While Obama Dithers, ISIS Beheads Steven Sotloff


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American journalist Steven Sotloff Beheaded by ISIS


Less than two weeks after the beheading of American journalist, James Foley, and several days after Shirley Sotloff appealed to jihadists, ISIS, to spare the life of her son, American journalist, Steven Sotloff, it is now being reported that the barbarians has beheaded the journalist in their latest act of war against the United States.

A video was posted just hours ago of the beheading but as usual the Obama administration wants to confirm its validity first.

The Hill

The White House said the intelligence community is working ‘as quickly as possible’ to determine the video’s authenticity. ISIS had threatened to execute the 31-year-old freelance journalist if President Obama did not withdraw American forces from Iraq.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said the administration had been watching the situation closely and has “dedicated significant time and resources to trying” to rescue him.

He also pledged the new video ‘will be analyzed very carefully by the U.S. government’ and its intelligence services. …

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Barack Obama who admitted to the world last week that he had no strategy in spite of the pending threat to murder Steven Sotloff and the threat that ISIS poses to the United States spent the past five days, fundraising, partying, golfing and campaigning.


Obama Knew about ISIS Threat for a Year


Saudi King Abdullah Warns Europe and USA that ISIS Knows No Borders


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BeFunky_null_14 Saudi King Abdullah

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has issued a warning to the West, in particular Europe and the United States that terrorism knows no borders.

Abdullah warned that if the west fails to act against these terrorists not militants as referred to by the pc brigade of western governments and media (my emphasis), it will be just a matter of months before ISIS is pursuing their caliphate in our backyards.

Pleading for aid from the West, Abdullah stated on Saudi-backed Al-Arabiya television station, Asharq al-Awsat daily that while condemning the carnage by the Islamic State inaction is unacceptable.

‘If we ignore them, I am sure they will reach Europe in a month and America in another month,’ he said in remarks quoted on Saturday by Asharq al-Awsat daily and Saudi-backed Al-Arabiya television station.

‘Terrorism knows no border and its danger could affect several countries outside the Middle East,’ said the king who was speaking at a welcoming ceremony on Friday for new ambassadors, including a new envoy from Saudi ally the United States…..

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Apparently, the House of Saud fears ISIS and for a good reason. ISIS would destroy the super-rich Arab states. That being said, Abdullah has a point. ISIS is a global threat and while fellow jihadists belonging to other groups may find them a bit much, all would in time unite to secure the destruction of the West.

That, of course, would include Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the September 11th Islamic terrorist attacks and the thousands of mosques built throughout the United States.

In the meantime, Barack Obama who has been attacking Americans who oppose his ideology and treasonous acts of tyranny for six years while campaigning 24/7 ignored the rise of ISIS, which did not occur overnight.

Even with ISIS now in our faces and slaughtering all in their path during their relentless march west, the ditherer in chief has no strategy unless it involves carting off across the golf course or wasting taxpayer funds on fuel to fundraisers.


 The UK’s David Cameron gets it.

While giving credit to David Cameron, whose speech was much stronger than the so-called leader of the West, the awakening by the UK is still quite late, a lesson the snake oil salesman besmirching the Oval Office would do well to learn if he would come up for air from his three fundraisers, a wedding and a labor conference with fellow Marxists Labor Day in which you will attack Americans, politicians who don’t kiss your ring in public and big businesses. Always a party for the sob spreading hate on taxpayer dollars.




Check it out: The Islamic State cruising around in a UN vehicle.


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It is no secret that the United Nations supports terrorism but watching ISIS ride around in U. N. vehicles with their flag flying on top is a bridge too far.

The Right Scoop (By soopermexican)

Did you know the United Nations runs a car rental office just for bloodthirsty terrorist pig-dogs?

The only thing that I despise more than a bunch of jihadists is the United Nations.




Muslim “Militia” Celebrate Takeover of US Embassy Compound in Tripoli w/ Pool Party


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screenshot muslim militia pool party at u s embassy tripoli_Fotor_Collage

You just cannot make this stuff up. Sometime last week, the Dawn of Libya not affiliated with or to be mistaken with Ansar al Sharia took over a residential annex of the U. S. Embassy in Tripoli, which U. S. personnel evacuated five weeks ago.

The Islamic “militia group” who claims that they are safeguarding the premises from looters allowed the press entry and as can be seen in the following video celebrated with a pool party something which is bound to get the attention of ISIS.

