Air Marshals Accuse TSA Brass Of Covering Up Misconduct , Warring On Whistleblowers


Power corrupts with the TSA being no exception to the rule.

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Transportation Secrecy Administration

” Current and former federal air marshals allege that the Transportation Security Administration intentionally hid embarrassing  information about supervisors’ misconduct and targeted employees who sought to expose the truth.

  The allegations revolve around TSA management’s overuse of an agency-specific designation called Sensitive Security Information (SSI). Though it is not classified, information deemed SSI is supposed to be kept from the public because it would harm transportation security. The marshals claim that the TSA has repeatedly abused the SSI classification, even going so far as to use it on fictitious information, in an effort to keep the public in the dark.

  One current federal air marshal, whose name has been withheld for fear of retaliation, asserts that the TSA has repeatedly sought to silence its employees.

“ When it comes to the Air Marshal Service and TSA, when they are determined to f*** you, they are…

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Enterprising NJ Teens Forbidden From Shoveling Snow For Neighbors


From the lemonade stands to girl scout cookies to this. Give our young entrepreneurs a break.

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Entrepreneurial Teens Told They Can’t Shovel Snow By Cops; Story Snowballs On Social Media

Bound Brook Snow Shoveling

” Two energetic teenagers reportedly had their shoveling business squashed by government regulations last week, but the story gets a little muddy after a social media avalanche.

  Home from school in Bound Brook, NJ for a blizzard that never happened, the teens decided to be productive with their time. With at least a few inches of snow on the ground, they thought they could make some extra cash and offered shoveling services in their neighborhood.

  The 18-year-old boys, Matt Molinari and Eric Schnepf, found out the hard way – wherever there is an ounce of ingenuity or entrepreneurial spirit – there will be a government regulation to squash it.

  The two friends started their journey Monday evening, and handed out flyers which offered their services. It wasn’t long before they were approached by…

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A Global Epidemic Of Data Tampering At The US Government

Originally posted on Real Science:

Satellites show us that there has been little or no warming over the past 19 years on this planet. Something has changed though – the published historical temperature records from NASA and NOAA. The planet is not warming, but NASA and NOAA are rewriting history to create the appearance of warming.

The published NASA global temperature graph has changed dramatically since 2002


Since 1999, they have completely rewritten US history to turn a long term cooling trend into a warming trend. The animation shows the published NASA US temperature graphs from 1999 and 2014


NASA has dramatically altered their own graphs from Iceland since 2012.


The next graph shows the divergence of NASA Reykjavik temperatures from those published by the Icelandic Met Office. The NASA data is from the same thermometer, and the divergence is due entirely to data tampering by NOAA and NASA

ScreenHunter_6636 Feb. 01 05.29

They have done the same…

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Preet Bharara Trash Removal: Sheldon Silver Down, Could Dean Skelos be next?


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BeFunky_screenshot senator dean skelos new york state legislature 781 x 650.jpg


NBC is reporting that one week, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara after the arrest of former Speaker of the Albany Assembly, Sheldon Silver, the outside financial sources and real estate ties of NY Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, the highest-ranking Republican in the Albany State Legislature are allegedly under investigation.



New York Daily News

In addition to leading the Senate, Skelos (R-Nassau County) serves as of counsel to the law firm, Ruskin, Moscou Faltischek on Long Island.

He publicly disclosed making between $150,000 and $250,000 from the firm in 2013….

NBC reported the Skelos investigation is part of a broader probe focusing on how some part-time legislators make their outside money….

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Word of the Skelos investigation surfaced one week, after the arrest of former Speaker, Sheldon Silver the highest-ranking Progressive of the New York State Assembly.

Silver has temporarily relinquished his duties while fighting federal corruption charges, among them mail fraud, wire fraud, kickbacks and bribery.

During last week’s press conference, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara mentioned the likelihood of more arrests.

New York State politics is a cesspool of corruption from the very top to the local precincts but whether Bharara can make anything stick to Skelos elected to the Senate in 1984 remains to be seen. Skelos has yet to be charged with any wrongdoing.




Code Pink Cows Try to Arrest Henry Kissinger


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BeFunky_screenshot Code Pink Scum Tries to Arrest Henry Kissinger for 'War Crimes' 01292015 edited 789 x 650.jpg


During this week’s Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on the Global Challenges and the U.S. National Security Strategy the Code Pink mad cows/protesters interrupted the start of the hearing by attempting to arrest former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. How they were allowed to get the close to Kissinger in the first place should is worthy of a thorough investigation.

In any event, the disruption did not go over well at all.


Published on Jan 29, 2015 by C-SPAN

Code Pink protesters interrupt the start of the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing with former Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger, Madeleine Albright, and George Shultz. Senator John McCain, Chair of the Committee, has the protesters removed. Watch the complete hearing here:

Senator John McCain’s response to Code Pink’s attempts to handcuff 91-year-old Henry Kissinger, “Get out of here you low life scum…So Henry, I hope you will — Dr. Kissinger, I hope on behalf of all of the members of this committee on both sides of the aisle — in fact, from all of my colleagues, I’d like to apologize for allowing such disgraceful behavior towards a man who served his country with the greatest distinction. I apologize profusely.”

