Hey Obama! Those Minnesota Somali youths arrested for attempting to join ISIS were not without prospects for a good future

Originally posted on Refugee Resettlement Watch:

Everyone was asking yesterday, are we sure these are REFUGEES or the children of refugees resettled in Minnesota (or somewhere else in the US)?   Yes, we are 99% sure, but the mainstream media isn’t going to use the ‘R’ word unless they absolutely have to!

Most Somalis in the US are here through the Refugee Admissions Program of the US State Department.  A few entered illegally and a few are here under Temporary Protected Status, but the vast majority are refugees.

And, what frosts me and it should you as well, is that the Minneapolis Star Tribunedescribes them as young people who grew up in America with good educations and a chance to be something other than a Jihadist!

One of the alleged ISIS fighter-wannabes even thumbed his nose at the US when YOU and YOUR tax dollars paid for his upbringing!

Why are we wasting more of your…

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VIDEO: ISIS Beheads and Slaughters Thirty Ethiopian Christians (Warning: Extremely Graphic) UPDATED


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Walid and Theodore Shoebat in a follow up to the original article containing the video of the Islamic State slaughtering 30 Ethiopian Christians have posted a new article translating much of the video:

So why did the Muslims of ISIS behead 30 Ethiopian Christians whose lineage is said to go all the way back to Philip the Apostle?

we translated the reason given as to why did the Muslims of ISIS behead 30 Ethiopian Christians:

We tell the Christians everywhere that the Islamic state will spread by Allah’s will. It [the Islamic state] will get to you even if you are safe in your fortresses. Who ever converts to Islam, he will have peace and who accepts the Dhimmi status will be at peace. But who rejects our terms he will receive nothing from us except the sharpness of the sword. Men will be slaughtered and the women and children will be enslaved and their monies are confiscated as booty. This is the rule of Allah and his prophet. And to Allah is the pride and also to the believers but the hypocrites do not understand.

So these, according to ISIS refused to submit to Islam and got slaughtered. The rest is translated in the English in which it is all about breaking the cross as the message is clear, it is the breaking of the will of the Christians which ISIS failed to do with these saints….

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Another video has surfaced of the Islamic State savages beheading 15 Christians and shooting another 15 Christians execution style in Libya along with the pledge from the savages to continue the genocide of Christian until the whole world converts to Islam en masse. H/t BareNakedIslam.


A new video just discovered reveals ISIS taking thirty innocent Ethiopian Christians, and beheading them and slaughtering them with guns in the nation of Libya. According to some reports, they beheaded 15 Christians by beheading and slaughtered another 15 with guns. In The video the ISIS terrorist affirms that they will continue killing Christians until “polytheism” is destroyed, that is, until the belief in the Trinity is destroyed. The heresy of Islam wants to destroy Orthodox Christianity and replace it unitarianism, but this beast of the Antichrist is going to be the one losing in the end. God willing, Italy and other Christian nations will wipe ISIS off in Libya….

Zio-Wahhabi ISIS spokes jihadist in this video appears to have a North American accent.

The video allegedly shows two groups of captives, one held by a subsidiary of Zio-Wahhabi in eastern Libya called Barka Province and the other held by a subsidiary in Southern Province Fazzan call.



If unable to view video, click on the link above (or below).

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As noted in Shoebat’s article the lineage of the 30 Ethiopian Christians slaughtered goes all the way back to Philip the Apostle.

It is unforgivable that so many pretend not to be aware of such acts, each act being more horrendous and savage than the last.

Even worse are the so-called leaders of nations who refuse to address this wickedness by its name, ISLAM.

When will the world take a stand? When will Christians across the globe open their eyes?





Republican Leadership Summit Day Two: Fiorina, Trump, Cruz, Paul, Jindal, Huckabee and Walker (VIDEOS)


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Republican Leadership Summit 2015, Carly Fiorina, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Bobby Jindal, Mike Huckabee and Scott Walker Collage 002


Next year’s Republican presidential hopefuls, among others converged upon the Republican Leadership Summit that took place this weekend in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Below are videos of speeches, some of which are followed by a Q&A session of those individuals attending Day 2 attended of the conference. Among them were Carly Fiorina, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Bobby Jindal, Mike Huckabee and Scott Walker.







Source: C-SPAN.



Republican Leadership Summit 2015 – Day One: PERRY, CHRISTIE, BUSH, RUBIO, BOLTON and KING (videos)


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Republican Leadership Summit 2015, Day One Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, John Bolton, Marco Rubio,  Peter King  and Rick Perry

Next year’s Republican presidential hopefuls, among others converged upon the Republican Leadership Summit that took place this weekend in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Below are videos of some of the speeches, many followed by a Q&A of those individual who on Day One attended the conference. Among them were Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, John Bolton, Rick Perry, Marco Rubio and Peter King.





You can view RICK PERRY, AMBASSADOR JOHN BOLTON and PETER KING’ speeches at my primary site, here.

Source: C-SPAN.

LINKS:  http://www.c-span.org/video/?325373-9/new-hampshire-republican-party-leadership-summit-day-1


High school’s ‘Covered Girl Challenge’ hijab day canceled


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screenhot women wearing jihab edited 740 x600

EAG News, by Victor Skinner

MASON, Ohio – It took less than a full day for Mason High School principal Mindy McCarty-Stewart to realize that it was a bad idea to encourage students to wear a Muslim hijab to school for a ‘Covered Girl Challenge.’
Parents of students at Mason High School received a letter recently that read:

‘Mason High School is blessed to have a unique and diverse student body. In order celebrate this diversity and promote open mindedness, the Muslim Student Association is inviting all female students to participate in ‘A Covered Girl Challenge’ which will allow students to wear a headscarf for the whole school day. Afterwards, there will be a discussion (open for all students, male & female) held in Z223 to share experiences and reflections,’ Jihadwatch.org reports….