As of the filming of the video, to their credit (I think), with the exception of broken s few windows, the annex remains intact and has not been ransacked.



In a message on Twitter, U.S. Ambassador to Libya Deborah Jones said the video appeared to have been shot in at the embassy’s residential annex…‘To my knowledge & per recent photos the US Embassy Tripoli chancery & compound is now being safeguarded and has not been ransacked,’ she wrote on Twitter….

Tripoli is witnessing one of its worst spasms of violence since Gadhafi’s ouster. The militias, many of which originate from rebel forces that fought Gadhafi, became powerful players in post-war Libya, filling a void left by weak police and a shattered army. …

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This incident occurs as the nation is coming upon the two-year anniversary of the September 11, 2014 Islamic terrorist attack on the U. S. consulate and safe house in Benghazi, Libya in which U. S. Ambassador, Christopher Stevens, Ambassador, Sean Smith, Information Officer, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, Navy SEALs were killed byAnsar al-Sharia.

Two years later and a cover up by the Obama administration remain in play.



ISIS Indoctrination Camp Forces Children to Watch Crucifixion of Men, Stoning of Women, etc.


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We have heard the news, observed videos but nothing compares to hearing it from a child who witnessed the horror of ISIS during his stay in an ISIS children’s camp.

The teenager, named Mohammed reveals that while forced to attend a terror camp in Syria at the age of 13, he and boys younger than him how children were to swear an allegiance to ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.


Under supervision by militants, he was taught the Quran, trained in the use of weapons and forced to watch men being crucified and women stoned to death….

‘When we go to the mosque, they order us to come the next day at a specific time and place to [watch] heads cut off, lashings or stonings,’ he told CNN.

‘We saw a young man who did not fast for Ramadan, so they crucified him for three days, and we saw a woman being stoned [to death] because she committed adultery….’

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Mohammed whose father pulled him from the camp and fled to Turkey is one of the very few lucky ones.

It totally unnerves me that the mainstream media is so late to reporting on this but at the same time, I have no doubt that CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood are absolutely apoplectic which explains the push to keep people from retweeting and posting atrocities committed by jihadists.

They were thrilled so long as the world was kept in the dark.


No Strategy Obama tells donors that “the world’s always been messy… less dangerous today…”


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Barack Obama no strategy ISIS bean pie

Twenty-four hours after Barack Obama announced to the world that he had no strategy on how to deal with the rampage across Syria and Iraq by ISIS and several hours after the UK’s David Cameron said what Obama should have and the UK raised its threat level to the highest ever, the campaigner-in-chief attended three fundraisers and a wedding during which Obama espoused propaganda that should have made supporters forking over $32,000 plus a plate choke on their rubber chicken.

With unicorns and rainbows in tow, the ditherer-in-chief announced that the world has always been messy and that the only reason that the world is paying notice to the caliphate among other things is because of social media. Yes, really and why does Obama insist on referring to ISIS as an organization.

So we’ve seen the barbarity of an organization like ISIL that is building off what happened with al Qaeda and 9/11 — an extension of that same mentality that doesn’t reflect Islam, but rather just reflects savagery, and extremism, and intolerance….

And the truth of the matter is, is that the world has always been messy. In part, we’re just noticing now because of social media and our capacity to see in intimate detail the hardships that people are going through. ….

Yes, the Middle East is challenging, but the truth is it’s been challenging for quite a while. And our values, our leadership, our military power but also our diplomatic power, the power of our culture is one that means we will get through these challenging times just like we have in the past. And I promise you things are much less dangerous now than they were 20 years ago, 25 years ago or 30 years ago. …

“that doesn’t reflect Islam, but rather just reflects savagery, and extremism, and intolerance”Says Obama as he overlooks his love for Islam, Muslim Brotherhood familial and East Wing connections to the who never once call out the atrocities committed by fellow Muslims let alone own up to their own hand in the slaughter of Christians.

I suspect that Obama and the MBB are hoping for a relationship with ISIS someday.

That would explain why prior to and throughout his speech Obama never refers to as jihadists of Islamic terrorists but he does link the Middle East and the New World Order:

We are living through some extraordinarily challenging times. A lot of it has to do with changes that are taking place in the Middle East in which an old order that had been in place for 50 years, 60 years, 100 years was unsustainable, and was going to break up at some point. And now, what we are seeing is the old order not working, but the new order not being born yet — and it is a rocky road through that process, and a dangerous time through that process….

