Solicitor General Donald B. Verrilli Jr.; former Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm of Michigan; Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Democrat of Rhode Island; and Loretta E. Lynch, the United States attorney in Brooklyn.

Read full article

Considering that Progressives are about to lose the Senate, the odds of Obama’s appointees being confirmed goes way down.

As for Holder who plans on staying until his successor is confirmed, Progressives losing the Senate could throw a wrench into plans to abscond by the AG, who remains in contempt of Congress. H/t Weekly Standard.

Yet, it is the very idea of Republicans taking the Senate and retaining the House that may have the race-baiting law enforcement-hating attorney general heading in the direction of the nearest exit.


UPDATE:  Message to those of us celebrating the demise departure of Eric Holder, not so fast. Al Sharpton announced that his organization, the National Action Network is reaching out to the great divider to discuss the next Attorney General.

At first the announcement came out that Sharpton is playing a major role in the selection of the next attorney general. As usual, no comment was forthcoming from the White House.

Later on, the race baiting/moron/FBI snitch backtracked in a “clarification” denied stating that they directly involved in the selection of Holder’s successor.

Translation: They are.



NYC Groundhog, SI Chuck, died one week after drop by Bill de Blasio


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For those asking themselves, “why is she making a big deal about this now?”  It was the cover-up.  The COVER-UP. (Okay and the fact that Bill de Blasio is a big galoot… and Communist.)

Progressive leaders have been working overtime to destroy American tradition, even during  moments when it may not have been intentional.

Case in point: Last Groundhog Day, New York City mayor, Bill de Blasio dropped groundhog, “Staten Island Chuck” during the ceremony. Reports are that Chuck delivered bite de Blasio and five years earlier, Michael Bloomberg. (Apparently, Chuck did not approve of Communism.)

One week after the drop, zookeepers found poor Chuck who is a Charlotte dead….Really.

Adding insult to injury, the zoo covered up the death of the groundhog by keeping it from the public.

Cat out of the bag (no pun intended), zookeepers said that the cause of death was internal injuries but had nothing to do with de Blasio dropping him/her.

How is that? The Communist mayor is 6 ft., 5 inches, which means that for Chuck that was one hell of a drop.


No one believed me when I told them back in January that (i) Commie, de Blasio, dropped the groundhog; (ii) Commie de Blasio probably broke the animal’s neck or that it had life threatening injuries; and (iii) the 2014 groundhog and the 2015 groundhog will be two different creatures.

So, how do New Yorkers feel about having a mayor that is a Communist and a murderer of groundhogs. See screenshots below.

screenshot comments re de blasio murder of groundhog Chuck aka Charlotte 003 gothamist screenshot comments re de blasio murder of groundhog Chuck aka Charlotte 002 gothamist screenshot comments re de blasio murder of groundhog Chuck aka Charlotte 001 gothamist


PETA, why so quiet?

Darn, why did I mention PETA?

We are sure that Mayor Bill de Blasio, who cares about animals, will be devastated. The blame lies with the organizers, and PETA has been after them for years—and still is—to stop disturbing and tossing around a groundhog for this gimmick. This groundhog needs to be the last to suffer and die for a cruel and bizarre “holiday.” Just as ball runs are replacing bull runs, the stupid, thoughtless, and inhumane groundhog gimmick needs to go, too.

Now we know why feminists ignore the stoning of women who live, correction die in the Middle East under Shariah Law. No different. If one is a Communist one can kill or commit the most heinous crime and be forgiven.

Bad omen, New York. Sharing the blame is the 74% of New Yorkers who failed to vote in November’s mayoral election (and the Commie buffoons who voted for this dolt).

RIP “Chuck” “Charlotte.”

RIP “Chuck” “Charlotte.”

Another victim of Progressivism.

As for me, I have been vindicated!

Source: Gothamist.



Islamic Terrorism Timeline

Originally posted on YOU DECIDE:

The Arab League

Image via Wikipedia

1960 to 1969


August 29, 1960: Jordon‘s Prime Minister, and 11 of his associates, were assassinated with a bomb placed in a public building. It remains the primary form of regime change in the Islamic world.