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Where ever and whenever the Muslim Student Association is lurking about, parents must warn their children, especially their daughters. This is the same organization that is demanding that college campuses across the country shutdown any screenings of the “American Sniper” movie.

Parents must be made aware that the Muslim Student Association shares close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and that their goal is the proselytization of American students in educational institutions not combating stereotypes like many claim.


H/t Clash Daily with Doug Giles


Fiorina Set to Run, Neutralizing Clinton’s Identity Politics and Simplifying Tax Code


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Washington Examinerby Paul Bedard

Republican Carly Fiorina took a step closer to running for president, revealing Thursday that she is near a decision while blasting Hillary Clinton’s policies as ‘crushing the middle class….’

Laying out her platform to reporters at a breakfast roundtable sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor, she slammed domestic and foreign policies under President Obama and Clinton, decrying a ‘web of dependence’ that’s trapped the poor while making others poor by destroying small businesses with regulations….

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With Clinton’s whole platform based on identity politics, Fiorina with great precision will neutralize Clinton’s deck of gender, class warfare and race cards, one after the other.

After all, her accomplishments are non-existent while her scandals are many. Even worse, for Clinton is that the misdeeds of the Clintons continue to surface. Adding to that once neutralized, Clinton will have nothing to run on.

Below is a video of the breakfast conference in its entirety.


H/t Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

Jonathan Capehart of The Washington Post wrote an article entitled, Carly Fiorina, pink nail polish and sexism about his meet up with Fiorina after the breakfast conference. Capehart attempted to corner Fiorina on a remark made by Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner about “pink nail polish” during the breakfast and on the subject of identity politics. Fiorina did not bite (to Capehart’s surprise). The article is definitely worth checking out

Carly Fiorina on the Tax Code

Chicks on the Right

The big problem is our stupid tax code and all the regulations that get piled on and piled on and piled on and they NEVER get taken away. And Carly Fiorina, possible Republican presidential contender (only if she wants to make things interesting), has a few simple ideas for the tax code that someone who’s dealt extensively in private business would bring up….




UK: Poster warn Muslims not to vote in the general election because ‘only Allah can legislate’

Originally posted on The Muslim Issue:

Another thing that ‘Allah legislates’ is that Muslims should not live in a non-Muslim and non-Sharia country. Therefore, authorities should ask themselves WHY exactly are Muslims seeking residency in their country? What are their aims? And why do they continue to follow Islam while pretending that their immigration purposes are to escape Islamic law? How can they claim to be persecuted by the very law that they abide by and are dedicated to? According to the Quran a Muslim can only emigrate to a non-Muslim country if they 1) intend to spread Islam, 2) intend to commit jihad against the kafir for the sake of Allah. This is why we constantly state that all practicing Muslims residing in the West need to be deported.


‘Chilling’ posters in Cardiff warn Muslims not to vote in the general election because ‘it violates the right of Allah’

  • Posters were stuck on…

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@megynkelly talks to Tony Perkins re Rand Paul & abortion #kellyfiles

Originally posted on therasberrypalace:

Now that we’ve seen Debbie Wasserman Schultz dance around the abortion question let’s talk about the abortion question.The truth is the DNC isn’t going to spell out their postition at all. The standard answers are:it’s a woman’s right

It’s between a woman and her doctor(aka abortionist)

It’s her body therefore her choice.

She’s not going to answer. The DNC isn’t going to answer. It’s that simple.Where do we go from here then? First, i want to address Catholics who don’t know what the Church actually teaches re abortion. I don’t care if non Catholics don’t know what the Catholic Church teaches-i do care when Catholics don’t seem to know either.We better. It’s one of the 5 non negotiable issues and is considered intrisically evil. That’s serious. Put another way, we can debate(and disagree)re the death penalty,poverty, war, welfare,immigration and how best to address those issues. Abortion…

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Obama’s diabolical propaganda campaign to force communities to “welcome” migrant seedlings unveiled yesterday in Washington

Originally posted on Refugee Resettlement Watch:

I don’t even know where to begin to snip this incredible article by writer Leo Hohmann at World Net Dailywho has been following the Refugee Resettlement Program and the general community destruction happening across America under this President with his illegal policies on immigration geared to change America by colonizing your towns.

Know the propagandists! Eva Millona, co-chair of National Partnership for New Americans: we are happy there is a centralized entity to push ‘welcoming’ from the top down.

We previously reported on the work of the Task Force, here.

As readers here know, yesterday Obama’s Task Force on New Americans unveiled its strategy to seed your communities with aliens and coerce you into “welcoming” them one and all.  I’m told it was boring and for Americans not trained to hear certain buzzwords it might have seemed pretty much ho-hum.

But apparently not so as Hohmann tells us…

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Holocaust Remembrance Day 2015


screenshot Yom Shoah candle

Yad Vashem.org

The Anguish of Liberation and the Return to Life: Seventy Years Since the End of WWII

Torchlighters 2015

Each year six torches are lit in memory of the six million Jews who were murdered during the Holocaust. Their wartime experiences reflect the central theme chosen by Yad Vashem for Holocaust Remembrance Day. The torches are lit during the central memorial ceremony held at Yad Vashem on the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day.


Continue viewing the testimony of torch lighters, past and present here.

Reprinted with permission from Yad Vashem.org under Fair Use provision for educational use.




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