The good news is that American leadership has never been more necessary, and there’s really no competition out there for the ideas and the values that can create the sort of order that we need in this world…

Source: WhiteHouse.gov


Progressives ATTACK & POST PHOTOS of Black Conservative’s Children Over #Ferguson Stance


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Black GOP Candidate, Martin Baker, Missouri, undergoing a never-ending malicious assault from liberals on social media for attending rally in support of Officer Darren Wilson.

Black GOP Candidate, Martin Baker, Missouri, undergoing a never-ending malicious assault from liberals on social media for attending rally in support of Officer Darren Wilson.

Progressives being their usual nasty, intolerant, self-loathing and racist selves have set their sights on yet another Black Conservative.

GOP primary candidate (MO-1) Martin Baker has decided to let due process run it course in the shooting of 18 year old , Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson, a stance of which many find objectionable.

According to Progressives Today, Baker stood beside Sharpton during the protests in Ferguson and while some were displeased, there were no threat or verbal assaults.

It was however, Baker’s attendance at last Saturday’s protest rally in support of Officer Darren Wilson that set nasty, racist, intolerant Progressives across America off.

Progressives have unleashed a nasty unending assault against Baker, calling the GOP candidate everything from a “n***a” to an “Uncle Tom” to a “coon” and the assault does not end there. Besides attacking Baker, Progressives are posting photographs of his children on social media.

Progressives Today

The progressive hate came so fast and furious that at one point Martin’s name was trending nationally on twitter. …

Over the past two weeks the level of vitriol from the left has escalated against Martin, Martin is used to the attacks being a black conservative. However, the left is now attacking and even posting pictures of his children.

Martin Baker asks you to join him on twitter to help combat the hate from these cyber-bullies….

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tweets attacking martin baker conservative

As of last night 11:02 pm, the assaults on Baker remain non-stop.

tweets attacking martin baker conservative 002


Please share and support Baker on social media and if you live in Missouri or have family there, please get the word out.



US Sponsored “Color Revolution” in Russia? In St. Petersburg?


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    Posted by White House press, Barack Obama meets with John Teft, U S Ambassador to Russia.

Posted by White House press, Barack Obama meets with John Teft, U S Ambassador to Russia.


Global Research By Steven MacMillan

The announcement by Barack Obama on July 31st to appoint John F. Tefft as the new U.S. ambassador to Russia is a warning to the Russian government of the intensions of western foreign policy planners. Tefft, who has worked for the State Department and the National War College in Washington, is an expert at planning colour revolutions to overthrow regimes targeted by the western elite. He is the former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine where he was a key architect in preparing the Washington orchestrated coup in Kiev.

Colour revolutions are based upon a fusion of the Rand Corporations “swarming” technique invented in the 1960’s and Professor Gene Sharp’s guide to nonviolent struggle in the 1990’s. Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) act as an extension of western intelligence agencies to create artificial revolutionary movements in countries that oppose Anglo-American hegemony through the use of social networks and text messaging, resulting in the overthrow of unfavorable regimes. They always appear as organic demonstrations by a people against a corrupt ruling class, which is reinforced and sometimes manufactured by the mainstream corporate media, but in reality they are organised by foreign NGOs – like in the case of the Centre for Applied Nonviolent Actions and Strategies (CANVAS), a U.S supported Serbian based “revolution consultancy” group, which was operating in Ukraine during 2013-14. The 2000 coup in Serbia, the 2003 Rose Revolution in Georgia and the 2004 Orange Revolution in Ukraine are some of the most notorious coups where this technique has been used…..

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The Obama administration not happy enough with lighting the flame that ignited the Arab Spring, the Green Revolution and now has the United States divided, American against, American, they now want to disrupt the nation of Russia and divide Russian against Russian through disinformation, class warfare, U.S. and George Soros funded proxy organizations.

By the way, where does Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, having joined the board of the largest Ukraine gas producer Burisma Holdings fit into Obama’s chess game against Putin for the Ukraine. In addition, Former major bundler for John Kerry and his stepson’s college roommate, Devon Archer is a business partner of Burisma Holdings.

Moreover, this too shall backfire on Barack Obama because the Progressive elites in this country just cannot get it into their heads that Putin sees them coming and is better at this game, meaning he not can outplay the malignant narcissist any day as has been proven in the past.