“Get out of here you low life scum..” While it may be the pot calling the kettle black, McCain nailed it.

As Kissinger began his opening statement, more protesters entered the room kvetching about Kissinger’s “war crimes” and Vietnam.

PJ Media

‘Vietnam! From 1969 to 1973, Kissinger, working for Richard Nixon, oversaw the slaughter in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, that led to the deaths of millions — millions of people. Many thousands more died from the effects of massive doses of agent orange and from unexploded bombs that covered the countryside!’ a protester shouted. ‘Chile! Henry Kissinger was one of the principle architects of the coup in Chile on September 11th, 1973…’


BeFunky_Former Secretary of State George Shultz salutes Henry Kissinger at Senate Armed Committee Hearing 01292015 edited 1500 x 1200.jpg


It was then that 94-year-old former Secretary of State George P. Shultz (image above) standing up for Kissinger proclaimed “I salute Henry Kissinger for his many contributions to peace and security.” (55:34 of video here)

Shultz’ proclamation was met with a standing ovation from the audience and members the Senate Armed Services Committee. The hearing in its entirety can also be viewed here.

Hearing: Global Challenges and the U.S. National Security Strategy
Date: Thursday, January 29, 2015 Time: 09:30 AM
To receive testimony on global challenges and the U.S. national security strategy.
Dr. Henry A. Kissinger
Chairman of Kissinger Associates and Former Secretary of State
Adobe Acrobat Document Download Testimony
Dr. George P. Shultz
Thomas W. and Susan B. Ford Distinguished Fellow Hoover Institution Stanford University and Former Secretary of State
Dr. Madeleine K. Albright
Chair, National Democratic Institute and Former Secretary of State



For Louisiana Parents Considering Opting Out

Originally posted on deutsch29:

In deciding whether or not to opt their children out of high-stakes testing, parents need only consider one fundamental question:

Is completing this test beneficial to my child?

If not, then opt out.

Louisiana parents of children in public school grades 3 through 8 are facing this question as the week of March 16, 2015, nears. That is the week that students are scheduled to take their first week of tests that the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) is calling “PARCC” tests. Louisiana has no legitimate contract with Pearson, the official PARCC vendor, and LDOE has produced no official agreement regarding the details of any formal arrangement connecting Louisiana testing in 2014-15 with Pearson. In fact, all that state board members have to go on is Louisiana State Superintendent John White’s “trust me.”

Even if White were trustworthy (which heisnot), the failure of a state…

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Angelina Jolie visits Kurds, Yazidis in Northern Iraq Refugee Camp


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BeFunky_null_1 Angelina Jolie visits refugee camp in nortern iraq 788 x 600


Actress, daughter of actor John Voight and envoy for the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, Angelina Jolie paid a surprise visit to a refugee camp in Northern Iraq this past weekend.

Jolie visited families and took a tour of the refugee camp(s), now home to thousands of Yazidis and other Iraqis forced to flee their homes invaded by the Islamic State not to mention the civil war between ISIS and Syria.

UNHCR Press Release

…Today, Ms Jolie visited internally displaced Iraqis living in an informal settlement and a formal camp at Khanke, a 40 minute drive from Dohuk city. Together, the sites now accommodate more than 20,000 people from the Yazidi minority who fled Sinjar and surrounding areas in early August. Jolie spoke to people with dramatic stories of escape, including people who managed to flee their imprisonment by walking through the night and hiding by day. She also met elderly women who were among the 196 Yazidis recently released by insurgents and now staying in the informal settlement at Khanke.

The women recounted their ordeal of kidnap, detention, escape, and release. Jolie listened to the stories of extreme hardship and loss, including from people who still have sons, husbands and daughters detained, and others who had heard their daughters were moved to Syria. Others had lost all contact with their loved ones and had no idea of their fate.

‘Nothing can prepare you for the horrific stories of these survivors of kidnap, abuse and exploitation and to see how they cannot all get the urgent help they need and deserve,’ Jolie said. ‘The needs so dramatically outstrip the resources available in this vast crisis. Much more international assistance is needed,’ the Special Envoy added.

Funding shortfalls have affected the scale and type of programmes to help survivors of violence and human rights abuses alongside the provision of shelter and other assistance. While much aid has been provided by the government, UNHCR and partners over the last six months — including 34 new camps built or under construction — aid operations are hampered by lack of funding alongside security constraints. UNHCR, for example, has received only 53 per cent of its required USD 337 million for its response to internal displacement in Iraq during 2014 and has received the go-ahead to proceed on projected funding for only 31per cent of its required USD 556 for 2015….

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In the meantime, Barack Obama has embarrassed the nation yet again. He will only do softball interviews with YouTube sensations who are (a) either incapable of asking the hard questions or (b) willing to be used as props and lead around by the nose because Obama has never once face hardball questions[i].