May 29,1964:The Palestinian Liberation Organization, known by the acronym PLO, was created on this day, changing the world forever. The PLO became one of the world’s most successful political, religious, and paramilitary enterprises. Gamal Abdel Nasser, Egyptian President It was conceived at a Cairo Summit by the Arab League at the behest of Egyptian President Nasser in 1964. The Palestinian Liberation Organization first convened in Jerusalem on May 29th 1964.

On June 2nd the PLO announced: “The right of the Palestinian Arab people to its sacred homeland Palestine and affirming the inevitability of the battle to liberate the usurped part from it, and its determination to bring out its…

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Obama’s Syria Airstrike: Political, Limits Terrorist Casualties


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Obama Syria NOT OS SERIOUS Airstrikes 09232014 BEFORE AND AFTER

Before noon, the morning after the first night of airstrikes over Syria, Barack Obama spiked the football in a press conference that lasted under 3 minutes.

Omitted during the three-minute pat on the back and many news reports was the following: 130,000 Kurds Flee Certain Slaughter While U.S. Ignores Their Pleas.”

The Kurds in Turkey are rushing to aid fellow Kurds in Syria who are battling the Islamic State.

At the same time, those protesting in Turkey and Syria bound are under assault from water cannons and tear gas by Erdrogan’s forces.

Syria is the 7th Country Bombed by Obama, 2009 Winner of Nobel Peace Prize

That is the sound of Obama’s football going flat as Sean Hannity points out(in the video below followed by last night’s reports on the airstrikes in Syria that Obama has bombed seven countries, Bush four.

At 7:01 of the video, Charles Krauthammer mentions the absence of the many nations in Obama’s so-called “we have 40 countries on board” coalition. In addition to Europe, is Turkey (mentioned above) is visibly absent from Obama and the Arab States war on the Islamic State Bashar Assad, Syria.

Another Obama Deception

At 7:58 – 12:27, Col. Ralph Peters exposes Obama’s deceptive nighttime airstrikes, which were designed to “LIMIT terrorist casualties…”

Enter Ambassador John Bolton at 12:44 explains that the timing of Monday’s night’s airstrikes was about all politics and Obama once again placing national security on the back burners (of course). H/t ACRES AND ACRES OF DEAD TERRORISTS!!!! (The Right Scoop)



Not about the threat to the homeland.

Barack Obama went from ISIS being a JV team to both he and his administration stating repeatedly that ISIS is not a threat to the homeland in spite of repeated protestations by his generals otherwise.

Finally settling on the fact that ISIS is indeed a threat to the homeland, an opportunity for Obama who is now using the imminent threat as justification for his “not a war” declaration of war on Syria, endgame removal of Bashar Assad (the exact agenda Obama attempted to push through exactly one year ago but failed because the American people were not behind him.

Leading the charge with Obama are the same nations who unsuccessfully pushed paid Obama to remove Bashar Assad one year ago.

The fulfillment of those terms by Barack Obama tells us that the airstrikes in Syria are a deception to the world, but most of all the American people, a slap in the face to the Foley and Sotloff families and not about ISIS. Thus, in the mind of a community organizer, let’s make this look good.

Enter the Khorasan Group, an Al Qaeda offshoot competing against the Islamic State to attack U. S. soil first.

Coming from one, who as we see from above, has no heart to takeout his Muslim brethren even though they are a threat to the homeland he swore to protect but has 15 ½ months left in office to complete his war against Bashar Assad (you thought I was going to say ISIS, nope) that translates into bad timing and collateral damage for the Khorasan Group and the few hundred members of the Islamic State happened upon in Syria.

The Obama administration has been informing our enemies in advance of any planned moves by the United States. For example, the airstrikes which gave the Islamic State ample time to relocate themselves and their armament in preparation of the airstrikes.

So how are we to believe that they did not mention the Khorasan Group because they wanted the element of surprise on their side? As usual, when the community organizer is involved, I smell b.s.




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