About John Teft, known in Russia as a “diplomatic diversionist”, i.e., regimes-change expert due to his work in fomenting unrest is nations neighboring Russia. The Russian government expects no less from Teft.

A Bogeyman In Russia, U.S. Envoy Appears Poised For Moscow Job (Radio Free Europe-Russia)

Russian suspicion of Tefft stems from his service as a spearhead of U.S. diplomacy with pro-Western governments in Ukraine and Georgia that rode into power behind the so-called “color revolutions” that the Kremlin accused Washington of orchestrating.

A four-decade veteran of the foreign service, Tefft played a visible role in the U.S. response to the 2004 “Orange Revolution” in Ukraine and went on to serve as U.S. ambassador to Georgia during the tiny ex-Soviet republic’s short 2008 war with Russia.

Moscow accused the West of emboldening Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili with military assistance in the run-up to the conflict over the Moscow-backed rebel Georgian regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia….




The Ferguson Rumor – Did Eric Holder’s DOJ Pay for Rioting?


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screenshot ferguson rioters eric holder


Published on Aug 27, 2014

Rumors can be dangerous things. Did the Obama Administration pay people to riot? Bill urges caution.

Eric Holder’s involvement in such a scheme would not be so far-ffetched considering he’s a race baiter, a thug and in contempt of Congress. Adding to that someone did place ads on CraigsList looking for people to travel down to Ferguson to protest. H/t Gulagound and NoisyRoom.net.

That being said, it is now being reported that the report of Holder paying a gang leader to create chaos in Ferguson is a hoax posted by National Report, a satirical website with no official disclaimer other than people should do their own research posted in another article intended for satire that blew back in their faces.

Excerpt from National Report Publisher Allen Montgomery Responds to Critics of NYPD

…The people of the modern world need to understand and develop the ability to corroborate information and not just accept information as true without further inputs…

Let us be real. The tragedy is not that people believed the satire or that people did not corroborate the story, the tragedy and sin is that we have an attorney general capable of committing such offenses and the fact that if had he done so, while outraged and demanding justice, no one would have been the least bit surprised.







Washington Piles Lie Upon Lie. Accuses Russia of Having “Invaded Ukraine”


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I have met several Ukrainians in my coming and goings and while I do not know them well, I feel comfortable enough to engage them on Ukraine/Russia/USA involvement matters and what I have learned so far is that Ukrainians support Russia. About USA involvement, there is silence as they shake their heads.


Global Reasearch By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
Global Research, August 29, 2014



The latest Washington lie, this one coming from NATO, is that Russia has invaded Ukraine with 1,000 troops and self-propelled artillery.

How do we know that this is a lie? Is it because we have heard nothing but lies about Russia from NATO, from US ambassador to the UN Samantha Power, from assistant secretary of state Victoria Nuland, from Obama and his entire regime of pathological liars, and from the British, German, and French governments along with the BBC and the entirety of the Western media?

This, of course, is a good reason for knowing that the latest Western propaganda is a lie. Those who are pathological liars don’t suddenly start telling the truth.

But there are even better rasons for understanding that Russia has not invaded Ukraine with 1,000 troops.

One reason is that Putin has invested heavily in diplomacy backed by unprovocative behavior. He would not risk his bet on diplomacy by sending in troops too few in number to have a decisive effect on the outcome.

Another reason is that if Putin decides he has no alternative to sending the Russian military to protect the Russian residents in eastern and southern Ukraine, Putin will send in enough troops to do the job quickly as he did in Georgia when the American and Israeli trained Georgian army invaded South Ossetia and was destroyed in a few hours by the Russian response. If you hear that 100,000 Russian troops accompanied by air cover have invaded Ukraine, it would be a more believable claim.

A third reason is that the Russian military does not need to send troops into Ukraine in order to stop the bombing and artillery shelling of the Russian populations by Washington’s puppet government in Kiev. The Russian air force can easily and quickly destroy the Ukrainian air force and artillery and, thereby, stop the Ukrainian attack on the secessionist provinces.

It was only two weeks ago that a fabricated report spread by the UK Guardian and the BBC that a Russian armored convoy entered Ukraine and was destroyed by the Ukrainian Military. And two weeks prior to that we had the hoax of the satellite images allegedly released by the US State Department that the corrupt US ambassador in Kiev spread around the world on social media allegedly showing that Russian forces were firing into Ukraine. One or two weeks from now we will have another lie, and another a week or two after that, and so on.