At a time when the world and America is going to hell in a hand basket because of policies, Obama has mentally checked out several months ago of the Oval Office is derelict in his duties.

There is no other job in the country that one can be derelict in his or her responsibilities and remain in their job.

All the while, Boko Haram, ISIS, “lone wolf” jihadists among others is slaughtering anyone in their paths.

Finally, judging from the depraved comments beneath the articles on the Daily Mail website here and here, Progressives despise Jolie and her trip to Iraq. Some even complained about her Northface jacket, now really.





[i] Just ask Jonathan Gruber, there is a name for the audience Barack Obama reached out to on YouTube.

Marvelous! School Head Sings Notice of Snow Day (Video)


Matt Glendinning, head of Moses Brown School, Providence, Rhode Island sings snow day announcement.

Matt Glendinning, head of Moses Brown School, Providence, Rhode Island sings snow day announcement.


Last evening, Matt Glendinning, head of Moses Brown School in Providence, Rhode Island posted a special videotaped message (below) on the school’s website and YouTube account informing students that due to the blizzard, Tuesday is a snow day.

The message set to the tune of the movie, Frozen’s theme song “Let it Go” is hilarious, well done and enjoyable. One need not attend the Moses Brown School to appreciate the video.


Published to YouTube Jan 26, 2015 by Mosesbrownschoolnews

Just in time for Blizzard 2015, Head of School Matt Glendinning has a special snow day message for you.



Bowe Bergdahl to be Charged with Desertion


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bowe bergdahl with beard


Last night on “The O’Reilly Factor”, retired Lt. Col. Tony Schaffer informed Bill O’Reilly that the army will charge and prosecute Bowe Bergdahl who deserted his post more than once with desertion (no doubt to the disdain of Barack Obama who attempted to transform Bergdahl into some sort of hero/victim).

“The army has come to its conclusion and Bowe Bergdahl will be charged with desertion…” Retired Lt. Col. Tony Schaffer.


Shaffer works for the London Center for Policy Research. H/t The Gateway Pundit.

See: U.S. soldier held by Taliban released in exchange for five Gitmo detainees

There are several reasons as to why this Bergdahl mess will prove an embarrassment to the White House; namely, Barack Obama:

POW’s Father Declares Muslim Victory Call: Obama Smiles at the Sound of War Cry of Allah
Taliban Commander: Prisoner Swap, an Inspiration to Grab More Americans
One of Taliban 5 Involved in Death of First American Killed in Afghanistan War
Outraged parents of officer who died looking for Bergdahl lash out at Obama over ‘LIES’ told about how their hero son died

Obama has a primary interest (his legacy) in having any charges against Bergdahl dropped. The military must stay the course when trying Bergdahl.

Will Barack Obama hold up Bowe Bergdahl, who deserted his post, country in the middle of a war as a hero?
Fellow soldiers call Bowe Bergdahl a deserter, not a hero
Soldiers from Bowe Bergdahl’s platoon set the record straight.
Recruiting already? Taliban releases transfer video of a healthy Bowe Bergdahl.
Why Was the FBI Investigating Michael Hastings’ Reporting on Bowe Bergdahl?
Secret documents show that Bowe Bergdahl declared jihad in captivity



Obama Offends India by Chewing Gum at Parade


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Never let it be said that money can buy you class or that Barack Obama is not an equal opportunity offender (Actually, Obama big on double standards is quite selective about who he offends.)

The country of India this weekend erupted in outrage and satire across social media as many witnessed Barack Obama chewing gum during the Republic Day parade. (In fairness, Obama a cigarette smoker chews gum everywhere but I decided to lighten up and have a little fun at the despot’s expense anyway.)

Priceless. The article generating all the buzz is posted in the Times of India.

NEW DELHI: In an ungainly sight, cameras caught US President Brack Obama chewing gum during the Republic Day parade on Monday.
In the picture captured by cameras and posted on Twitter by some users, Obama was spotted removing his chewing gum while PM Modi was seen trying to explain something to the US president…..

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And being fair and balanced, further down in the article the Times of India points out that Obama was spotted and photographed working his jaws overtime and chewing gum at the APEC summit held in Beijing and the World War II ceremony in France.

I couldn’t resist.

Barack Obama gum chewing collage


Of course, if it were POTUS43, Bush would have been lambasted by the mainstream media for not taking the time to learn what is deemed respectable behavior and what is frowned upon as offensive.




Buck Sexton: Greece, Russia and Changing Global Balance of Power (01262015) AUDIO


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BeFunky_Tilt-Shift_2 buck sexto podcast 01262015
The Buck Sexton Show

Buck covers austerity measures in Greece and its ties to the global economy, the effects of U.S. sanctions against Russia and the game-changing impact of America’s increased oil independence. Also Charles Cooke(National Review) joins to discuss the David Gregory ammo story and tax code simplification.



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