The cumulative effect of lie piled upon lie for most people is to build the view that the Russians are up to no good. Once this view is established, Western governments can take more serious moves against Russia.

The alleged entry of 1,000 Russian soldiers into Ukraine has been declared by NATO Brigadier General Niko Tak to be a “significant escalation in Russia’s military interference in Ukraine.” The champion liar Samantha Power told the US Security Council that “Russia has to stop lying.” The UK ambassador to the UN said that Russia was guilty of “a clear violation of sovereign Ukrainian territory.” UK prime minister Cameron warned Russia of “further consequences.” German chancellor Merkel announced that there would be more sanctions. A German Security Council advisor declared that “war with Russia is an option.” Polish foreign minister Sikorski called it Russian aggression that required international action. French president Hollande declared Russia’s behavior to be “intolerable.” Ukraine’s security council imposed mandatory conscription.

This suicidal drive toward war with Russia by Europe’s leaders is based entirely on a transparent lie that 1,000 Russian troops crossed into Ukraine

Of course the Western media followed in lock-step. The BBC, CNN, and Die Welt are among the most reckless and irresponsible.

The mountain of lies piled up by Western governments and media has obscured the true story. The US government orchestrated the overthrow of the elected government in Ukraine and imposed a US puppet in Kiev. Washington’s puppet government began issuing threats and committing violent acts against the Russian populations in the former Russian territories that Soviet leaders attached to Ukraine. The Russian people in eastern and southern Ukraine resisted the threat brought to them by Washington’s puppet government in Kiev.

Washington continually accuses the Russian government of supporting the people in the territories who have voted their separation from Ukraine. There would be no war, Washington alleges, except for Russian support. But, of course, Washington could easily stop the violence by ordering its puppet government in Kiev to stop the bombing and shelling of the former Russian provinces. If Russia can tell the “separatists” not to fight, Washington can tell Kiev not to fight.

The only possible conclusion from the facts is that Washington is determined to involve Europe in a war with Russia or at least in an armed standoff in order to break up Europe’s political and economic relations with Russia.

Europe’s leaders are going along with this because European countries, except for Charles de Gaulle’s France, have not had independent foreign policies since the end of World War II. They follow Washington’s lead and are well paid for doing so.

The inability of Europe to produce independent leadership dooms Russian President Putin’s diplomacy to failure. If European capitals cannot make decisions independently of Washington, there is no scope for Putin’s diplomacy.

Notice that the very day after Putin met with Washington’s Ukrainian vassal in an effort to resolve the situation, the new lie of Russian invasion was issued in order to ensure that no good can come of the meeting in which Putin invested his time and energy.

Washington’s only interest is in hegemony. Washington has no interest in resolving the situation that Washington itself created in order to bring discomfort and confusion to Russia. With the caveat that the situation could be resolved by Ukrainian economic collapse, otherwise the longer Putin waits to resolve the situation by force, the more difficult the task will be.


Permission to reprint granted by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, paulcraigroberts.org, publications@globalresearch.ca.



Obamacare Covering Transgender Surgery


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Ever wondered why healthcare plans under Obamacare are so expensive, the deductible so high and the options just plain lousy?

The talking points is redistribution meaning that the purchaser is forced to pick up a plan that covers healthcare services not needed in order that others can receive care they need or in this instance prefer.

No different from a 70-year-old male being forced to pick a plan that covers birth control and obstetrics and forcing nuns to pay for contraceptives; it is outrageous that Americans are footing the bill for someone to have transgender surgery. If an individual wants transgender surgery, it should be on them.

screenshot obamacare transgender surgery

Forty-four year old Devin Payne (above) could no longer live as a man but until Obamacare and courtesy of American taxpayers, Payne could not afford transgender surgery.

Kaiser Health News

Devin Payne had gone years without health insurance – having little need and not much money to pay for it.

Then Payne, who had a wife and four children, realized she could no longer live as a man.

In her early 40s, she changed her name, began wearing long skirts and grew out her sandy blond hair. And she started taking female hormones, which caused her breasts to develop and the muscle mass on her 6-foot one-inch frame to shrink.

The next step was gender reassignment surgery. For that, Payne, who is now 44, said she needed health coverage. ‘It is not a simple, easy, magical surgery,’ said Payne, a photographer who lives in Palm Springs. ‘Trying to do this without insurance is a big risk. Things can go wrong … not having the money to pay for it would be awful.’

Payne learned in the fall that she might qualify for subsidies through the state’s new insurance marketplace, Covered California, because her income fell under the limit of $46,000 a year. She eagerly signed up in March for a Blue Shield plan for about $230 a month, and began making preparations for the surgery that would change her life.

A ‘Pre-existing Condition’

Among the less-talked-about implications of the Affordable Care Act is the relief it is providing to many transgender people, many of whom are low-income and who have struggled to obtain health coverage.

Devin Payne, 43, sits in the backyard of her Palm Springs home. She says she finally feels comfortable looking in the mirror after her gender reassignment surgery. (Photo by Heidi de Marco/KHN)

Getting jobs that offer insurance often has been difficult for transgender people and the cost of purchasing plans on the private market can be prohibitive. Some have been denied policies altogether after being diagnosed with ‘gender identity disorder,’ often considered a pre-existing condition.

Without insurance, many people were unable to afford the hormones, surgeries and counseling needed to complete their transition. Nor would they have been covered in the event of surgical complications, which can include infections.

‘We are still dependent on insurance and the medical community for us to be able to live authentically,’ said Aydin Kennedy, coordinator of the transgender health program at St. John’s Well Child and Family Center in Los Angeles.

Now, federal law prohibits health insurance companies from discriminating against transgender people, and it bars insurers from denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions. That makes it possible for more transgender people to purchase private plans. And in states that expanded their Medicaid programs, those with low incomes may get free coverage.

The federal anti-discrimination regulations have yet to be written, but California insurance regulators have said that companies must treat transgender patients the same as other patients. For example, if plans cover hormones for post-menopausal women, they must also cover them for transgender women. Medicare, the program for the elderly and disabled, lifted its ban on covering sex reassignment surgery earlier this year.

‘The law and policy are on a transgender person’s side for the first time,’ said Anand Kalra, program administrator at the Oakland-based Transgender Law Center.

Conservative and religious groups oppose using government funds for transgender surgeries, questioning whether they are medically necessary, ethical or effective.

‘We would oppose sex change operations all together,’ said Peter Sprigg, senior fellow at the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. ‘But as a public policy issue, we would feel particularly strongly that taxpayers shouldn’t be asked to pay for it.’

A few obstacles remain for transgender patients. Not manydoctors specialize in transgender care. And while the law opens the door to insurance coverage, insurers can set conditions and don’t automatically approve payment.

‘Insurance companies are making up their own rules as they go along,’ said Kalra of the Transgender Law Center.

‘Feeling Complete’

Growing up in Kansas, Payne remembers trying on her mother’s clothes and dressing as a girl every year for Halloween. She dreamt of having another life after this one, as a girl. But Payne said she mostly suppressed her feelings and tried to live up to the expectations for a male.

‘I put it out of my head,’ she said.

She married a woman she met at work and they had four children, now ages 7 to 22. But she never felt comfortable in the traditional role of father and provider.

‘I was just horrible at it because it wasn’t who I was,’ she said. So Payne became the primary caretaker, playing the ‘mommy role’ as she worked from home doing software development for pharmaceutical companies.

She felt increasingly anxious, and in late 2012, a therapist helped her to realize that she was meant to live as a woman. Payne said her entire outlook on life changed when she started taking female hormones.

‘All my anxiety and all of the bad things that I felt inside were just completely washed away,’ she said.

Payne told her wife, who was upset. She told Payne: I married a man, not a woman — but she also admitted that she wasn’t entirely surprised. With mixed feelings, Payne’s wife stayed in the marriage, and the family moved from Kansas to California, in part so Payne could be more comfortable living as a transgender woman. They rented a small house in a middle class neighborhood on the outskirts of Palm Springs and sent their children to the public school.

Late last year, Payne’s wife, who had battled alcoholism for years, died of liver disease.

Payne said the children worried how people would react to her transition, but she said they soon realized it wasn’t as big of a deal as they had feared. When Payne brought birthday cupcakes to her 7-year-old daughter’s classroom last year, the children asked if she was a girl or a boy. After Payne told them she was a girl, ‘they just wanted their cupcakes.’

In California, Payne found transgender friends and became an advocate within the community. ‘You find out that there is a whole world of people out there,’ said Payne, who wears little makeup or jewelry and calls herself a ‘T-shirt and skirt kind of a girl.’

Payne was ready for the surgery. She started calling the approved providers in Blue Shield’s preferred provider network. But they were booked up for months, or years. She felt she couldn’t wait — she wanted to do the surgery while her children were on summer vacation so they could go to her parents’ house in Kansas as she recovered. She found an out-of-network doctor in Palo Alto who would do the surgery about a month later.

‘The time was right and I wanted to get it done,’ she said.

Her Blue Shield policy said that gender reassignment surgery – which uses existing tissue to construct female genitalia — could be covered if patients met certain guidelines. For example, she had to be diagnosed with gender identity disorder and have an ‘expressed desire’ to live as a member of the opposite sex.

By the scheduled date, Blue Shield had authorized the operation but hadn’t determined exactly how much it would pay for an out-of-network provider. Payne got a cashier’s check for nearly all her savings, $27,000, to pay the doctor, hoping her insurance plan would reimburse most of it. She worried about all the other expenses too, including the hospital stay, lab work and anesthesiology services.

The day of the surgery at Sequoia Hospital in Redwood City, Payne said she remembers being wheeled in to the operating room and feeling very calm. When she woke up, with oxygen still attached and wearing her hospital gown, a friend told her that the surgery had gone well, without any immediate complications.

Later that day, she had just enough energy to type a few words on her Facebook profile: ‘Feeling complete.’

Grateful for Coverage

On a boiling afternoon in early July, about six weeks after the operation, Payne and her friends sat outside on the patio next to a pool. Misters sprayed above them, and Payne’s cat and two dogs wandered beneath their feet.

Payne said she did suffer a few complications later – some swelling and an infection — but she recovered with medication and support from friends.

She is still trying to figure out how much she has to pay out-of-pocket for the surgery and hospital stay — and how much of that her insurance plan will reimburse. Payne said she believes the lab work, pathology, anesthesiology services and follow-up doctor’s visits were all covered. But recently she got a statement saying she was on the hook for $17,000 of the total cost of the surgery.

Payne believes that the government and insurance companies should help cover such operations. The population of transgender patients who want surgery is small, and she said they are less likely to suffer mental health problems once they have it.

Payne said she will be grateful for whatever coverage she can receive. Her friend Jenny Taylor, who is staying with her during the recovery, has had an even harder time with her insurance.

An outgoing transgender woman who laughs easily and wears colorful outfits and painted nails, Taylor purchased a policy through the insurance exchange in Tennessee. But she soon learned her doctor wasn’t in the plan’s network and that she had to pay cash for everything, with no hope of reimbursement.

‘My insurance, even though I finally got it, was useless,’ she said.

The policy also wouldn’t pay for her hormones. A pharmacist told her the medication was for women – and her identification still listed her as a male. Taylor recently moved to Palm Springs and said she now plans to apply for insurance through Covered California.

‘I was really frustrated,’ she said. ‘We’re just trying to be ourselves, at the end of the day.’

Payne agreed, saying she finally feels like her body matches what she knows to be true – that she is a woman. ‘It seems more natural,’ she said.


No doubt, the lines of members of the LGBT community lining up for “re-assignment surgery” must go on forever.

Reprinted with permission from Kaisher Health News (KHN).




#Truthy and Common Core Data Sets. Just WHY is the US Government Tracking Us?


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#Truthy and Common Core Data Sets. Just WHY is the US Government Tracking Us?

On Tuesday, I wrote a post about the federal government spending $1 million to create a database to track what they have ordained to be hate speech, social pollution, etc on Twitter.

Gretchen Logue of Missouri Education Watchdog has goes even further as she breaks down the “DATA GATHERING FEAST” (#Truthy and Common Core) by federal government agencies and private entities.

Missouri Education Watchdog

Data mining of student information via The Common Core States Initiative and the State Stabilization Funding has been a big concern at Missouri Education Watchdog for many years. We’ve thought from the beginning the the standards were necessary not for educational reasons, but they served as the vehicle for data gathering:

the common core standards initiative is the vehicle that drives the longitudinal data system. Without the adoption of the standards, the data system could not collect the amount of student data needed to supply various federal agencies and private researchers for workforce purposes.

Peter Green agrees and writes in The Huffington Post the real reason for Common Core adoption and implementation [...]





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